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A Message to Senate Democrats: Tribal Lands Are Not Carbon Dumping Grounds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/03/message-senate-democrats-tribal-lands-are-not-carbon-dumping-grounds


Great article asserting that
the Dems are stilling sh-ting on First
Peoples. It is a way of life for
the Neo liberal establishment.


Yes Capitalism must be replaced. The First Nations people knew this when they first saw it in action on the arrival of those first European Colonists. They have been warning about it since that time.


Twenty first century consequences of fifteenth century power structures that have been fomenting genocide from the very first.

The Dark Side of Green 2012

A link to the IEN NO REDD site for an in depth look at REDD + Indigenous Peoples= Genocide

It amazes me that a word “capitalism” has the power to knot up religious fervor, a stunning history of mendacious manipulation and to, with the backing of things like privatized prisons and militarized “police” to the point that it is nothing but empty rhetoric/propaganda for socialism for the “ruling class” effete. A system that relishes designing usurpation to look like “advancements; technology”, MAGA madness with not a hair in the realm of reality.

What do you do when the entire society is forced to sway with the unhinged? Study local dynamics and dependencies, scope out regional balances ON THE GROUND because that is the one place where you can actually SEE the abyss these twits are flapping toward.


Carbon pricing. Carbon offsets. Especially at the corporate and national levels, these schemes are nothing more than a chance for polluters to shirk their own responsibilities and just keep polluting.


Buy the sky and sell the sky

And bleed the sky and tell the sky

Don’t fall on me

– Fall on Me, R.E.M.

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Remember , Andrew Jackson is Trump’s favorite President. Jackson made all his relatives rich with the spoils of the presidency…yes, what did he promise the Native people—oh yes that he would be a fair friend to them—…" as long as grass grows and rivers run."


And did he break that promise? You bet your bippy he did!

And the more T-Rump hears how it is hurting indigenous the more he will up the ante.


Listen acutely to these people! They know a helluva lot more than the DNC and the average politician.


Carbon pricing can be good or bad, depending on how it’s designed, but I agree that it’s not a complete solution and I would reject any carbon pricing legislation that limits other efforts.

The author implies all carbon pricing “is designed in such a way that targets can be reached without actual emissions taking place.” This is true for most cap-and-trade programs, but I don’t see how the statement applies to a fee-and-dividend program such as HR 763 where the targets are actual carbon emission reductions.

I would support a fee-and-dividend program charged at the source, making it more expensive to pollute and using the funds for climate justice. I also support most of the author’s recommendations, including the termination of fossil fuel subsidies.

The language in the Democrats’ climate report is: “Develop and pass equitable legislation related to carbon pricing or cap-and-trade. Such legislation should include a specific set-aside of revenues for Native communities, among other considerations.” The inclusion of cap-and-trade is unfortunate, but I support equitable carbon pricing.

My Native American spouse says much the same: " WHY DO THEY CALL IT PROGRESS?"

" But how can you buy or sell the sky? If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy or sell them?"
1857 response by Chief Seattle to an inquiry from the U.S. government about purchasing his tribal lands. Which later they stole with bogus treaties.


Too bad they didn’t listen to the indigenous Native Americans a long time ago instead of calling the rightful owners of America " SAVAGES" which in today’s narrative they would be called terrorists…