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 A Lesson for Trump From Scott Walker: If the Election Is Close, Cry Fraud


 A Lesson for Trump From Scott Walker: If the Election Is Close, Cry Fraud

John Nichols

e first great electoral challenge to Governor Scott Walker’s assault on labor rights, public education, and public services in Wisconsin came in an April 2011 state Supreme Court race.


This is the same type of messaging and i do look forward to Mr Nichols demonstrating how the Democratic party does it.

Virtually every mainstream media outlet in the USA carried these types of articles.


Rather than articles of what "messaging" a given party will use , there should be a greater impetus to look into the voting system itself which has been vulnerable to fraud for decades. It a non partisan issue and not a "Republican" or "Democrat" one.

See Sanders vs Clinton for more fraud.


Judging from Trump's dismal campaign performances, is it a stretch to observe that he appears to be part of the fraud, planted to assure a Clinton win ?


Another Clinton apologist -- do we have to wait for the next round of hacked emails before the liberal press realizes that the DNC has done the hacking?


“The only way we can lose, in my opinion—I really mean this, Pennsylvania—is if cheating goes on.”

This sounds like anohter crazy statement by Trump considering he was speaking in astate that hasn't voted for a Republican president since 1988 but people who know politics in Pennsylvania knew exactly what he was saying with this statement which he gave in mostly white Altoona in central Pennsylvania. Cheating in Pennsylvania refers to a belief that in the black neighborhoods of North and West Philadelphia the residents vote multiple times. There is virtually no evidence for this but the distrust remains. Trump was trying to fire up his base by implying that they need to vote because in Philly blacks will be voting five or six times. And he called for people to go out and watch the polls to stop this multiple voting.


That is one of the most far out conspiracy theories of all. It is more than a stretch to make that claim.


Precisely my sentiments when a local Hillbot suggested two months ago that Trump was planted. After watching Trump's campaign since then I can't rule it out.


The Democrats certainly know how to cheat -- witness the primary sleaze to ensure Her Travesty's ascension to the nomination -- but if there's to be fraud at any electoral level in November, the Republicans have proven practiced at the art, haven't they?


Our elections have been rigged for literally centuries. The very first election (Washington) was not exactly what one could call democratic or fair. So this is nothing new. it's just especially sleazy, because self-serving creeps and crooks and their minions have taken over the process--and the country. A nation run by organized crime, in essence.


It would be nice if they'd cover the respective Dem and Repub election fraud and hacking like they cover professional wrestling:

It's ELECTION 2016! Machine rigging! Voter Repression! Changing Voter Rolls! Strategic Poll closings and Placement! Manipulated Opinion Polls!

See Hackers/Voting Machine Companies and Politicians working hard to see that their team wins the Grand Prize: The White House!


Thank you. You beat me to the punch. I read this piece and thought, "Wait, that's a DNC move."

Enough with the Clinton cheerleading machine. Please.


So what are our options to oppose Her Vileness once she is in office? How do we shut down her evil agenda? In a reply elsewhere on this site I advocated boycotts of her enabling corporations and their products. But what to do about her? If anyone thinks the congress will work with her on anything progressive, forget it: first they won't enact any national benefit programs like a jobs plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure (not that she would propose such action, which she has not), and, second, even if she did propose anything constructive, they would refuse to back anything that she could take credit for implementing. So we're about to be stuck in regressive neutral for the foreseeable future. That is, unless we can somehow run her out of office. A massive anti war movement would do it. Time is now to start thinking about shutting things down. If our elected representatives won't take up the cause of progress for the country on their own, then we will need to make them. Civil disobedience has worked before. Couple that with cutting off the money (boycotts) and see what happens. Other ideas are most welcome. Not to do anything for another x number of years could be ruinous.