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A Look At The “Trade” Votes That Will Happen Today In the House


A Look At The “Trade” Votes That Will Happen Today In the House

Dave Johnson

After a narrow and suspenseful 217-212 approval Thursday on a procedural vote, the House is scheduled today to have a series of debates and votes that could lead to passage of “fast track” trade promotion authority (TPA) for the still-secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and future trade agreements.

A trade bill involving sub-Saharan Africa already easily passed on Thursday. Votes on two more bills today will lead up to the big vote on fast track, which essentially preapproves the TPP.


Trade agreements are Ebenezer’s wet dreams.


Ted Yoho is “my” congressman. I remember his campaign signs so proudly asserting that he was a Conservative and how well that went over in these Bible Belt “badlands.” Truly, I blame the fundamentalist churches. They teach a Crusades version of Holy War, justify a cruel modern form of Calvinism (which blames people for their less than sterling economic fates), maintains the misogynistic family order preferred by patriarchy as if THAT constitutes “god’s” will; and they’re too inured to the state of Mother Nature to understand their responsibilities in acting as sound stewards so that future generations may also know and enjoy life on this planet. In short they have ZERO consciousness relative to Global Warming.

It is THAT retrograde ilk that put this individual into office. I just made “the call,” but it feels like talking to a rock. There is no form of arrogance more impervious to reason and spiritual maturity than that of the religious true-believer.

As so many of us know, if these horrific treaties pass, human rights go back to The Stone Age and the loose laws already in place to conflate environmental activism (or other forms of principled justice) with TERRORISM will be enforced in ways that do their utmost to grant total dominion to the very corporations that have turned our planet into a burning cauldron with volcanoes popping up all over, enormous sea factions rendered dead zones, and wars being made at “the pleasure” of sociopathic “leaders” most of whom answer to the bank-ocracy.

To a large extent, Capitalism that feasts upon disaster turns everyone into a prostitute. Everyone must bow down to the ‘god of capital’ in order to win paper $ to cover their food, rent, and utilities. But has there ever been a U.S. Congress THIS beholden to Big Money that it’s forfeited its role as check-balance against wars of aggression connived by Presidents who are themselves beholden to the MIC? And has there ever been a Congress that in one fell swoop eviscerated its own responsibility for discussing, debating, and relating the emerging laws and policies of the land… arguably in ways that protect citizens’ rights, livelihoods, and homes?

Imagine the degree of sell-out underway in this B.S. “Fast Track,” and after considering how much this treaty will decimate life, liberty, and the natural systems we depend upon… consider all that destruction-in-slow-motion in relation to the trillions poured into the illusion of Defense.

Defense of WHAT, when this coup government and its enablers are now consigning the world’s people to worse than serf status, and this time, both the weapons and surveillance systems are FAR more advanced. Oh, and things like the War on Drugs pre-empted these latest Orwellian policies by having citizens finance the 2.2 million prison beds now waiting in this land alone…

There’s also chilling footage that can be found on You Tube showing FEMA camps and swarms of tanks already waiting in covert U.S. locations. All this so that “they can fight for our freedoms.”


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Previous “trade agreement job retraining” programs like the TAA have resulted in consultants making lots of money while few workers get trained for jobs that actually exist.

TAA is a transfer of funds from Medicare into the hands of well connected consultants and contractors.