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A Look At The Fast Track Bill Shows It’s The Wrong Thing To Do


A Look At The Fast Track Bill Shows It’s The Wrong Thing To Do

Dave Johnson

The “fast track” trade promotion authority bill has been introduced in the Senate. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution says, “The Congress shall have power to … regulate commerce with foreign nations.” But under fast track, Congress relinquishes that power and agrees to pass trade bills brought to them by the executive branch in a very short time frame with little debate and without making any changes should any problems present themselves.


This is one of those "I was for it before I was against it" type things.

Prior to the signing of NAFTA which had been negotiated by Brain Mulroneys Tories here in Canada, the Federal Liberals in opposition claimed it was a "job killer" and under then leader Jean Chretien indicated that if the Liberals took power they would tear it up.

On taking power the Liberals suddenly thought it a great idea and passed it in Parliament.

This is how a duopoly works.

The Democrats are not allies of the working class. They just help create the illusion that the USA a Democracy and that there substantive differences between the Political parties. The Democrats who claim they opposed to the TPP can do so because they know that vocally stating their opposition will get them votes come election time.

They are not opposed to it on principle because they have no principles.

NAFTA is/was also a job killer , had no provisions to protect the Environment and did nothing to protect Unions and ensure a level playing field yet when those same Democrats held the White House, Congress and Senate no moves were made to modify or rescind the treaty.


Unless I glossed over it, Mr. Johnson left out the greatest flaw (from the standpoint of The Greater Good and public & environmental health) in Fast Track: it's that once these horrific trade pacts are cemented into law (Obama's campaign financiers will be gaining enormous bang for their buck on this no doubt pre-election promise) it will be court panels composed of their own advocates who arbitrate any labor or environmental travesties that inevitably will arise. And since these pseudo-courts composed of Mammon-worshipping insiders see PROFIT trumping all other considerations, deals of this nature are without doubt, deals with the devil. There is NOTHING in these agreements but the promise of spreading environmental degradation, further temp. work and reduced wages, and despair for the greater majority.

It's the anniversary of the Maconda wound to the U.S Gulf of Mexico. Once TPP and TIPP are in place, a company like B.P can argue that being sued for damages impedes its "Divine Right To Profit" and any pesky court cases establishing damages to citizens and ecosystems will be done away with. This is a cheaper more expedient route than purchasing judges, "law" makers, and PR... Exxon, B.P & Monsanto & friends have figured out a very cost-effective way to do business and it's called Fast Track, a grand phuck to citizens everywhere.


While what you said is true it does not explain that since Big Capital owns the processes of government, media, public opinion shaping, and much in the way of law enforcement... both parties MUST cater to the Big Money interests. The corruption is systemic and it must be exposed as such otherwise like a spotlight held on ONE criminally negligent official, the case is always made for "this bad apple" or "that bad apple." The process has become tainted since it takes expensive media for any candidate to successfully attain office and that means either the candidate is a card-carrying member of the 1% with ample $ to burn, or s/he has to prostitute herself/himself to the 1% donor caste in order to access the requisite gargantuan funds.

All this talk about liberals or Dems misses the bigger picture. How could any person possessed of integrity maintain it when the entire system has been drenched entirely in corruption?


That is precisely the point I was making with my example. The political system is hopelessly corrupted by big money .

This is capitalISM at work.

In Canada many of the electorate voted Liberal because they did not want NAFTA passed. They WERE aware of what would happen if the agreement signed.

This speaks to that issue you so often mention , that being the electorate can not be to blamed in such a corrupt system , one that is totally under the control of money