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A Message to a Pro-Austerity Bully from a Pro-Democracy "Apostate"

A Message to a Pro-Austerity Bully from a Pro-Democracy "Apostate"

Yanis Varoufakis

Italian PM M. Renzi (click here for his speech) recently rejoiced at having “got rid of me” – citing my ‘removal’ from the ‘scene’ as a sign that ‘apostates’ (i.e. those who divide their parties) are jettisoned. His is a motivated illusion. Last July ‘they’ ‘got rid’ of something much more important than me. Here is my message to the Italian PM…


Yanis, you are a true believer in something (Democracy Now!) which has been superseded by the Golden Rule (He who has the gold makes the rules!).
The Greek experience has something to teach the US electorate as well as the hapless Italian prime minister du jour: your votes matter not at all. They are an expensive illusion lavishly funded by organized money for the purpose of pacifying the restless energy of the masses not otherwise lobotomized by pro sports, celebrity gossip, and TV. Checkmate!


It is only A matter of time before the usurious vulture Capitalist Central Banksters, along with the IMF and WB descend on Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and whoever else they plan to fleece with their Fiat money schemes- What A scam the EU has become and was planned to become- Perhaps Italians will know PM Mr. Renzi’s true colors when this all comes down in Italy, they will then desperately be asking Mr.Yanis Varoufakis for advice-


PLEASE Mr. Varoufakis and Mr. Tsipras keep talking in public and remind us how the process is supposed to work–in the light of day. Democracy is not pretty and was never meant to be so–but it was meant to be public. May the pain that your people have endured–are enduring–and will endure be a lesson for humanity worthy of your society’s great place in history.


One of the seemingly few international voices speaking truth to Banking Power. Thank you Yanis Varoufakis…


The constant NEED to bash voters is so obviously a Talking Point as to be conspicuous for its insistence.

FAR more fair would be to say that since the whole of society operates as much on capital as it does fossil fuels, that when the big banks turn off their printing presses, they have ANY prime minister or President by “the balls.” So this is hardly the matter of what citizens vote for… or because citizens are comatose. It’s because old family wealth has run nations for centuries. The only nations that got a good/fair deal were Europe’s Social Democracies… what, with offering their citizens health care and time off, etc. But since global corporations now run the world system, they find these programs inconvenient.

Financing fools like Scott Walker, Harper, the Bush-Clinton team, Cameron in U.K, and others who follow the marching orders to roll back social benefits due to far too much spent on militarism, they make life miserable for many… if not most.

Instead of recognizing the stresses placed on families when there is no health care–or it costs more than heads of families earn; or housing values are artificially inflated and then deflated so that many are “under water” and have no equity; and that jobs today are increasingly being treated as temp. work sans benefits… one sees that pressure is very real for SURVIVAL.

This isn’t about watching TV. This is about POWER.

The Good News is that–as was also true after the Great Depression and thus the major political force of the l930s–when the elites attempt to take it All, citizens respond. And so there is a new liberal voice in U.K., in Greece, in Canada, in U.S., in many nations of South America, and to an extent, Putin comes off as more progressive (on foreign policy) than his Western counterparts.

If you read “The Shock Doctrine” you’d realize that the same crap took place in South Africa. A Black leader is only allowed to be a figurehead, without financial backing, he can’t implement fair, just, and humane policies.

Until the chokehold of Old, BIG Money (and its military strong men) is upended, power will continue to direct too many aspects of too many lives.


I join you in asking Mr. Varoufakis to keep on keepin’ on, but not Mr. Tsipras, unless his actions change and he reverses course. Tsipras is just another pretty face with pretty words that turn around and stab you in the back, as is becoming more and more common around the world. They know they have to say the right things to get in, and then they turn the screw and make it seem inevitable, thus convincing some of their followers that otherwise would not be on board.

My 2 cents, anyway.

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Bullies. Exactly, Mr. Varoufakis. And we know the only way to beat a bully is to stand up to him, something in very short supply these days.


I understand your position, as I sought out the Greek people I know yesterday, who said “Tsipras–another politician…”. I am hopeful that he is a work in progress. Recent events proved he’s not on top. I am willing to give him the (free of all personal consequences leash) benefit of the doubt goodwill for now. I hope he will grow into the position that he seeks. It’s for his people and himself. That’s life.


