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A Message to PBS: Televise the Impeachment Hearings for All to See

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/08/message-pbs-televise-impeachment-hearings-all-see


Sigh–just reminiscing about when PBS and NPR were in the public’s interest.


I agree. Both have been neutered for the sake of being “balanced”, which is hack talk for not spending public funds for anything controversial. Don’t want to offend, anyone, in this case Trump’s looney supporters. Not going to happen.


That was then. I remember. I was one of those who watched. back then. But this is wrong on a couple of counts: 1) “witness Ken Burns’ recent country music series” and 2) the sponsors such as The Koch brothers (follow the money, here is Burns again).
Burns all about the milk-toast official editions of anything, getting sponsors and making a glossy-paper (even nostalgic) look to the production whether music or the Civil War or Vietnam. Burns handled Vietnam as just some unfortunate, nearly unavoidable accident. Just good people with the best intentions and it was just too bad, durn it, shucks. I was (and am) really offended. Especially his repeat of the spitting junk.
I am one of those in uniform at the time doing work (geodetic survey) in the public gaze almost my full time in, and none of us in my outfit ever experienced spitting or even bad looks but we did get a lot of enthusiastic support, dates, drinks, invites to dinner and on and on. If anybody should have gotten spat on, just based on our potential exposure, it would have been our group (we traveled constantly in the US and overseas). Even all these years later I’ve never heard anyone recall any such incident.
Looking at Burns’ sponsors as well as his history of turning out pablum with a lot of research but little in the way of sharp analysis and you have the Burns boys at their shiniest, glossiest. Well-produced, overwhelmingly palatable fare. Never a real edge or truly sharp question.
Look at most of PBS/NPR and you will find major corporations funding them. Not so much government as before Nixon got hold of them by the throat. This is a lasting Nixon cancer which only got larger over the years. Why they even bother to fund raising from the public is a mystery, except maybe to maintain the fiction that funds really come from those grass-roots donations. Seems to me (correct me if you remember otherwise, please) that we didn’t have those “pass-the-hat” periods before funds from the public purse started getting wacked on a regular basis thanks to Nixon and what he started.
It also seems to me (again, glad to be corrected if you remember otherwise) that the lack of funds from government and from pass-the-hat broadcasts was really the opening for major corporate funding, including Koch. There is the flesh-eating malady.
So, yes, they do need to televise these things (too bad we don’t have Sam around anymore, he was very colorful and very firm). I’m not counting chickens. Too much corporate sponsorship at stake(and direction, I have to believe).


That was back when the League Of Women Voters ran the debates - wasn’t it?

Amazing how far down the Rat Hole we have fallen


Wasn’t it funny today to see that Trump is now crying about public hearings, especially after the last few weeks of he and his sycophants incessantly bitching about the investigation somehow being held in secret.
It’s once again a hint of how the democrats, and anybody else for that matter, should handle Trump. The one thing he has always feared is public ridicule (probably going back to his school days when he was picked on for being “poor dumb Donny”). It’s time the democratic leadership lines people up on every news cast, every pundit driven bullshit cable news show, And every website, especially twitter. This should be a ridicule blitzkrieg. But don’t waste time on Politics. Make the attacks personal. Call him little hands, little feet, little dick, and little brain. Come at him from every angle, every day.
It would drive him insane (ok, more so). Face it, Donny has a made a career out of people underestimating him. The time has come to take him seriously, and that warrants a serious attack. All out war. We shouldn’t be relying on him being impeached. He should be driven from office. Make his life so miserable that he simply quits, and runs off to the nearest non extradition country, so he can spend his golden years sitting in a golf cart with a captive Ukrainian pool boy, bragging about how great he was, as he pisses his pants again.

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PBS? It should be on all the networks. Many do not watch PBS. It might be dicy on FOX but who knows.

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Do “Trump’s looney supporters” even watch PBS?

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The more the merrier — PBS, C-Span, MSNBC, CNN, and NYT steaming.


What is C-Span going to do?

Koch Bros are the biggest funder of PBS.
GOP does not want their base to have access to real news, and they just might want to watch the impeachment hearings, in which case GOP cannot control the narrative.
They deliberately tell their base all news is fake and evil but FOX and their conservative networks, deliberately to control the message.
No way Koch is going to allow PBS to broadcast hearings that can’t be twisted to some ‘witch hunt against an innocent, courageous leader’… as they have their most ignorant believing.

This definitely should be shown by PBS & all the news networks, frankly. It is Public Broadcasting Service’s public duty as “public TV”.

I also think PBS should put on a special series, included in its News Hour, in which it seriously discusses both the authoritarianism & seemingly treasonous acts by the Trump administration, making a direct comparison with Hitler & Nazi Germany.

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To dream dancer, Wow! Well said; and in a truthful accurate manner. As a Vietnam veteran, faced with the draft or joining, I joined the AF and became a C-141 pilot. I have also watched Ken Burns documentaries. It was the bullshit he put together about that murderous destruction of the Vietnamese people, and many others in Southeast Asia, that totally changed my mind about this man and the accuracy (inaccuracy is a better word) of his portrayals. The man is not a historian; rather, he is just another Hollywood propagandist working for the money. Sorry to go off on that rant! Again, thanks for your well needed words.


Oh yes. PBS is not anywhere near what it pretends to be. Like Burns, just another propaganda tool for the plutocratic elite that run our country.


PBS is Public Broadcasting Service, BUT since they won’t stand up for the PUBLIC, then I guess that they are now GBS, which of course stands for GOVERNMENT BULL SHIT, which we have a lot of already. : (


AT&T does not carry PBS World. A huge number of Americans cannot access it.
" Moyers responded: “Our friends at PBS are saying they will not carry the hearings in prime time — period. Instead, they will throw them in the river and viewers can dive for it, because that’s what WORLD is, a place where important programs are sent to die."
That is the truth. A few years ago I had Charter Cable which did carry PBS World. I watched it a lot and enjoyed it.
For a major communications company not carry a free public network is inexcusable, but AT&T is a huge corporation and probably didn’t appreciate much of the content the network carried.

Well, maybe not required on Playboy, ESPN and the Tennis Channel, but certainly on all of the major news channels like ABC, CBS, CNN, (MS)NBC and Fox “News”.  IIRC, the airwaves are considered Public – sort of like “our” National Forests – and licenses are dependent upon the broadcasters per­forming PUBLIC SERVICE.  If saving what little is left of the shell of “our” democracy is not a Public Service, what is???

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Who watches PBS, great shows by the Rockefellers and Koch Bros? No disrespect to Bill he is great journalist and commentator.

they have been much to busy robbing their customers

Disney co-owns Hulu with 21st Century Fox, AT&T and Comcast, which owns NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News .