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A Lesson Media Missed About the Dangers of Scapegoating


A Lesson Media Missed About the Dangers of Scapegoating

Jim Naureckas

If you were unfamiliar with the way US corporate media works, you might assume that the murder of six people in a Quebec City mosque, allegedly by far-right white supremacist Alexandre Bissonnette, would be a big story. After all, the January 29 massacre happened when the United States was had just begun a furious debate over Donald Trump’s executive order barrin


I wonder if the race of the victims had anything to do with it, too.


I certainly hope I'm wrong about this, but, does anyone think this will be the last Trump supporter to go postal?


It isn't really informative to equate the two incidents' American coverage, as there were more than five stories to report on in the Ottawa shooting:
1) The Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers - who carries the mace, the symbol of the authority of the House, in the daily parade into the House of Commons chamber - turned out to be bad-ass. This alone got a lot of coverage.
2) Though not as well-covered at the time, parliamentary security guard Samearn Son,wrestled with Zehaf-Bibeau to try to get his weapon and got a bullet in the leg for his efforts.
3) There was coverage of the passers-by, who came to try to aid and comfort the unarmed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, guard on duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - shot in the back three times by Zehaf-Bibeau. In an emotional interview on CBC radio, on of these people, Barbara Winters recalled that "I told him you are loved. You are brave. You are good."
4) Just a few days earlier,Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, had been killed in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. QC in a hit-and-run attack by Martin Couture-Rouleau (note: that's his picture in the article above). Couture-Rouleau had been trying to leave Canada, to join then nascent ISIS.
5) It was an attack on Parliament, eh.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau on the left, Martin Couture-Rouleau on the right:


Doubt it. There are plenty of crazy xenophobes in the world who now feel justified in their actions. That being said I certainly don't hope for another one of these attacks to happen, even if it damages Trump's image. Innocent people getting killed is always a tragedy.


Recall the Oklahoma City bombings two decades ago when media and government were sure the perpetrators had to be foreign terrorists until the terrorists turned out to be as far from foreign as anybody could be ?

Trump's phenomenal success at pushing fear and greed buttons will likely breed more terrorists at home and abroad compared to any of his predecessors, and that is a high bar,


The worst part about that is that such attacks will only serve to further justify the militarism of the police at home and the murder of innocents abroad.


Moose + Lamb = Scapegoat: New Math Order

William Engdahl's The Lost Hegemon is a good source of detailed history of this matter.


Well the damn liberal fake news outlets. Liberal bias is running rampent and it is all there fault. Trump can say anything and many of his supporters believe it all.

I bet the people who voted for Trump because they could not hold their nose and vote for Hillary can't be fool. The voters that did not want to throw their vote away by voting third party and voted for Trump don't believe him.

So really what percentage do you think is left, I mean actual Trump Supporters?