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A Lesson Coronavirus Is About to Teach the World

I was a loyal employee to a international company and then a state wide companies then went self employed selling real estate in 90’s until wall street totally took hold of the housing market. It has been a disaster for first time home buyers. But the foreigners and hedge funds can buy up neighborhoods in our cities across the USA.

I created a Dance Club “Baby Boomers Social Club” 16 years ago and made a lot of our generation happy, got them out and active and socializing here in Oregon. Still have 100 people at each event which is all cancelled for???

Hey, good job… I just do gig work as it comes my way. All my respect goes to he ones that actually build something and contribute.

The corporate media gets a lot of credit in the submitting of information to quash the healthcare for all message. Listen to how a “supposedly” somewhat progressive MSNBC’s tune has changed when the fight came down to Bernie and Biden. Some of their contributors were forced off the air because of comments related to the campaign.
Our social intellect goes only as far as the easiest outlet for information. And information today is based on ratings. We have lost the days when fact was prized over fiction and sensationalism.
I have stopped most of my viewing of all cable infomercial news outlets so that I can hear respectable and more factual information from the hard working progressive websites (such as CommonDreams).
Question? Where the “BLEEP” is Biden? The man is MIA. Gone stone cold silent when the Yellow Monster is eating up the air waves…
I, for one am not going to let the Covid-19 or the assault on our freedom get me down. We need to keep fighting at a “fever” pitch and take these parasites in Congress and the Capitol down.
Resist my friends. Never give in or give up. For if we do…our Republic is lost.


I admire your positivity NMprez. Perhaps in this year’s election, maybe for the first time in decades, 95% of the voting electorate will “not” vote to give another 4 years to a Republican or a Democrat.

With the American people’s track record, I have my doubts.

But, I’ll remain positive.