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A Message to the Left About Kamala Harris—And Us

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/12/message-left-about-kamala-harris-and-us


Biden/Harris is going to suck royally for the next 4 years. The only color they care about is green.

Will hold my nose and vote for them to get rid of the orange madman. After that, will work to eradicate all of the dino’s and repubs.

I hope there will be a viable 3rd party option by 2024.


Under what form of pressure from the left are the poiicies of a Biden/Harris administration going to be shaped? Especially since if there is a Biden/Harris Administration it will have been funded by big corporate campaign donors and the left will have already handed our only leverage – our votes – to Biden/Harris? Help me out here, Mr. Eskow.


~ Don’t bogart that hopium pipe, my friend ~
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Sorry, Mr. Eskow, but your argument is detached from reality. The sad truth is that neither ticket deserves a vote from anyone remotely sane. A second term for Trump/Pence promises to be a nightmare, no doubt, but so does a first term for Biden/Harris.

The Clinton and Obama presidencies demonstrate beyond any doubt that the far-right’s corporatist, warmongering agenda flourishes when a neoliberal, neoconservative Democrat is in the White House – whereas that neo-fascist agenda tends to stall or crash and burn when a Republican is in the White House.

Most progressives are familiar with President Clinton’s genocide of the Iraqi people (slaughtering “well over a million” civilians, mostly babies, per Denis Halliday, the career development worker who oversaw the program at the U.N. until he and two colleagues resigned in disgust).

And everyone knows about Clinton’s enormous list of achievements for the far-right – monstrous policies that would’ve been impossible for any Republican president to implement (least of all Bush, Sr., or Bob Dole): The New Jim Crow (doubling the U.S. prison population); the deregulation of media ownership rules and Wall Street (ending Glass-Steagall and actually prohibiting the regulation of “financial WMDs,” aka derivatives); NAFTA; welfare “reform;” bombing nations with impunity; and so much more.

And under Obama, millions of immigrants were deported, thousands of children were caged, and the mainstream snoozed.

Wall Street’s multi-trillion dollar coup was Obama’s signature achievement, wiping out the post-Civil Rights Era economic gains of African-American households (and decimating the middle class while rewarding Wall Street’s systemic fraud).

The Third Rail was dismantled and entitlements slashed under Obama.

And he made Bush’s regressive tax cuts permanent – same for the PATRIOT Act and 2001 AUMF.

President Obama normalized torture, warrantless surveillance, domestic propaganda, and assassination of American citizens uncharged with any crimes, including children.

He used the Espionage Act more than twice as many times as all previous presidents combined against journalists and whistleblowers, putting a chill through all journalism. He tortured Chelsea Manning brutally.

Obama retired the First Amendment with his illegal, Trump-worthy crackdown on Occupy Wall Street and his brutalization of the Standing Rock Sioux.

He did more lasting harm to the biosphere than any president in recent memory, becoming the #1 president in U.S. history for domestic oil production while exporting fracking across the globe, rendering the Paris Climate Accords meaningless, opening the Arctic to drilling, and more.

He expanded two wars to seven and restarted the Cold War (ringing China and Russia with U.S. missiles, warships, and bases). His Operation Timber Sycamore – flooding Syria with a second Mujaheddin – instigated a civil war that killed half a million people, predominately Arab Muslim civilians killed by Washington’s Salafist militant proxies (the only faction whose use of chemical weapons is not disputed). Acceding to pressure from Sec. Clinton’s office, President Obama destroyed Libya resulting in a failed state with open-air slave markets (the greatest regret of his presidency).

And Obama supported/executed coup after coup after coup – in Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador, Ukraine, Syria, and beyond – all while the mainstream and center- (faux-) left slept.

And why did they sleep? Because, like Mr. Eskow, they apparently don’t notice when Democrats butcher millions of human beings – and that number falls dramatically under Trump, who legitimately hates the neocons (and the feeling is mutual). As grotesque as Trump’s military strikes in the Middle East have been (devastating Raqaa and Mosul, especially), he has killed scores of thousands, a tiny fraction of the number of civilians butchered by Clinton… and Obama.

R.J. Eskow and the far-right “centrists” don’t notice that Trump’s deportation rate lags behind Obama’s.

They don’t care that Trump passed the First Steps Act, which finally begins rolling back New Jim Crow mass-incarceration policies.

They soak up the comforting rhetoric of (neo-McCarthyite, primary-rigging, fascism-normalizing) Democrats, whose speech writers know how to fake environmentalism, concern for human rights, and racial sensitivity… even as those Democrats’ policies exceed those of their GOP counterparts when it comes to environmental devastation, the eradication of human rights (all laws), and taking the Southern Strategy, at home, and genocide, abroad, to new depths.

Because, R.J., it is just as easy to argue that Trump would be more malleable to public opinion (the egomaniac) – and that the left should have spent the last four years making common cause with his base, supporting his efforts to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria, ending two brutal wars, and his efforts to remove troops from Germany and South Korea, too.

But sheepherding pundits and Blue-No-Matter-Who voters don’t seem to care about little things like the modern holocaust that’s killed millions of Muslims under Trump’s three predecessors alone: ~http://invitation2artivism.com/minimizing-genocide/

To vote for either Biden/Harris or Trump/Pence, one has to allow fear to triumph over basic human decency. No rational, informed, sane person would vote for such evil.

But as FDR once cautioned us (one of only two half-way decent presidents in the last 100 years, JFK being the second): We have nothing to fear but fear itself.


RJ you are on the right track on this. FDR told the left to push him and they did. Without the People’s help, there would never have been The New Deal.


