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'A Matter of Life and Death,' Scientific American Backs Biden in Magazine's First Endorsement in 175-Year History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/matter-life-and-death-scientific-american-backs-biden-magazines-first-endorsement


Has this site been taken over by the right wing, neoliberal water carriers who own Falternet and Raw Sewage?


So much for science saving us.


“Joe Biden can restore decency”

How does anyone say this with a straight face?


These are desperate times - the rejection of science is step one to another dark age.

Get over yourselves - Mussolini started out as a socialist.


Biden’s against the Green New Deal and radical action to reverse global warming. He’s for fracking.

His original plan was end fossil fuels by 2050 when we’re all dead.

The Democratic party is even fighting via courts to REMOVE the GREEN PARTY from the ballots of swing states. Remove the ~ if you wanna read more ~https://www.rt.com/usa/500751-greens-kicked-off-ballots/


What BS
This is not an indication of how great they think Frackin’ Joe is, it’s an indication of how insanely terrible Trump is.

Must be because Ol Joe supports the science of Fracking


So the trolls are already out trashing Biden

But in your stupidity you left out the part where your idiocy condones trump and actually helps him in re election

Gee how nice trump must feel with your pathetic driveling

Scientific American has always been a steadfast intelligence in the Science Community

They get the importance of electing Biden

Why do you want to give support to trump who has torn down every achievement the US has made in environmental protections

And his total rejection of Science is only matched by the level a continued whining from commenters on this page

Biden or trump…pretty clear

Why tear down our only hope at a solution


THey dont say it with a straight face. You just can see them gagging because of the mask


Vote for Biden/Harris in 2020, or kiss your ass goodbye! Peace


But… But… But… Everyone knows it is only the Big Bad Republicans who engage in voter suppression. I would love to hear all the rationalizations from the Democrat supporters why it is just fine and dandy for the Democrats to engage in voter suppression against those would vote for the Green Party. The Green Party being the only actual party that has progressive values that matter.


Have to say no because I’ve never had a comment removed here

Not only have I had comments removed at Falternet and Raw Sewage (I love that!) and had every comment monitored, But right now, at Raw Sewage, I’m on a special status where I can see my comment - BUT no one else can. So I think I’ve commented but, no. When I’m logged in I can see the comment, but if I go in from another device that is not logged in as me - it’s not there. Log in again - bingo it’s there. Those two places must be owned by the DNC and Wall Street.

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I’m a “leftist” who refused to vote for Obama as he was Bush-Lite from day one in terms of actual policy. Targeted assassinations of US citizens abroad anyone? Heritage Foundation Care as Obama Care?

Obviously I could not bring myself to vote for Hillary as she was even to the right of Obama. Never forget she sat on the Board of Walmart as a union busting lawyer.

However, while I cannot promise that I’ll vote for Biden this time (my body has rebelled when I’ve attempted to vote against someone this way before), I cannot believe the false-equivalency I’ve been seeing here recently.

When forced to chose between Fascism and Nazism, the choice is fucking obvious. Do any of you really think Biden will continue to allow what’s happening in 3rd party ICE concentration camps? Do you think Biden et. all will suppress intelligence reports? Will Biden install corporate leaders to destroy the departments they’re put in charge of?

We CANNOT have Drumpf or his enablers in power another 4 years.


I will vomit before and after, but will do my damnedest to vote for Biden this Fall.


Your ass has been kissed goodbye no matter who you vote for now. Eight years of Clinton and Obama has led to this outcome just as much as anything.


You assume Biden wouldn’t be worse than Trump, an assumption not all of us believe to be true. Biden wants to increase the military budget, is that one of your preferences? Biden believes that it’s time to watch the deficits, now that the wealthy have gotten theirs, is that one of your preferences. Biden thinks more cops are the answer to an out of control police force, is that what you want? Biden has tried to cut Social Security 4 times, lies about his record, and is showing signs of senile dementia. He has selected the worst of Obama’s administration for his team, and Harris with no primary delegates as his running mate - a complete slap in the face to democratic principles. His platform is also one of minority opinion within the party. What’s next from the democrats if they get away with Biden this time?


Because there is no hope for a solution with either candidate.


What a bizarre comment, and one that is totally non-responsive to the topic of the article.
Slagging Common Dreams is just plain rude.
The simple fact is that Trump and the GOP are anti-science.
Their evangelical base rejects science.
Biden/Harris are rational people who understand science.
Rejection of science is a rejection of survival.
It’s great that Scientific American has noted the stark difference between Biden and Trump.


People either do not understand that, or choose to not understand it

Maybe they say it on face book?

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Lip service to science absent action is no improvement, in fact it puts people to sleep. Obama got away with 8 years of aggressive actions in the wrong direction. Biden and the Democrat corporate contingent (97% of the elected) have zero credibility on the subject.

I’d prefer Trump vs an angry mob to Biden and sleepy sheep as with Obama.