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A Man Without Honor


A Man Without Honor

Bill C. Davis

As I watched and listened to Emmanuel Macron speak to the US congress while being an American in Paris at the moment, two words kept occurring to me: Fraternité and honor.


Even Worf had it right. "He has no honor!"


Donald F Trump is a mirror–just like his predecessors were. They (were) are reflecting the uglier aspects of the American Spirit that always has been here since before the Constitutional convention and continuing to this day. The French have no room to look down considering their own sordid national history.

A man without honor who goes around with his foot in his mouth up to his knee is a perfect metaphor for the America which has strode the earth like some great colossus when in reality it is a flatulence filled blimp.


Good advice on how to actually deal with a Tin Man Narcissist–ignore him, target the honor-less media. Our energy will be better spent in working for the future we need and want.


This is a well thought out and beautifully constructed essay. Thank you Bill Davis.

Mr. Davis makes several valid and cogent points, not the least of which is the fact that most of our media is doing us a great disservice by fixating on the outrageous tweets and outlandish statements of this sociopathic narcissist. It’s like a continuously running soap opera, only the
characters are doing real harm to America and to the way it sees itself. The most insidious effects of this are the slipping away of the collective sense of reality, honor and empathy.


Yes. Why am I not surprised to discover that the author is a man of letters, whether great or small.


Macro is disgusting kissing up to tRump at the whore house. A giddy display easily seen through. As fake as America’s money value. A cabal of slimy enemies of the people.


The thing about the reporting of the tweets is that they get repeated over and over, in the printed articles at least (I don’t listen to anything). First the article tells about the tweet, then it reprints it from Twitter, then sometimes it even elaborates on it. And prints. tweets from other people who copy the original tweet within. What the deal?


Tweets are the emotional and mental equivalent of farts. They contain no nuance, nor context,
nor perspective.


A friend, in discussing the “anti-social media,” says, “Tweets are for twits.” A bit harsh but not far wrong.


What a novel idea! Instead of talking about what a pile of biologically processed chicken feed drumpf is, talk about how great other people are. You don’t have to explicitly mention that drumpf does not embody their words and deeds. Just leave it out there for people to make the connection themselves. And doing that will drive him crazy because no one ever actually says that he’s a jerk. But it will be obvious that he is, and when he explodes about praise for someone like Macron or Merkel that doesn’t mention him, it will become even more obvious.