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A Loose Cannon for Peace?


A Loose Cannon for Peace?

Robert C. Koehler

Circle the wagons!

Apparently what’s under assault is war itself, or so the Establishment believes, in the wake of the shocking announcement by the president that he plans to withdraw all 2,000 U.S. troops now deployed in Syria and 7,000, or half, the U.S. troops in Afghanistan.


Thanks Bob for the caution, but let’s not forget what happened to JFK when
he dared to confront America’s Cold War money making military-industrial
complex-- Trump wouldn’t need a bullet to the head.


Imagine a national discussion beginning around the possibility of peace.




Ah, doubtful. It’s not likely that Trump gives a dam about peace, the more likely scenario is, the troops get replaced with mercenaries, Trump sees a kick back from these companies, and the taxpayers foot an even bigger bill.


Maybe mercenaries, yes, certainly they are already there also. But news is that Syria has regained territory since Trumps announcements. I expect Afghanistan’s deal will involve some machinations with China.