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A Memo to the GOP, Wall Street, Joe Biden, and All Democrats: 'No, Mitch McConnell Is Not the 46th President'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/memo-gop-wall-street-joe-biden-and-all-democrats-no-mitch-mcconnell-not-46th


Tortiis Mitch you might get mistook for a turkey not too good so close to Thanksgiving


Biden promised his donors that nothing will fundamentally change. That’s about the only promise he’ll keep. The Democratic Party has two primary purposes, to enrich the leadership and to ensure that no effective voices for change are allowed in the political process. They are there purely to serve the oligarchs and anyone thinking that they can be pressured, under the present system, to do a single, substantive thing for ordinary people is delusional. This includes all of those duped into voting for lesser evil. They were conned and will have no excuses once Biden starts appointing Republican cabinet members, confirming Republican judges and pushing through Republican legislation.

Biden is substantively no better than Trump and both of the state parties must be bypassed and burned to the ground if the US is to have any hope of avoiding a total collapse and outright fascism. Real change for the better, as always, will come from below, from the streets, millions protesting, striking, ridiculing centrists and Republicans as the enemies of the people that they are.


And that is what needs to continue from Day One.


Sounds like a good plan to me… Since the Repubs won half the votes and the Dems the other half. Let’s unite this country by letting Mitch pick the cabinet. Also, Trump may relinquish power if we let Mitch pick the cabinet…Look why wait till the Spring, we know that Joe will concede power to Mitch, let’s stop wasting the time of the people, let Mitch pick. Look, why have 2 parties, let’s just have one party government, no more gridlock. Eliminate both parties, then there will be no delays. and then the government can do the work of the “people”…One Party Rule, sounds good, right?


So use the weekend writing and planning to work with whatever progressive groups you feel best supports that change.


[quote=“RazedAwareness, post:5, topic:83972”]
Let’s unite this country by letting Mitch pick the cabinet. Also, Trump may relinquish power if we let Mitch pick the cabinet…

What a ridiculous idea! IQ 45 only cares about himself and the power that he holds at this moment.


Note to democrats. Just in case you haven’t figure it out yet, the real power centers of the nation lay in the US Senate and the Supreme Court. Nothing the House does matters without the full approval of the senate. And the only power the executive branch may wield is through often meaningless signing statements that need the senate in order to enforce or enact.
Mitch MCConnell has been POTUS since January of 2017. And short of two unlikely upsets in Georgia, he will be POTUS a for at least two more years.


“now have an opportunity to win a generation’s long-term loyalty, but only if they deliver the big changes young Americans demand.”

The Democrats need to grow a spine in dealing with the GOP and Mitch in particular and the progressive wing of that party needs a spine also and leave that party if they don’t deliver. Strikes me, at any rate, the Green Party is a much better fit for them unless they intend to wait it our until the old dinosaurs die off. The rate of ecological destruction, however, cannot wait.

Meanwhile the Left flank should get ready to mount the type of fight we had in us at the turn of the 20th C with the radical Labor Unions, communists, socialists.


According to many climate scientists, we have fewer than 10 years to begin to significantly reverse the accelerating Climate Catastrophe. If the Biden-Harris regime wastes its 4 years, we’ll have even less time.


And that is exactly what will happen if Biden keeps his promise that “Nothing will basically change”.
Joe Biden needs to be forced to break that promise.

At least Trump kept his promise to “Drain the Swamp”
What he of course really meant that he would destroy every federally protected wetland that he could get his short stubby hands on.


Don’t surrender in Georgia so fast.


Moscow Mitch has actually been POTUS since 2015, not 2017, when you consider that he obstructed everything Obama attempted during 2015-16, except for the Iran treaty.


The Senate in the USA is the major reason why the US not a democracy. We have a Senate in Canada made up of people that were appointed rather then elected but it really does not have any power. The Senate in the USA with some guys representing 1 million voters as another represents 15 million voters holds far to much power. I do not know how you guys can ever change that thing.


Not so according to many. Not much in the way of legislation got done in the past four years. IQ 45 used the power of the presidency to pass executive orders and Biden need to do the same. This MO has been suggested by others and from the article:

The memo from Revolving Door and Demand Progress says that even if McConnell holds the majority—as of this writing, especially with two runoff elections for both of Georgia’s Senate seats to be held in January, that remains up in the air—Biden will have tools at his disposal to push through progressive cabinet members. According to the groups:
Biden can use the Vacancies Act. The Vacancies Act provides an indisputably legal channel to fill Senate-confirmed positions on a temporary basis when confirmations are delayed. The Act has been used extensively by presidents of both parties, including by Trump to an unprecedented degree, despite facing a friendly Senate.

Biden can adjourn Congress and make recess appointments
(see article for links) interactive-constitution/ gives the President the power to adjourn Congress “to such time as he shall think proper” whenever the House and Senate disagree on adjournment. And after 10 days of recess, the President may make recess appointments to fill positions requiring Senate confirmation.

“Failure to use these powers, however, will spell political doom,” the memo asserts, and warns: “If Biden fails to use the powers available to him, Democrats up and down the ballot will suffer for it in 2022 and beyond.”


could not agree more!

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Good for “We the People”, though!

The neckless, soulless Kentucky devil, poor thing, if you had wattles like that, maybe you too would be a mean SOB.


HELL no! Neither Biden nor the rest of us owe ANYTHING to McConnell. On the contrary, we should treat him as every bit as dangerous as Trump, and more so because McConnell–like Pence–has the ability to think and uses it for evil purposes, no apology to Pence.

A big part of Biden’s job now is to treat McConnell the way McConnell has treated ALL of us, including his own supporters: as lesser beings, though with pity for his debased soul rather than rancor.


Unless a miracle occurs, the democrats and Biden have already lost this election. This is the fault of the democrats once again unable to pull popular candidates from their right wing ranks who can win back the senate. I would give my life and everything sacred on earth if even one good piece of legislation can get through a republican senate in the next two years. Biden started out promising to compromise and work together with republicans, but there is not a snowballs chance in hell even one of them will work with Biden, and compromising with Fascists sounds suspiciously like giving them what they want. Democrats may as well stay home the next two years and do nothing, focusing only on how to win the senate and house two years from now, and coming in only to vote no on all legislation republicans submit. Biden is going to be so completely ineffectual for the next four years that any republican who runs against him will easily win, and most likely the house and senate will lose democrats two years from now as well. This is the way the lesser of evils strategy always pans out. Having something to offer besides just beating Trump was how this could have been avoided. Now that they’ve won there is nowhere left to go, no goals left that democrats have set to accomplish.

Extreme use of executive power is the only thing left to do, declare 100 more national parks; order all troops home from every war, cease all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, Prosecute every criminal in the government, (whatever party they belong to), to the full extent of the law, and every single person involved in their crimes. This will eliminate 80 percent of republican leadership, and much of the democrats too. Radially reform the military, bringing all troops in foreign nations home, reform the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the state department, Guantanamo Bay, dismantle the entire department of homeland security and 75% of all federal prisons and 100 percent of private prisons, etc. Scrap the predator drone inventory out completely and prosecute for first degree murder all persons involved in drone assassination. Use the executive power to the farthest extent the law permits to unwind the NAZI war machine. Lock up all persons for life who ever detained, (kidnapped), a child, or ordered a child to be detained for any reason.