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A Mile in Their Shoes: In Praise of Afghans Walking for Peace


A Mile in Their Shoes: In Praise of Afghans Walking for Peace

Kathy Kelly

This past Friday in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province, Hazara girls joined young Pashto boys to sing Afghanistan’s national anthem as a welcome to Pashto men walking 400 miles from Helmand to Kabul. The walkers are calling on warring parties in Afghanistan to end the war. Most of the men making the journey are wearing sandals. At rest stops, they must tend to their torn and blistered feet. But their mission grows stronger as they walk.


Kathy, I treasure you for reminding me of this land and its people who only make the “news” cycle when politically useful. Their lives are not political. They are real and steeped in circumstances well beyond their control. You are a Real Journalist for keeping my eyes on this matter. Thank you for all of your dedicated work.


Not only is she a better journalist than 90 percent of those calling themselves that , she is a TRUE and geniune voice for peace and justice and not one using that as cover to advance a personal agenda because it “serves US Interests”. Ms Kelly wants whats best for the peoples of Afghanistan.


Dear Kathy Kelly—Thank you

In Ghazni, TRUTH walks
Blistered feet and hungry hearts
PEACE is the answer.