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'A Matter of Life and Death,' Scientific American Backs Biden in Magazine's First Endorsement in 175-Year History

The exact same thing can be said about the Republicans actually. The pre-Newt Gingrich platform was a very different beast now, wasn’t it? The Tea-Baggers were an even further departure.

There’s no denying at this point of history here, this fiasco is a Two-Party State. Nader was right when he correctly stated that these two parties are the flip sides of the same coin - when he said it.

To me, Biden is roughly the equivalent of Mussolini. Drumpf in this is the Hitler. Which of these two fucked up Europe worse?

No way are you or anyone else going to convince me that 4 more years (or the Dictator for Life scenario) under Drumpf is a better choice than Biden.

I’m all for overthrowing the establishment politics in America - but for fuck’s sake let’s stop the steam roller destruction that Herr Drumpf and his sycophants are doing first.


I wasn’t anymore pleased with Obama/Biden. The Democrats are the greater evil, they built the tools for Trump to use, and have only accelerated in the wrong direction since getting Trump elected the first time.

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I think it’s simply in comparison to Trump & his criminal cadre.
I think most ppl would be happy just to see SOME return to “normalcy” right now. Trump is a roaring train to hell that just gets worse with every day that he & his cohorts are in office!
It is perhaps last chance to slam on the brakes & stop the quickening descent to hell on earth that Trump’s cabal of assholes & idiots are rushing us toward…& they’re picking up the pace!
Every day, more UnAmerican shit spews from Trump & DC cronies, such as AG Barr (who’s out of control, big time!). I think ppl are overwhelmed by all the shit they see & hear! Many eyes are being opened for the 1st time in long time ~ that is a good thing! We can’t expect them to jump on board a progressive agenda right away. If they feel there’s no difference they can make, no change will hapoen & we will be screwed by Trump for 4 more yrs! Maybe more!?!
Right now, there are just 2 viable choices. We need those just opening their eyes to the horrors of this administration to feel good about changing their vote to the only alternative being offered at this time! Criticizing them is NOT helpful. Encourage them to “evolve” & that starts with voting Biden. If we muddy the waters & cause them to doubt change, they will fall back on Trump vote. WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN!
Voting for Biden is at least acknowledgement of Trump’s destruction, of his UNAmerican ways. It IS a vote for CHANGE! That is where it has to start. We can move on from there…AFTER we get those assholes OUT OF POWER!!
I am no fan of Biden. I admit that. But he is the choice given this time. Maybe he will surprise me & do things better than I expect? I know that worst case scenario is still 100x better than anything Trump would bring! Trump is freaking out at thought of being “LOSER”! He & his Party will do ANYTHING to avoid that & that should scare every one of us!
Whatever it takes to GET TRUMP OUT is what must happen.
Please - for now - let’s lighten up on criticizing Biden & those who are willing to vote for him, to facilitate CHANGE. If we don’t make it ok for ppl to vote Biden, over Trimp, we may NOT like where self-righteousness may leave us in Nov!
After Jan 20th 2021, we can all go back to pushing for more progressive ideas & actions that we know are needed. For now tho, we must lighten up & encourage the “newly enlightened?” to…
Vote For Change ~ Vote Life ~ Vote For America ~ and right now, that means Vote Biden!

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You might think that Biden would be some improvement, but I don’t.

Vote For Change - Vote Life - Vote for America - that means Vote Hawkins. Otherwise you are just prolonging the destruction.

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I suspect you are right that the huge size of government in the. USA now slows government and the effect of any policy change so much that it will take at least four years of not eight to see what effect any President’s policy decisions have.

Dear Thylacine,
That is an excellent diagnosis of Scientific American’s half-pint stand. Thank you

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