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'A Major Failure': North Korea Summit Cut Short as Trump Refuses to Lift Sanctions

'A Major Failure': North Korea Summit Cut Short as Trump Refuses to Lift Sanctions

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Peace leaders and international observers expressed disappointment on Thursday that President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un cut short their second summit without formally ending the decades-long war or finalizing a nuclear deal after they reached an impasse over the easing of economic sanctions.

Trump fails to do his homework and ponders why he scored a zero on the exam. Business as usual. To be fair, he did have other matters on his mind, such as a new wardrobe, perhaps.


"A Major Failure."

Title of the chapter in all History books covering the 45th President of the United States.


Another example of Trump being unable resolve the problems that he contrived.

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To be fair, Pwesident Twump has positioned humanitarian aid caravans on the border, and has threatened that “all options are on the table,” obviously meant to include military intervention.

Oh, wait, that’s Venezuela, which has the largest proven reserves of petroleum on the planet, and which has no nuclear weapons. North Korea, on the other hand, HAS nuclear weapons—and, on a good day, also has cabbage.

Some tables have more room than others for options, eh, Donnie?

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Trump needed a face to face with lavrov.

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Corbett sez:
“Reports from South Korea have suggested that John Bolton, Trump’s hawkish national security advisor who has been skeptical about negotiations with Kim, might have played a role in the breakdown …”

Wait — what? You took Bolton to an ostensible peace conference?

Wasn’t he supposed to be marching on Iran? Or Venezuela? Or Eastasia?


Did anyone think Trump would Not be a Failure?

What is this? One has to wonder, how long this illegal 67 year war will go on!

Not only did he not bother to read the assigned text, his team never even got started on their class project.

Will he choose bright orange, or wide black & white stripes?

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Duh, of course he failed. Did anyone expect anything decent out of trump?

That fact tells me the so-called peace conference was doomed from the start! It should have been called a… peace is war conference.

If Trump had exactly the wrong political base he would have been “Hanoi Donald” for at least a week now.

These U.S. sanctions are a form of boycott being leveled at Russia, Venezuela, Iran, N. Korea, and others I assume.
It’s time to fight fire with fire and start sanctions on corporate America, and the MIC if that’s a realistic move, as well.
It worked with homophobic Target, and we can isolate one company at a time similarly.

Perhaps all white, bedecked with lots of straps and buckles that adjoin in back.


He won’t be selling any real estate on the inside. Those cells are a socialist construct. And his big lying mouth will get him in immediate trouble.

Just curious; what gives we Americans the right to impose Sanctions on a sovereign nation?

Is it because we do not like the idea of North Korea having Nuclear Weapons?

Do we feel that our Might gives us the Right to dictate what other nations can or cannot do?

Why do we not place the same demands on other nearby Nuclear Powers like: Pakistan or India?

Why do we not demand that Britain, France, Israel, Russia or China immediately get rid of their Nuclear Weapons or we will impose strict Sanctions on all those Nations?

Is it because we feel we can bully Nations that are just developing Nuclear Bombs and if they do not comply with our demands we will put a financial stranglehold on that country?

Let’s face it America is a Bully and will try to dictate what other Nations can or cannot do.

Starving Nations that do not comply with our demands will only create tensions and increase the likelihood of War.

Have we forgotten the meaning of MAD = Mutually Assured Destruction?

This is what has kept Nuclear Nations from using the Bomb for the last 75 years.

The fact of the matter is; if one Nation uses this horrific weapon first it will be vaporized in retaliation by the Nation that was attacked.

We should stop trying to Bully North Korea and let them join trading Nations around the world and allow them to peacefully engage in commerce without ridiculous unfair Sanctions.

We must accept them as a Nuclear Nation just as we accept Pakistan, India or China and allow them to participate in free and fair trade with any country that wants to deal with them, instead of constantly financially threatening any country that attempts to trade with them.

Otherwise in the near future the blinding flash of light that you see in San Francisco will not be a solar eclipse.

In an ideal world all the current nuclear powers would denuclearize but considering that doesn’t seem likely what you suggest is the next best thing.

Honestly I didn’t expect much better from these talks. Going in both countries had ultimatums that conflicted. And frankly I don’t think this reaction would have been specific to Trump either. Just look at the mainstream narrative. They don’t want a compromise with North Korea either. Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if this was exactly the result they wanted. Now they can continue banging the war drums and gifting more money to the MIC

I wonder if he’ll be allowed to keep a hair stylist to do his hair every day in prison.

His big mouth may be what makes him very popular in prison.