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A Memorial Day For Lies?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/24/memorial-day-lies


Thank you Laura Flanders for speaking the hard truth at a time when it is most needed.
In the words of our beloved president, “Mak amerika grate agen”.


Observing that “COVID-19 deaths in the USA are mostly self inflicted by government incompetence” Flanders reconfirms Trump’s 2016 campaign mantra “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and not lose one vote” is the understatement of the century. Trump’s approval rating clings tight in the 40s despite the GOP’s mass murder spree with no end in sight. I DO take issue with her attributing those deaths to “incompetence” when they are clearly premeditated by Trump, Moscow Mitch and the GOP.

The murkin war that has raged far longer than the Afghanistan War (falsely labeled the US’ longest war") and impacted a majority of murkins for nearly four decades was succinctly defined when Warren Buffett told the world in 2004 “there is a CLASS WAR and my class IS winning”. Just as more lives were lost at Gettysburg than any other Civil War battle, COVID-19 will be the Gettysburg of the murkin class war to date.


Here we are as covid slithers and snakes throughout the world, we in the u.s. are more divided than ever with hate, racism, classism, ageism, sexism everywhere apparent, laid bare for all to see.

Open up america!!! Hell yeah!!

“Open up” to what?

People are crowding the natural parks, malls, restaurants . . . filling the roads with cars, trucks, motorcycles, american flags are shoved in the faces of people that react to u.s. flags (like me) with revulsion over what this country represents.

What it represents in part consists of those like David Brooks writing from his comfortable bubble of life where he is safe (and paid!) to pontificate and gaslight then put his thoughts together in the form of an article embraced by the nearly perfect representation of neoliberalism: the NY Times.

I imagine those safely ensconced in their safe havens away from the virus/crowds, perhaps on their beach/lake homes, sipping their morning coffee in their silk pajamas, surrounded by 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets smugly reading David Brooks and the NY Times Sunday Memorial Day edition.

The lies continue. The narrative created by the powers that be continues.

We are so far from any semblance of collective self reflection related to what “holidays” mean. We are not even close to showing signs of collectively learning the truth and then learning how to become a more peaceful, kind, compassionate group of people who seek forgiveness and offer reparations to those we’ve destroyed.

Thanks to Laura Flander’s piece I was inspired to read more about Memorial Day and how it came to be.

Now more than ever we should be reflecting upon the origins of Memorial Day given our seemingly bottomless divisions with this virus raging and a death toll highest among people of color.

Came across this article:


One of the most often-forgotten facts among the public displays and memorials about the Civil War is that the vast number of soldiers died from disease and sickness, not from combat wounds or battle — in fact, the war became the largest biological crisis of nineteenth-century America.

In the end, the smallpox claimed the lives of over 60,000 former slaves, while other disease outbreaks and fatal epidemics raised the death toll of freed people to well over a million — more than a quarter of the newly freed population.


To make it worse, Brooks’ piece is headlined “The First Invasion of America,” as if colonial genocide never occurred.

Well said Laura!


Dear Laura,
If only I were some forty years younger you’d be my gal.
Always on the moral mark you are, but it may not be
the American body that’s so much damaged as our nation’s
Because we have this for a presidential election choice;
now that Bernie and Warren have surrendered, between a case
of cancerous hemorrhoids and deadly shingles. But your
honest memorial brings hope.


Another lesser evil election indeed.

Then only accomplishment of lesser evil politics is to make the the Dimcritter Party more evil and the GOP even more evil with each passing year.


“Will we understand that individualism, like white-ism, male-ism, American exceptionalism war machine offers little protection from disease. I’m seeing illusions live on, like the illusion of American innocence and safety.”

Join an election celebration still happening since Tuesday in Oregon. A face-off candidate for Mayor WON by the voter intent to force a face off in November. Sarah Iannarone has good odds to be next Portland Mayor. I’m happy for her and for Portlanders who sense Ted is a sell out to high-tech sector liars and hotel condo landlords.


Pitch freaking perfect:

American Memorial Day is most intentionally not Armistice Day—the day in November on which most of the world marks the end of a war that was supposed to end all wars. Instead of memorializing peace, it messes with our minds, manipulating sympathy for veterans to misremember America’s wars and war-mongering.

Thank you so much, Laura Flanders.


As far as i know, there will be no moment of silence for the covid-19 victims this Memorial Day. Yea, Laura Flanders definitely has a good take on what constitutes
tomorrow, Memorial Day(an acknowledgement of the fallen during past world wars). What about all the other victims? Maybe a name change is in order: “Memorial Day for
all those that have perished due to this nation’s incompetence and ineptitude on how
to protect it’s citizenry and not get bogged down in wars of choice for monetary gain”.

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Just as I now refer to “Columbus Day” as “Indigenous Peoples Day”, I now refer to Memorial Day as a day to honor all of those who have died in the cause of peace. Martin Luther King. Malcolm X. Crazy Horse. Tecumseh. Mother Jones. Eugene Debs. Peace Pilgrim. No fields covered in American flags(a totem fetish) but with prayer flags. No 21 gun salutes.(check out Green Day’s song) but planting of communal gardens.
As a young person living in a very white, very conservative, very Christian small town, all the military holidays were a Big Deal. And I was caught up in the fervor. That’s how our American Exceptionalism and sacrifice your life for your country is ingrained in the minds of our children.
This year, as we say at Samhain, may our beloved dead still impart wisdom to us. May we follow their way in honor and compassion. Namaste.


Will a memorial be erected in Washington DC to honor the 100,000+ Americans killed during the first wave of Coronavirus as a result of Trump Administration Incompetence?

History will remember the elitist’s response to the death he directly caused.

He couldn’t wait to play golf.


No, the illusions will continue - fed by fear of “other” and authoritarian whiteness. After all, it’s just those “other people” who are dying right? Lip service is given to Veterans, many of whom are dying of Covid 19 in those Veterans hospitals - whose service is taken for granted - yet they’re still dying! No, 'Murika suffers from a willful and collective act of unaccountability. Had actual accountability been had by politicians that have lied US into wars of choice, by corporations that are demanding further tax cuts as they’ve hemorrhaged jobs over-seas in search of ever greater profit margins, by workers whose wages have not actually kept pace with the actual costs of living, by society over-all as not just economic inequality deepens, but decimation of our climate and by allowing “the least of these” to have the dirtiest industries in their communities - had any of these horrors and those that inflicted these horrors actually been held publicly accountable - WE might not have the destruction of Covid19 or the self-serving, criminally corrupt Oval Office occupant now!


Holiday for hypocrisy