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A Malignant Attack on American Values


A Malignant Attack on American Values

Adil E. Shamoo, Bonnie Bricker


What is really scary is he reflects the views of tens of millions of Americans. We now have a much better idea who Americans are and it is not pretty. So how do we move on with nearly half of us supporting fascism? Trumps supporters could care less about American values. What they care most about is religious values from scripture although probably few actually follow those values in their personal life. And what they fear most is Islam, with it own values. Trump has successfully brought out the worst in Americans and the worst is really bad as is now evident. Are we on the verge of a nightmare? First the Muslims banned from coming here, those already here driven to escape the US or maybe confined like Japanese Americans during WWII. And then on to the next group. Probably non-white Hispanics. And so forth. The Islamophobia that has infected the White House must be countered by reasonable people or down the slippery slope to complete intolerance we will go.


They do not care about scripture. It is a front for corruption.


I don't agree. They cannot see how people who are not religious have any morals. Many really sincerely believe that. I do not think morals come from religion. It isn't clear to me where they come from but by all accounts both religious and non-religious people can have high morals. I don't believe morals have to be absolute as in religion. I think moral relativism is valid.


Murka's moral fabric is way beyond being threatened, it was ripped wide open more than three decades ago with the re-election of Saint Ron and formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). Being threadbare for previous decades, the fabric ripped pretty easily.

Cheney, his puppet Dubya and a complicit Supreme Court made sure the rip was beyond repair in 2000, making it easy to put one of the planet's most immoral people in the White House this month.


No ethics visible in the White House, since President Kennedy.


I understand what you are saying, but I also believe that their "religion" is based on money.


Love your post! Happen to agree with you 100 per cent. During the campaign, as I watched some of the footage
of his rallies, I felt that his most ardent followers were crazier and scarier than him, knowing that he was a con man
telling them what they most wanted to hear. It was very apparent how full of hatred and anger they were (and are),
and the impulse to violence always seemed very close to the surface.


Respectfully disagree with you, a little bit. I think Jimmy Carter was, and is, a very ethical man.


Who can define "American values?" We've seen little that we can regard as "values" (in a positive sense) in decades. America is about money and advantage, and lies have been the norm. Lies aren't about ethics or morals today. Think of them as tools, necessary for successful enterprises. Conflicts of interest? No, think of them as "maintaining flexibility in the interests of entrepreneurial advantage."

And beneath it all, recognize that the Reagan Revolution has come to fruition. They won.


We have simply seen little evidence of "moral good" for decades. Such morals would center on "the common good," a concept that contradicts general American ideology.

American ideology itself directly contradicts Christ's teachings. Many regular church members fully embrace Christ's teachings -- but only during church services. I assume this applies to those of other religions as well. We are far more influenced by our culture than our religion.


I always liked Jimmy Carter and voted for him twice, but have heard, through the years of his International Humanistic failings, especially in Central America.

"Jimmy Carter's Blood Drenched Legacy" by Matt Peppe, Aug. 2015, while listing many good things Carter did, contains records of his foreign actions, that Noam Chomsky, quoted there, claims are worthy of a Nuremberg response.

Kennedy came only a whisker from actually establishing World Peace in 1963, knowing what he was up against from his own Government, he nonetheless made concrete actions that had actually begun an end to the Cold War and also US involvement in Viet Nam, the direction of which was reversed within days of his murder, without so much as a fact finding commission or investigation, by LBJ and his backers.


I fully agree. However, the lack of moral codes became apparent with Clinton and then more so with Bush. I remember a conversation with a friend after Bush had been in office a few months. We both agreed there was an air of corruption that seemed to infect so many areas of the country. Trump is worse of course but the results are the same.
I like this article, so much time is spent on the law and government when ethics and morals are ignored. Guess that's what was so inspiring about Bernie, he was authentic and decent. A rare quality in this corporate country.


On the whole, absolutely, but the record contradicts that, internationally, especially in Central America.


He is not boring, a darling of corporate media, and will do what he wants until profits crash. His support will not decline and if it does, it will be too late. Until Carter and then Jerry Falwell came along, Americans never put politics and morals in the same sentence. That was always fake. What is real is that the right wing has unity, while the rest of the country does not, because the rest of the country asks too damn many questions.


No, the Carter years were not perfect. I think he was misled, to some extent, by his National Security Team ( possibly Brzezinski ).
But, during his administration, we dropped no bombs on another country, nor did we invade another country. The only President since
WW II of which that can be said!


Freud said that morals come from the super-ego, or 'above ego'. Another word might be spirit, or soul.


"What is real is that the right wing has unity, while the rest of the country does not, because the rest of the country asks too damn many questions."

Fascinating perspective. Too many questions = too many viewpoints?


Yes, and the Hostages survived.


Can you provide some documentation of this program of "World Peace" that Kennedy was pursuing?