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A Mass Murderer Becomes a ‘Terrorist’–Based on Ethnicity, Not Evidence


A Mass Murderer Becomes a ‘Terrorist’–Based on Ethnicity, Not Evidence

Jim Naureckas

The New York Times (7/15/16), writing about the man who reportedly killed 84 people in a truck attack in Nice, France, provided no evidence that Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was motivated by either politics or religion to commit violence—yet still labeled the murders as “terrorism,” as though the definition of that crime were based on ethnicity rather than motivation.


Truck terrorist who murdered 84 people in a horrific drive along the Nice seafront drank alcohol, ate pork and took drugs - all banned by Islam
Close family friend of his estranged wife said ‘he was not a Muslim, he was a s***’ as he revealed he didn’t pray or go to mosque
The couple separated after reports of domestic abuse two years ago and their divorce proceedings ‘depressed’ him
Detectives raided the family home and the flat where Bouhlel lived alone and took his wife into protective custody


Three things set off fuses in people who are unstable:

  1. A government structure that makes them feel voiceless and powerless
  2. Lousy job, low wages, or no job prospects at all
  3. Heat

The temperature is obviously rising on this planet and that kind of heat raises the human thermostat, too.

The elites know this.

Historically there have been countless examples of tensions erupting when there wasn’t enough jobs or justice to go around.

It’s interesting how some white-skinned right-wing maniac goes off on Black worshipers at a church but THAT is not considered terrorism, but if a Muslim name does ANYTHING violent, it is.

As other articles have explained, a lot of returning (from foreign wars) troops are being assimilated into domestic police departments and they have been trained to see others as “the enemy.”

The Black community has had to watch as its citizens undergo apparent legal lynchings by more modern means. This absence of justice tossed in their faces is like tossing a match upon dry embers.

Living here in the Deep South (Bible Belt) I’ve heard predictions of a Race War for a long time.

When a lot of people harbor the same belief, they create an invisible energy field that helps to make it so.

What I find scariest of all is that elites want these events to break out. Why? Because they serve as a pretext for more law enforcement and laws that chip away at all of the former Civil Liberties and protections that made for Free Societies.

Under the guise of Protection, the elites will use these events to tighten the screws.

Is it a coincidence that just as elites bear down through pushing so-called trade treaties that literally eviscerate national laws that protect the environment, labor rights, and other significant protections… all of these domestic and foreign “terrorist” attacks break out?

Seems like deflection. The elites are using these events to block protests, the right of citizens to gather together, and the capacity for opposition to what the 1% intends to DO to the rest of us.

It’s also intriguing that just as more Left-leaning figures emerge and vocalize their opposition to elite trade policies, (Corbyn in U.K, Sanders/Stein in U.S., Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, the leadership in Greece, Spain’s Indignados, Iceland) these “terrorist” events blast off.

Never under-estimate the levels Deep State interests will go to in order to preserve their CONTROLS over humanity’s direction.


Yes, I too was wondering as to the timing of all of these events and how as soon as the entrenched interests power threatened by a resurgent left all of these incidents occur.

Operation Gladio was very real and used terrorist events that were blamed on Communists to defeat the rise of Communism in France and Italy. While this does not prove these as false flags it certainly should arouse ones supsicions.


The Orlando shooter and the Nice trucker both are on record for having beaten their wives. Another interesting tidbit.

Thank you for mentioning Gladio. You read more than most here and see through a wider prism.

Have you checked out any of the links I’ve posted that show Dr. Steven Greer and the HUNDREDS of interviews he’s conducted with Ex-Military, pilots, and others… as to the Secret Space Program and FACT that so much has been hidden from the public?

This material is not unrelated to the subject of Terrorism for a number of reasons.

First of all, according to Greer’s official whistle blowers, the reason Eisenhower specified that the Military Industrial Complex was becoming a power unleashed from civilian control is that the recovered crafts from Roswell and elsewhere were kept under top secret and their systems reverse-engineered by firms like Raytheon and top entities known for providing weapon systems.

They have maintained secrecy over their advances with “alien” technology for 3 reasons:

  1. Knowledge of our space relations would completely implode the paradigms based upon patriarchal religious teachings

  2. Knowledge of the Zero Point and invisible energy system that do NOT require any fuel source would cause major repercussions to the global economy which itself is largely built upon the profits (and infrastructure) of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power.

  3. Knowledge of a wider universe would make it harder to control citizens on earth.

But here’s the problem–

Apart from the very real threat of climate catastrophe borne of global warming added to so much callous pollution (and spellbinding loss of species), as many here understand, there are neo-con forces that are BENT upon war.

According to Greer and at least 40 other legitimate sources, the Space Brotherhood came in closer once human beings got hold of nuclear weapons. Since those who control weapons are probably LOWEST on the spiritual evolutionary dial, they are most likely to use these horrors.

Greer pointed out that since almost all contact occurs between ETS and the military (who have entire divisions committed to reconnaissance missions based on clearing all evidence immediately), the space brotherhood has a very limited exposure to those human beings who do NOT want war and are fighting ecocide–the war on nature.

