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A Mad Lib Foreign Policy in the Greater Middle East


A Mad Lib Foreign Policy in the Greater Middle East

Tom Engelhardt

Sometimes I imagine the last 14 years of American war policy in the Greater Middle East as a set of dismal Mad Libs. An example might be: The United States has spent [your choice of multiple billions of dollars] building up [fill in name of Greater Middle Eastern country]’s army and equipping it with [range of weaponry of your choosing]. That army was recently routed by the [rebel or terrorist group of your choice] and fled, abandoning [list U.S. weaponry and equipment].


Beyond the clever Mad-lib frame, why is it that you find it incredulous that the Military-Industrial complex would go out of business in a peaceful world, and therefore must foster a reason to propel itself into perpetuity? Or that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, like Kismet, a new enemy "suddenly" had to emerge to justify this gargantuan martial hydra?

This beast (the MIC) is alive and it feeds on blood. The spread of unprovoked wars interestingly enough is running parallel with a Hollywood focus upon and fascination with vampires and other blood-seeking creatures of the dark side.

Mr. Engelhardt, you still play Monday morning quarterback by analyzing all the war theater/field "plays." And you still operate inside a frame based on sports casting: that is, who wins.

You still take as fact the Official Narrative which presented the necessary trigger for already planned Middle East Wars.

Until you look outside of the sports-field manual to what really is at stake, and what entities are really running the operations, and how these forces shape the world according to their own motives (profit being one of them, along with centralized power maintained through enslavement to fossil fuels as well as the hegemonic dominance of the U.S. petro-dollar) your analyses are shallow. They do fit war as sport, however; and based on the variety of writers who conform to that reference, appear all too scripted.


You may be attributing notions and perspectives to Engelhardt he may not deserve Siouxrose. The atrocities of war are clear for all with eyes to see. Who is driving and profitting from our ME wars is also clear - the MICC, arms manufacturers/suppliers and our war-criminal (in addition to ourselves) allies, neck-deep in atrocities and self-interest - a person would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not see those realities, I don't think Engelhardt is any of those. You and I, I think, share similar views on for-profit wars and who and why we, and those proxies we support, are in an endless spiral of war crimes, devastation, wholesale death and displacement and waste of trillions, aimed at mostly tribal peoples, and I must believe Tom does as well. He is not an apologist for war......his style and methods may be different, but he is part of the solution, not part of the problem......Just a thought.




The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland has spent 20millon Pounds Sterling
building up the north American British Army and our Royal Navy and equipping it with muskets, bayonets, pikes and 32-lb canon. That army was recently routed by the treasonous rebels led by George Washington and surrendered, abandoning 10 000 Brown Bess muskets, 3000 swords, 295 canon 30000 cannon balls and 25000 tons of gunpowder.

When will the idiots who run the USA EVER learn?

And please, may we have our muskets, swords, pikes and bayonets back?