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A Life of A Person Is Important


A Life of A Person Is Important

Amidst the daily Israeli cruelties perpetrated against Palestinians - murder, arson, harassment, eviction - that is life under Occupation comes this: The stunning image of two Palestinian men during a confrontation protecting a frightened Israeli policewoman caught in the bitter middle. Zakaria Sadah, a Palestinian activist working with Rabbis for Human Rights, said he stepped in to save lives on both sides because, "For me, a person is a person."


How valiant humans can be at times. A battle won by the heart not the gun. Thank you CD for posting this article. It cleanses the soul of the pornography of hate that we are deluged with daily. It strengthens the heart to speak and act with resolve. It also clarifies the mind and restores the balance of truth that we all know exists somewhere out there but which gets submerged by the daily drear of the sensationalist media.

How valiant is the human heart.

How fortunate it was that we get to see it in action.


I don’t want to detract in anyway from the truly righteous act of these two men. I commend them. But I do have to wonder at the publicizing of it as if Palestinians didn’t save the lives of other Palestinians under attack on an ongoing basis, as if saving the life of an Israeli was more newsworthy than saving the life of a fellow human who happened to be Palestinian. And maybe it is more newsworthy, but if so, it says a lot about how some view the world: a place where all humans are not equally respected and regarded. (Not that this is anything new.) This inequality could have been, but is not, questioned in the article.

I also have to admit it rankles to see this image of a cringing female being rescued by the valiant male/s. I hate it when any stereotypes are shown to be true, even if rarely; often the main effect is to strengthen the stereotype.

But bravo to the two men who took a stand for life.


I can’t find the original story, so it seems that this might be an appropriate place to commemorate that Shira Banki, age 16, stabbed during the Jerusalem Pride parade by a paranoid psychotic, Yishai Schlissel, died on the 2nd August of the wounds he inflicted on her.


I suspect it’s a “man bites dog” sort of thing: the Palestinian people have no reason at all to protect Zionist officials, so for Zakaria and the unnamed mayor to see her only as a human was unexpected.

I felt the same way, especially since she’s a cop. But in a way, her being a cop makes it more understandable: she may be used to creating fear in others, but would not be used to being fearful herself.


The female officer also seems to reflect an inner knowledge of precisely how deadly even her situation is under Israeli policing policies.


Tragically Shira Banki’s young life was extinguished in an act of depravity and hatred…whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad…


Over the years, I have seen many examples of cruelty in the occupation, but occasionally there is film of, for instance, some Jews standing with the Palestinians under fire from the IDF, some being hit. Palestinians going to the aid of injured or wounded people, sometimes of both sides.

  • Even in the most bitter wars, there are always at least a small number of people involved who have empathy and compassion, who believe in peace, and who try to shelter people in danger. Who try to commit peace in a world at war.
  • My hat is off to them, whoever and wherever they may be. They provide a ray of hope in an increasingly darkening world of hopelessness.


Hear, hear!