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A 'Lie to the American People': Despite Repeated Denials, Lawyer Admits Trump Dictated Son's Misleading Statement


A 'Lie to the American People': Despite Repeated Denials, Lawyer Admits Trump Dictated Son's Misleading Statement

Jon Queally, staff writer

In addition to the "ludicrous" argument that the President of the United States cannot by definition obstruct justice, the overnight fallout generated by a memo by President Donald Trump's legal team obtained and then published online by the New York Times on Saturday also includes those expressing deep concern over how the pr


Anyone with a brain and ethics knows that Trump and his crew are gangsters and should be
in prison
The GOP and the Trump cult admire Trump for his gangsterism.
They’re like people who cheered for Al Capone and Jesse James.
This is how decadent and corrupt our country has become, that gangsters have taken over the
executive branch, and yet no impeachment or indictment has happened,
and the criminals are still in charge.


That’s the key. The Dems have been sitting on impeachment since Day 1. They’d rather have the Rethugs get him some other back-room way. In either case, we’re left with Pence and christian-religio-facsim. Since the Rethugs control the Kabuki Kongress, they will string this out until after the midterms, which gives the Dems plenty of time to destroy themselves in choosing another Wall Street-certified candidate for 2020.

It will be some combination of Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, maybe a Southern Black Woman and/or Latina and the indomitable former Rethug Liz Warren. (With the full-throated support of Bernie Sanders and other progressives.) So goes the Duopoly Dance…into infinity and infamy…


This never gets old:

Of course they’ll have to find Jarvanka and Melania first… In the wind.


Of course, Orange Butt lied. He lies about everything.


All politicians lie. All the time. It’s what they do. That’s why they invented the ‘American Dream’. Because you have to be asleep to believe it…


That is priceless!!! a moment’s breath


The thought that we have to rely on the FBI to save the republic doesn’t fill me with joy, remembering as I do its thuggery in Indian country, COINTELPRO, and its collusion with the Ku Klux Klan to thwart the civil rights movement, among other deviations from its carefully crafted public image.

But that video clip is a hoot.


Trump is taking the lack of ethics in business and applying it to government. It doesn’t really work but because he is a white nationalist he gets it away with it. He can get away with anything as long as he is perceived as representing the interests of white people. If he did anything that was perceived as not representing the interests of white people his support would begin to collapse. But Trump is good at maintaining his support. Taking children away from families at the border will certainly reassure the white nationalists that he is on their side. The policy is extremely cruel but helpful to Trump in keeping his base happy.


How can a single American after learning of the scope of Trumps lies and corrupt practices of the last year and one half, continue to believe a single word he says?


First time I saw Giuliani on television here in California I went-Uh, no. As the horrid show of him unraveled in the years after 911, it just got more base and I always wondered how New York put up with him. Now days he in countenance and other ways most resembles Roy Cohn. I mean, he is icky. And evil. And like the rest of them, has no limits.
I wonder if this will be his Waterloo. If he does have more time in the spotlight, where could it be suitable? Maybe thrust into the poisonous gasses of planet Saturn. Everything about him says it.


I agree with everything you say except about the GOP, which, I think, is in a real big mess as they are finally reaping what they have sown since Reagan’s era. The GOP has been using dog-whistle wedge issues to appeal to a certain racist and ignorant group of voters to solidify election outcomes and have then totally ignored these voters once the votes were cast. That system worked well for them as no politicians from any other parties would have even considered going after these voters and hence they (the voters) had no recourse but to accept that they would be ignored once the politicians they’d voted for were safely in office. And then, along comes trump, who courted these voters out in the open, under the light of day. He didn’t deal in dog whistles but rather, just came right out and said what it took to secure these votes–and worse, he has not abandoned them since getting elected. trump has basically taken over the GOP’s base and made them his own. That is the quandary that the GOP is in: if they oppose trump they will lose the “basket of deplorables” base that they rely on to make up the difference in votes to get them within “stealing distance” of election results. In other words, this is poetic justice for the GOP and may well lead to the downfall of their party—assuming that the nation can survive the trump Era. Personally, I’m loving it. Assuming that we do survive–which is a huge assumption, I know–I think that perhaps now a majority of the nation’s voters will be more inclined to try a true progressive/socialist agenda that benefits a majority of the population. Of course, I don’t kid myself and I do realize that those in power from both major political parties will do all within their power to ensure the survival of the current system as it is benefitting them the most. But they will be resisting at their own peril as voters will only take so much before resorting to other means for systemic change.