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A Matter of Justice and Love

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/10/matter-justice-and-love


I truly believe that Mama came to get George and he went up with her, to Paradise.

George, WE will make sure your death was not in vain.


Thank you. Beautiful – both the words and the photos.

May it be so…


They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge." We’ve been talking long enough. Listen up.

That US America needs not only this conversation about “race” but to finally deal with it has long been overdue. If I place “race” in quotes is that it should not have been necessary but also to take the view of biological fact that while there are undeniable differences not only in skin color but other features between different human groups, these groups are human groups of one human race. Or ONE human species, if you prefer. White privilege is when someone of a lighter skin color refuses in a myriad of ways to acknowledge the accrued and unearned privileges that come with it whether they have asked for them or not. The point is to change society where this will cease to be a reality for everyone and a deadly reality for those human brothers and sisters who have more skin melatonin.

The legacy of slavery, theft of lives and lands of African and indigenous people cannot be denied and must be atoned for if US America is to heal its sick psyche which has only compounded its many historic and current crimes at home and abroad in the endless wars of Empire. This will have to ensure a system that puts an end to inequality and, therefore, a complete overhaul and transformation of all its institutions. This was the reason I chose to be a socialist as I saw it as a means toward atonement. It is not a “color blind” world but one that sees the multiples hues of humans as beautiful, that enrich Life.


From Neil J. Smith (~www.literarytongues.com), African-Bahamian writer, former Defense Captain in the original Black Panther and boxer:

The first attacks against natures is an armed assault against its first defenders --indigenous peoples. That is, the forefront of the wildernesses defense, the lungs of our world; and in civilizations assault against native peoples lurks the seeds of racism. And shortly after these native peoples are conquered, the wilderness falls to the woodsman ax. Hence nature retreats at the onslaught of civilization, and her defenders are belittled, dehumanized and humiliated as lesser persons stripped of their rightful place in the Universal order. Hence, the birth of racism, nationalism and the plight of humanity.


I second that. We will give foundation under our caring by transforming our world to one of human solidarity.

Thank you to Abby for posting this and to Dr. Cornell West and Kimberly Jones for their insights as a path toward justice.

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Kimberly Jones for president !!

This is what a true grassroots leader looks like.

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