Furthermore, there are universal laws based on free will. Thus the question then becomes, how can the majority of earth’s citizens utilize their free will if the reality of CONTACT has been hidden from them?

Greer left his medical practice in order to make this hidden Truth known…

The technology that’s already understood and built could take our planet off of fossil fuels. Right now.

According to Greer, without energy costs, people could travel freely and widely and there would not be poverty, either.

Some of the sources interviewed insist that more and more UFOS will make their presence felt since those assisting in mankind’s evolution OUT of the warrior mentality (into that of becoming peaceful citizens of a very sentient and advanced cosmos that’s absolutely TEEMING with life) recognize that people must become enlightened about the Truth.

There are some aliens who trade technology with the military and feed off the Fear Factor. They are known as the Raptors or Reptiles.

According to David Icke, all of the rituals (and these have gone on for centuries) that involve blood sacrifice–typically that of a young virgin woman or child–feed into this force and gain benefits (in the way of temporal power) from that trade-off.

There IS a Deep State and it’s kept so many things from citizens. However, the Internet is providing a means for people in say Brazil to share their ET experiences with those in the U.K. And now there are HUNDREDS of people who were committed to secrecy (some go back to the Roswell years and are close to their own deaths) who are exposing the Truth.

Since the control of energy is part and parcel to the paradigm that patriarchal capitalism has built and uses military muscle to maintain in place, exposing the FACT that this entire system is effete is part of the enlightenment of the masses necessary for entirely shifting the template.


I am one of those that will entertain any and all possibilities when it comes to trying to come up with reasons for very powerful people acting in such irrational manners.

Occams razor tells me they are influenced by things the masses are not aware of thus those secrets.


Here’s the link: (This is his longest discussion. You can simply type in his name for shorter segments.)


Forty years ago I was living in Germany and traveling in the UK and Ireland at the height of UK/IRA tensions and noticed that what started out as terrorism with an ideological mission had evolved beyond that to include protection rackets and other mission creep.

No surprise that today’s global terrorism landscape, although geographically much larger, is fundamentally not much different.


Perhaps the title should read: Another Mass Murderer Becomes a ‘Terrorist’–Based on Ethnicity, Not Evidence


One of the things I’m wondering about is the likelihood of a major black op or two, perhaps at the time of either of the “conventions.”

  • A number of Executive Orders in recent years have made the declaration of Martial Law much easier than it used to be.
  • Public resistance to such things as the Toilet Paper Plan, the TTIP and others in the wings may have the fascists a bit worried. Hence, a national lock down may be imminent. A black op could trip the balance.
  • Frankly, I think if it begins to look like the Red Queen won’t be crowned, that may be reason enough for the 0.001%.


You don’t like the “ethnicity” terrorist test.

So you base you test on “motivation”. What?

I base my terrorist test on “behavior”. Commit an act of terror, and you are a terrorist.


That makes the government of the US the world’s #1 terrorist organization.


He was self-radicalized and became a lone wolf terrorist. That seems obvious to any one who isn’t viewing the Nice attack through the distorted prism of their partisan ideology. But also were Micah Johnson and Eugene Gavin Long in our country who were respectively the shooters in downtown Dallas and then in Baton Rouge. But in our case, don’t blame the Islamic State. Johnson and Long both did a tour of duty as grunts; Johnson in Afghaniatan, Long in Iraq. They never came back the their war.This was blowback, a term made popular by the late historian Chalmers Johnson, which he referred to the unforeseen consequences of CIA secret operations such as its covert funding of the mujahideen ( Arabic term for “one engaged in jihad” ) who fought the old Soviet Union in Afghanistan during both the Carter and Reagan administrations in the 1980s. The blowback comes into play when the Taliban overthrew the government and allowed al Qaeda and Osama bin laden a safe haven to train jihadists. Johnson’s book flopped when it came out one year before the terrorist attack on 9/11. But after the attack, it became a big best seller. Bouhlel was blowback, but so were Johnson and Long. But they learned their lethal skills in the the service. I don’t know why anyone is having a hissy fit about the NYT’s article nor the shock about Johnson and Long in this country. All were self-radicalized terrorists. And so was Omar Mateen, that shooter at the Orlando nightclub.Why people are making a big deal about this shows how naive and myopic they have viewed this events. But I served as a medical corpsman in Vietnam and got to know the wounded grunts. A few of them came back to the world and committed acts of mass murders. But nobody remembers the painful lessons of Vietnam and how war destroys your humanity. And of course, the term blowback wasn’t in use ar the time.


Well, if I were a spaceman from somewhere out there I would have been tapping into all electromagnetic messages (radio/TV) etc pouring out from this good Earth just to ensure that I wasn’t hurtling towards a right nasty bunch of nasty bastards.Since the Titanic sent out its first SOS, we have been communicating our stupid propensities in navigation through life to the stars for all to see.