How many delegates did Harris receive during the primary? A: -0-. (she was so far behind she dropped out before any votes were cast) Read: Harris could not garner enough support to stay in the primary, but the DNC has now ensured she’s next in line for the presidency. What a sidestep.

Obama knew better, he picked a VP that would not outshine him. Biden picked one that can stay awake longer than he can. Remember, the VP doesn’t really do much, they’re the spare, and this time 'round we might actually need to get the jack out and put 'er on.

Frankly, my opinion: Harris is a slap in the face to those protesting in the streets and BLM. This is Clinton/Obama/Clinton all over again. And seriously, doesn’t Biden have something better to do in his golden years? Will the wife/trickster pull her stunt of hiding out in the overhead storage bin on Air Force 1, jumping out at other unsuspecting elites for laughs? Nary a care in the world. Oh, how the privileged in this country amuse themselves while the working class spends all day waiting in the hot sun in food lines. ttps://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/443726-prank-loving-jill-biden-once-stuffed-herself-in-an-overhead-bin


Yep, Mr. Eskow’s pep talk is notably short on solutions or practical advice for how to turn this latest sellout by the Democratic Party into responsible government for the masses. Instead, we got this:

If you stay committed, if you unite your movements into a broad alliance for social and economic change, change will come. You have that power.

What Mr. Eskow gives us, there, is a recipe for the status quo and nothing more. All those movements he’s listed in his article, the sum total of the respect all that people’s power got us is Biden/Harris. The duopoly excels at ignoring the will of the people. And the Dems are quite adept at praising the meaningful movements like those Mr. Eskow mentions in his piece and then pretending that they never happened. Easy peasy.

With due respect to the man, whose work I stay tuned to because I do respect it, there’s nothing in his pep talk that’s going to help the people wrest power from the duopoly. Nada.


Lots of the CD regular columnists mailing it in lately.
But this is the most important election of our lifetimes.


Tulsi Gabbard took Kambama out in a single debate moment.
Yet Kambama is being hailed as a formidable debater.
Kambama was running fourth during the primaries…with black voters.
Yet Kambama is being hailed as a joy for identity politics.

Born rich. Got richer. Hell naw.


Kamala could give the worst debate performance and the fake news would say that she won.


for folks a little discouraged by the left-wing extremists and Republican trolls who post here to undermine the Biden-Harris ticket and divide the opposition to the Trump regime, I suggest not taking it that seriously. Almost all progressives and certainly almost everyone who actually works in the fields of environment, reproductive rights, consumer protection, labor rights, civil rights… agree on the need to defeat Trump and they are grown up enough to know they can’t afford to wait until there is a perfect candidate. Dump Trump!


as lnog as your holding your nose every 4 years–and i’ve been around long enough to have seen this same dance since the Reagan era–there’s zero chance of a third party rising.

why this is so hard for people to get is difficult for me to fathom.


and still the mysterious “hold their feet to the fire!” mechanic that no living being has ever witnessed.

i’m certain we’ll be getting a quality picture of ol’ Sasquatch any day now…:)))

Vote herding has to be one of the most dishonorable activities an opinion leader can engage in. But I suppose that’s what happens when the job falls to the privileged, and not to the people who have to pay for these persistent delaying tactics with their lives.


damn, X1, it’s a shame I can only like this post once.



Sounds like a left-wing extremist to me. No, wait, could be a Republican troll. Then again, a Russian disinformationist doing his disinformationing for Trump thing would sound just like that. Damn! We’re in a tight spot!

Could be the Democratic Socialists of America. I sure wouldn’t put this kind of treachery past them, the ingrates. And then there are those Green Party folks, they’ve always been more than a bit suspect. Hell, it could even be Ralph Nader. Ol’ Ralph’s been the enemy of the righteous, always criticizing the Democratic Party on behalf of the Republicans, seems like forever. And I wouldn’t put this kind of inflammatory comment past that trouble maker Chris Hedges. There’s that Krystal Ball, too. She’s had it in for the Dems since their official public mouthpiece MSNBC ran her off.

Yes, it’s all so confusing for all the progressive sheep out there but whatever you do, you don’t need to take it that seriously. The truth is not the big thing it’s hyped up to be. And don’t you worry, Joe and Kamala will be taking care of your Social Security and your Medicare and your Medicaid just as soon as you bend over once again. You remember how to do that, I’m sure. Do it for the cause.


Here all of you go again on your high horses. There was never a chance for Bernie and you knew it. There was a chance for Warren but Biden decided against that. If you hate America then go right ahead and vote for the Green party or stay home either of which is the same as not casting a vote. Whatever you need to make yourself feel like you are making the right decision and your precious principles remain intact. If Trump is re-elected, there will be no more democracy in America. If that is what you want then are not a progressive. If you want anything progressive, it will never happen with Trump so your only other choice in our 2 party system in Biden.


So let’s review:

Staying home is the same as not casting a vote.
If Trump is re-elected, democracy (the process that got Trump re-elected) is dead.

I suppose you’ll be telling us next that a vote for a third party is a vote for Trump, but not a vote for Biden.
By which you imply that I can cast two votes! Awesome.


A democracy can and should have multiple parties (more than two). Voting for third party hardly makes you a hater of America.


Third parties have a much better chance of success in states that use ranked choice voting, and the best way to demonstrate that to the voters is to elect a third party candidate in an RCV state.

We can do that right now by supporting Independent/Green candidate Lisa Savage who is running for the Senate seat now occupied by Republican Susan Collins in Maine.

Lisa needs at least 150,000 first round votes to win, and the campaign could reach those voters for less than a dollar each. (These are my estimates and not from the campaign.) The campaign needs small donations. You can send a few dollars through the campaign website: ~www.LisaforMaine.org