I hope you are right, too. But if he is sincere, he sure blew a chance to stand up to the bully, with the people behind him.


Which can only happen when the corporate media is rejected by large bodies of the people.


He is closer to the belly of the beast than I am, so I shall give him deference for now. His heart seems to be in the right place. It may take a while for his mind to catch up.

Once again you write true(isms)…a book, Please, thank-you in advance…onedman

a vicious cycle, for sure.

To change this Golden Rule (he who has the gold rules) will as a glance at European history will show, requires the pitchforks and the torches – maybe even the guillotine.

The glaring issue here is how this story was covered in the media,and so long as the media feeds misinformation most people don’t understand the importance of what happened here. This is the story of a country being robbed and it happened as the world watched with indifference. And the common people are the ones who are bearing the burden as the 1% enrich themselves.Mr. Potter is laughing,because the bad guys won. And it may be a sign of the future-not good!

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True… but unfortunately that seems a bit like asking people to make a list of all the things of which they are totally unaware. For many minds it would seem reality IS the media.

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The tone of this piece reminds me indirectly of something Tony Blair and others said of Jeremy Corbyn - that he would apparently make the UK Labour Party unelectable. It’s a pretty small step from that comment to realise that what lies behind it is the attitude that getting elected and obtaining power is considered a priority above following any principles. Tony Blair’s career, like so many politicians, is a tragic demonstration of that attitude - personal career trumping integrity. So hats off to Yanis Varoufakis for having stood by his principles. His kind, like Corbyn, have a tough if not impossible road in politics. May he stick to his beliefs… or leave politics and become a career truth-teller as regards the sewer politics apparently is.


I am reminded of the quote by Plato ‘Those that are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those that are dumber.’
Mr Varoufakis is a brilliant economic theorist and in his book ‘The Global Minotaur’ he exposes the economic predicament of Greece and the World as due in major part to the domination of the US and in part the EU to the rest of the World. I believe he is correct in his analysis and right in accusing Renzi of abandoning the ranks of Europe’s Democrats in a time of need.
But it is also true to Greece is in a time of need and Mr Varoufakis can do more for Greece by working with Mr Tsipras to help find a way forward then in looking back to the failure of their work against the EU powers.
Politics is War without the blood but it is still a War of other means; Diplomacy, Trade and Economic policy is used to maintain and expand wealth and power.
Little Greece made War on the EU Austerity program and I am proud of SYRIZE, of those that fought and of the ones that became casualties of the battle and I am proud of the outcome. Greece has achieved an outcome that allows it to proudly fight on.
As a Greek American this issue is close to my soul. I believe the time has come for Greeks to unite and Hellenic Ideals and the resources of its people can work together to create a Modern Greek State worthy of our past.
The time has come for Mr Varoufakis to put the pain of being a casualty of the ‘inhuman pressures’ put upon the Greek side and find a way to fight on for Greece - hopefully alongside Mr Tsipras.
And while I am on this soap box let me add that the time has come for the Greek Government to bring the entire resources of Hellenism to bear on the problem of creating a thriving Modern Greek State. And that is by giving the 6+ million Greek Expats of the omogenia living overseas the right to vote.
This is a perilous time for Greece but it is also full of great opportunities for the new Tsipras government to finally break from the grip of the oligarchs, and corrupt politicians and put into place modern government and policy changes that establish Greece as an economic, cultural and political hub.
Mr Varoufakis do not allow your academic brilliance to cloud your thinking concerning the political reality of Greece. Everyone knows you are right in your analysis of the inequity of the Euro and the injustice of austerity, just don’t expect them to acknowledge it. But Greece can still show Mr Renzi and the rest of the EU what Democracy looks like.
Sometimes being brilliant and right is not sufficient nor useful in achieving ones goals - anyone that is married can attest to that. What is needed now is for the Tsipras Government to create and implement a way for Greece to receive equitable treatment within the economy of the EU and a plan to grow the economy so repayment of the debt is not an unsustainable burden.
Oli Mazi!

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Nice comment, learnfromthepast, thanks so much.