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A Message to Progressives: Adam Schiff Is Not Your Friend

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/31/message-progressives-adam-schiff-not-your-friend


Character assassination is one of the few dodges the republicans have to use to discredit the impeachment. The kind of stuff the Fox Noise crowd eats up wholeheartedly.

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Can’t think of anyone in teh current Dem Leadership who is…

MY “friends” in the Party are being kept out of leadership.


Democratic Leadership wins the Oxymoron of the Day Award.


I wonder about this web site sometimes. Probably we should worry about this AFTER the impeachment. Trump and his minions are the greatest threat of our lifetime.

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Progressives are not welcome in the Democratic Party, but tolerated only if necessary. Been that way for decades.


schiff is not a bright bulb.
Mueller handed him the evidence and schiff himself probably did not even read through the details.

Yes, all the dems needed was provided by Mueller and the dems muffed it up.

Ukraine phone call??
We should know by next Valentines day.
If Trump impeached by house and not convicted by 67% of senators, look out !!

Besides, they should have caused Pence to resign and be replaced by Romney or Kasich before throwing Trump out of DC.

this post typifies the weakness of the resistance to Trump, attacking his leading opponent who is also being nastily vilified as Shifty Schiff needlessly divides Democrats when we need to try to stay together. Yes, some of his foreign views are disagreeable, but I’m told he is a reliable vote for labor, environment, civil rights, reproductive freedom, voting rights… which apparently counts for nothing at CD that likes to post attacks on Democrats

This article, calling out the true nature of conservative Democrat, Adam Schiff, needed to be written, especially if Schiff is going to be running for Dianne Feinstein’s senate seat. Thank you, Norman Solomon.


I tend to disagree with you Wiz. I think Norman is on to something. Schiff knows his Constitution and the House rules but he plays the game well or why would he be Chair of the Intel Committee? He has an air of stoicism about him that makes him look tough and with spooks that’s what you need. Nadler would have been a push over. Schiff’s record isn’t that great but he will get us where we need to go. But our friend? I did write him and someone spent quite a bit of time on my site. He’s handy where he is but someone to watch, just like all of them. Tools, vehicles to be used :-)))


Allies needn’t be aligned with everything we want and they need not be kept forever.
Support him where trump is concerned and then if that is successful , begin to point out his faults .
There is an “ All or nothing “ mentality that permeates these threads and in many cases it needs to be that way, but this is not one of those cases.
Progressives going it alone will fail in the removal of Trump .
It WILL be the Dems supported by the progressives and others that will do it.
When trump is gone , then it’s back to the business of going after the corporate dems .

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No politicians, not even Sanders are our ‘friends’. Or at least we should never ever assume they are. Pols are in it for power - all of them.

Some, like Sanders, really have good ideas and would and do try to work for positive changes for the populace whenever possible but even they are really in it for their vision of themselves as heroes and saviors.

If we throw everyone out or even just tear down and smear everyone that’s not perfectly aligned with every idea we support we will end up nowhere.

That said we have to be fully aware of who we support or elect - like this article gives us valuable info on Schiff. Knowledge is power in these cases.

It’s too early , yawn, in the am for me to go article hunting but I have read several pieces fairly recently about the psychology of people who run for ( and then gain) office. They all conclude they are not truly in it for’ the people’ but for their vision of themselves when all is said and done. As long as we are mindful of that we will make better decisions as to who to support, when and why…

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Norm, you’re kill’in me!
Chomsky and McGovern made it clear that going after
Trump would only awaken his base to vote; impeachment, as they
see it is just another attack on their idol. The Democratic Party
leadership, under Bernie the back-stabber- in -chief (thanks to Assange/
WikiLeaks and the Clinton emails), now takes the role of the self-
righteous grand inquisitor (Dostoyevsky would roll over in his grave).
Schiff, as you are being entangled in the spider-web lie, will become the great white
hope, and leader of the loyal opposition if Trump wins. And if progressive voters
believe impeaching this piece of rotten fruit is worth voting for, a non-Bernie
candidate, then you have contributed to his loss–and ours.

Yep, you’re right, who cares about the Constitution, who cares about the country, who cares about the Republic, it’s personality that matters.

That’s why I usually put ‘leadership’ in quotes. Missed it this time

You are not the only one.  Some of the authors don’t even use spell checkers, much less proper grammar.  Unclear writing makes me wonder about unclear thinking . . .

Ah-yup — first things first.  We can deal with Clinton, Kavanaugh, McConnell, P’Loser and their ilk AFTER the emergency cleanup of the Executive Branch has been completed.

Well said. Progressives like Bernie, are used as a necessary shill for the fake opposition Party to fool so many well meaning albeit naive dems.

No one has to put any effort into dividing the d-party, barry. The fact that your big tent holds Manchin, Gottheimer, and Schiff while paying lip service to the voices of the Squad tells the story of why your party is best described as incoherent. I know you’re a “blue-no-matter-who” kinda guy, but others here have tougher standards – and being against brutal US military adventurism is prominent among them.


The author of the piece left out the most damning information about the Congressman: the reason that he supports all these military solutions is that a large part of his campaign contributions come from the MIC located in his state. He’s the Congressman from Northrup Grumman. He’s working for the defense industry, not the people of his district.