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A Million Extinctions Eclipsed by One Royal Grandbaby

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/31/million-extinctions-eclipsed-one-royal-grandbaby

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Thanks Janine. If it wasn’t the baby, it would have been something much worse that they would have used to deflect attention. In this case, these corporate ghouls were forced to at least pretend to celebrate life when everything else they do glorifies death.


Royalty will not protect this royal child from ecological collapse.


Denial is used to continue the illusion.
Acceptance is for those that choose responsibility.
Humans are a primitive race in many ways ,the toddlers of the universe if you will. We think we have it all figured out such is our arrogance. The sign of a primitive species is not implementing its highest understandings .What good are those understandings if they are not implemented.

Time to Awaken The Species.

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With a press controlled by fossil fuel interests, that’s to be expected!

Maybe not. But they will be some of the last to suffer from it.

What needs extinction is the idea that there are any “royals”


You could call it “infantile”

But that would be far too kind, wouldn’t it?

So sorry royal baby Archie: it’s not your fault----but the lack of sanity from the media…
Well, sorry, baby Archie, but you’ll be royally screwed just like the rest of us. : (

Yes or the idea that we are all Royal ,every single one of us.
imagine what would happen if we treated each other like we were all divine.

You have just been told the truth…


The US in particular and humanity in general.

They all suck - the Clintons, the Bushes, Obama, and the likes of the corporatist, despicable, narcissist Trump - the waning nation that feeds off of its clueless, money worshiping US overlords and those who persist in supporting them. There are very few years of increasing global warming left before homo sapiens and almost all other of Earth’s species are gone, and Dogulas Adam’s dolphins have left the planet. That’s if nuclear war doesn’t get us/it first.

AHahahahahaha what a profound example of the incredible stupidity of our species. We can’t even get past the ignorant imposed-by-the-sword beliefs of there being some mystical ‘royal bloodline’ invented by the gods (insert the name of whichever one here). Focus on the far more important reality? Naw. What’s on tv?

AHahahaha what a bunch of bozos we are, eh? A million and one extinctions including our dumb asses.