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A Message to the Bosses: Share the Profits!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/15/message-bosses-share-profits

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I was fortunate to find a position with a “Fortune 500” company that offered not only a retirement package but, “Profit Sharing” as well.

Being only my second job out of college the profit sharing portion amounted to anywhere between 5% and 15% of my yearly salary, voted on by the Board of Directors at close of business each year.

Depending on the overall profitability of the company each year, over the course of my 30 years with them, this amounted to a sizable figure.

With corporate profits soaring in this country, the only reason this practice isn’t more widespread, is greed.

Another benefit from having this accumulating amount was that the company allowed you to use a portion of the funds as time went on.


Sharing? Why, that’s socialism!!
Only when the employees are the employers, without the top-down power-over structure, will there be sharing of the fruits of work. As it is, profit-sharing would cut down on the bonuses paid only to the Big Dogs.


Bosses DO “share the profits” with shareholders and when they fund right wing politicians’ campaigns !


Good point. In my comment above I forgot to mention that the company I worked for was also “employee owned” with the employees being offered stock purchases as well.


A message from the Bosses: Make us!

How ironic that the cover photo for this op-ed is a man obsessed with getting off the planet and colonizing space, where there’s more stuff to sell and consume. A man with more money than most humans can comprehend, who still treats his workers like machines so he can make more.


I predict this appeal to fairness and reason will not work.


To the Capitalist Share is nothing more then the percentage of a Company that you owe. Sharing to them means the greater your investment the more profits you glean. Sharing means those with the most wealth get the most in the way of profits.

In Capitalist speak sharing as nothing to do with spreading the wealth and everything to do with Concentrating the wealth. As far as a guy like Bezos is concerned, is his wealth increases in a year more then the combined wealth of 200 million workers increased then he is “sharing”.

What people like Reich have to understand is that the issue is Capitalism. Tweaking it is not a solution.


Oh yes, they are salivating over the Asteroid 16 Psyche. This is an asteroid estimated to contain 10,000 quadrillion in mineral wealth. It is estimated this could make every human on Earth a billionaire several times over.

This demonstrates how measured wealth a crock and how it in the best interests of The Capitalists to preserve the current system.

Firstly if everyone on Earth were a billionaire several times over no one would want to work for the Investor class. Secondly were this asteroid to be exploited for its mineral wealth the price of the metals it contains would plummet on “the free market”. In order to maximize personal wealth and garner the greatest return on investment by mining this asteroid the 1 percent need to do several things.

They must ensure the masses of people remain in poverty.
They must ensure only a select few get to “Own” a piece of that rock via Private property rights laws.
They must ensure “artificial scarcity” limiting the amount of mineral wealth taken from that rock so as to not crash commodity prices.

Obviously this shows there is no “free market” and it also shows that the concept of “wealth and poverty” is exclusively a human creation and by design. It shows that the claims that Countries do not have enough money to pay for things like health care or to ensure the people do not go hungry is an absolute crock. It shows that the system called Capitalism , by design , is intended not to create wealth but to concentrate it into the hands of a few at the expense of the many.


And I predict you’re right!

Ah yes, the best and the brightest. (I don’t think so.) This one didn’t have the sense NOT to text his mistress a photo of his “member.” which she immediately showed all her girlfriends and brother and ended up with the National Enquirer. (Now the mistress’ brother is suing Bozos for defamation of character for accusing him of leaking Bozos nude photos to the press.)
Altruism, especially for the needy, is not the elites strong suit. (the wealthy, when they give, give to their churches, alma mater, symphony, the arts, etc; the needy who?)

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This is what happens when the oligarchs and corporations by the US government and eliminate all of the rules and regulations meant to hold greed in check.


Dear Jeff Bezos:

There is a wonderful oId back and white movie you should see, It might make you reflect on your Life. It’s caIIed CITIZEN KANE---- maybe the ending wiII make you reflect on what is reaIIy important. Sometimes, it can seemingly be what seems to be so unimportant----Iike a sIide—This would be a good movie for you to watch----and reflect about—what is happiness --anyway?

A Message to the Bosses: Share the Profits!

A message to God: Answer my prayers!