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A Letter to Obama: You Still Have Time To Be a Climate Champion — But Not Much


A Letter to Obama: You Still Have Time To Be a Climate Champion — But Not Much

Bill McKibben

Dear President Obama —

I feel a little awkward writing a letter to you, perhaps because I helped organize the largest demonstrations outside your house during your residence there: It’s odd to write someone when the closest you’ve ever come to them is being chained to the fence outside their home protesting the Keystone pipeline.



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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Skimming through this nauseating tripe, all I could think of was: “Dear Fuhrer, you still have time to change your reputation as an implacable anti-semite - but not much.”

Bill, here’s a dollar - go buy yourself a clue.


My sense is that McKibben is being a realist, because he knows that nothing else (anger, etc.) will be heeded at all.
The Obamas of the world have power that we don’t have (they sought it, we didn’t). Further sense is that Obama’s feet are being held to the fire, and not just in this area. Eight years of Bush Syndicate destruction, exploitation and greed have made profound inroads against our health, wealth and sanity.


Bourgeois liberal activist organizations and individuals know no other way but to be “nice”. It just seems to be the case that the richer an individual or NGO-type organization gets, the more fearful they get of losing their sense of privilege and especially, their strange belief that they have “access” to the powerful in govt. and corporations - even as the powerful are manifestly ignoring them!

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the down-trodden to rise up over climate change in the poor parts of the world where people are being most affected because it is simply getting too hot to riot.


Succinctly said!


At this stage of the game how can any sentient being still be writing “What Obama should do” type letters?


Well said, RedHarvest. But McKibben doesn’t need your dollar. He makes a good living being irrelevant.


Come on, Bill!

There’s also still time for Hitler Supporters to make him a Champion of Civil Liberties but it’s not going to happen!

This sad, sad, excuse for a people’s President is obviously a puppet of the very same CIA he used to work for. And since that destructive agency was started by Allen Dulles and Senator Prescott Sheldon Bush (GWB’s Bankster Coal and Steel Grandfather) you can guess who influences that.

Why do you waste your time begging the puppet, when you should be writing your letters to the CIA or Generals?


The Manchurian Candidate is going to push the TPP button and kill us all.

Actually, now that I think about it, Obama reminds me more of Liev Schreiber’s other absurd character in the movie “Salt” who finally gets his hands on the “Football” and targets Muslim Holy Cities with nuke missiles to make the Islamic world attack the USA.

That must be Barry’s true plan. He created ISIS or ISIL or whatever it is, via CIA weapons and money shipments and “training” (just like Operation Cyclone did in Afghanistan) to attack Americans everywhere and assure a world war. After TPP and the other Obamanations designed to bypass the US Constitution, we are all going to be slaves in some sort of Borderless Bankster Empire.


I suspect every President of the United States since JFK has been under a death threat if they dare cross the too big to fail international corporations in any way. It would be really cool if he could reach an agreement with them to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy with funding half from diverting money from military pork to buying equipment to fight catastrophic climate change from the MIC (as much as possible the same MIC firms losing military pork contracts), half from some combination of a rather regressive pigovian tax on all energy products, deficit funding, and savings on health care expense (from reductions in air and water pollution as they kick in and can be identified–with federal government paying for half of health care in US, it should be able to claim half the savings to pay for further reductions in pollution by replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy)), and pay off too big to fail fossil fuel firms for loss of sales due to this renewable energy equipment by placing equipment with electric utilities and having electric utilities pay for the equipment by paying fossil fuel firms for their loss of sales to the renewable energy from this equipment.


Not as irrelevant as a snarling critic like you. After all, his organization IS worldwide and it IS motivating lots of climate activism. You soldiers want it both ways–when people DO protest you ignore it and call those who organized them irrelevant; and when they don’t, you fall back into your uber-authoritarian blame citizens/voters/sheeple meme ad nauseum.

The only thing relevant is what are YOU doing that is so glorious as to grant you the right to toss the first stone at Mr. McKibben?

Note how Ando Arike entirely leaves out the Republicans who are the most obvious supporter of corporatism, or any mention of how today’s parties have been forced into servitude to Big Money interests:

“Isn’t it time to connect all the dots between corporate/crony capitalism and the Democratic Party and the spiraling crisis in the biosphere?”

Then his People Magazine style bias, leads to a chorus of blame-Obama commentators. I am NOT saying Obama is faultless; however, making the matter about this particular President’s flaws is a very strategic way of taking the discussion away from the Deep State and its more entrenched players. I believe that tactic is deliberate.

Mhunter follows up with:

“Obama has been a complete wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Again, making the matter of the full corporate takeover of most of this nation’s government, courts, media etc. into the poor policy dictates of this particular president.

Here’s #3 in the chorus, chiming in with a variation on the same Talking Point cum theme:


“Obama has been a total phony as an environmentalist…”

Either the group consists of clones, or they can’t think independently, or they are PAID to push certain memes. My bet is on all 3.