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A Look at Trump’s Biggest Border Lies


A Look at Trump’s Biggest Border Lies

Brian Tashman

On Tuesday night, President Trump will address the nation in a primetime speech in which he’ll make his case for a 1,000-mile border wall, followed by a trip to South Texas’ Rio Grande Valley on Thursday.

But Trump’s characterization of the situation on the southwest border is driven not by facts but by his own nativist agenda and political obsession with building a wall. In advance of the speech, here are some things you might hear, fact-checked.

Lie 1: Border crossings are at or near an all-time high.


Lie 4: The wall would stop drugs from pouring in through the border.

I so want to see a science fair competition to see what students can come up with to most effectively lob packages over Trump-Blunder-Wall variations. I suggest that the hosts of Myth Busters host such an event.

Along a different vein, perhaps a new course could be added to high school curricula. It might be called Homeland Economics.


How about an undetectable tunnel. Screw the fence. And above ground it’s too easy to get shot with something.


Trump tells lies because telling lies works with his base.

That’s why he doesn’t just let a fib or two slip out – spewing an endless stream of whoppers is more effective.


Yes indeed ! Our local dyed in the wool Republican voters expressed pride when Cheney and his puppet Dubya kept getting away with ever bigger lies.

The more Trump follows the Goebbelian mantra to tell big lies, lots of big lies, the more the dyed in the wool Republican voters love him. They have never believed the lies, they just love seeing their team get away with more and bigger lies.