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A Mega-Merger Too Far: Kraft Foods-H.J Heinz Announce Merger


A Mega-Merger Too Far: Kraft Foods-H.J Heinz Announce Merger

Patrick Woodall

Do you like ketchup with your mac and cheese? H.J. Heinz and Kraft sure appear to. This morning, processed food powerhouse Kraft Foods and ketchup kingpin H.J. Heinz announced a merger that will create the nation’s 5th largest food company. The post-merger company would sell $28 billion worth of food annually and control eight brands with sales over $1 billion and five more brands with sales between $500 million and $1 billion.


There is really only one answer. Buy as few processed products as possible, and learn to find satisfaction in creating your own healthy and flavor filled foods. No, I don’t make my own ketchup or mustard - but I don’t use large quantities in recipes either - when cooking the spices - tomato, onion, peppers etc, are just as easy to work with and produce a better product. Can’t help it - I grew up on Heinz Ketchup - but another alternative is to buy store brands - everything from your baked beans or mac and cheese - to crackers and canned vegetables. News flash - these are produced on the same lines as the “national brands”, subject to the same quality standards, usually significantly cheaper, and I know of no one who saves the empty cans to show they bought the most expensive labels.