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'A Misbegotten, Warped Freedom Obsession Is Killing Us': Video of Trumpian Anti-Mask Jerks Goes Viral

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/22/misbegotten-warped-freedom-obsession-killing-us-video-trumpian-anti-mask-jerks-goes


“Freedom is wasted on people who think coughing on people is freedom,” Giridharadas said

Yet the American version of Freedom was always like this. When they declared their independence it was because they wanted the freedom to keep owning slaves and the freedom to steal lands from the First Nations peoples of the Americas and the freedom to shoot them on site. In Places like North Dakota a law was signed that if “6 or more Indians are seen riding horseback a person had the right to shoot them”. The ex cop and son that hunted that black man down and murdered him claimed they were exercising their own "freedom of self defence’. Stand your ground is deemed a “freedom”. Being able to pollute the natural world with toxins and chemicals is a “freedom”. Killing peoples in foreign lands in orgies of mass violence are incidents claimed to be in the defense of “freedom”.

The word is used by far too many to justify the OPPRESSION of others. The word means nothing anymore. George Orwell with his “Freedom is slavery” quote was not speaking a fiction in his work 1984. He was pointed out what had happened and what was going to happen with what he deemed “doublethink”


Wow, just wow. After viewing the imbedded vid, I have even greater respect for these poor workers, their self control is incredible when faced with these sub-human morons. I’ve never touched a woman in anger in my life, but the one trying to spit on people in the store, I’d have knocked her out. Perhaps it’s time to start issuing these “essential” workers tasers. It’s only going to get worse thanks to congress, but enough is enough with these MAGA idiots.


Dunning-Kruger 2020!


Look let’s stop pussyfooting around. These are the fascist shock troops who will back Trump up when he refuses to recognize the election results, or if he “wins” will form the core of the death squads that will try to suppress resistance.


Video of dump with the mask issue:


Not just in the US. A very sad tale from UK:



Good god. I would not have the personal restraint to avoid assault and/or manslaughter charges if confronted by the likes of these sub-humans.

I guess one could “egg them on” to throw the first punch, giving one a plausible self-defense argument.


Spot on!

But unfortunately, having lived all my live under such a sick concept of “freedom” (this concept of “freedom” stalks most of Latin America save for, maybe, Costa Rica too), a “freedom” that democratically elects thugs like Trump, Bolsonaro, Duterte, Orban, Putin, the Polish Law and Justice Party, I am coming down with an unshakable feeling that “freedom” is grossly overrated.

The operative word here is not “freedom”, it is “power” and who has it and who doesn’t.


I rarely go out to public places unless I need something. I went to Lowes yesterday and a man with a U.S. Army teeshirt and camo hat and no face mask kept looking at me like I was crazy to wear a mask. He got a little close and I stepped toward him like I had the virus and pretended like I was lifting the mask. He backed up. Most of these losers are chicken shits. They just want to act tough like their hero, Mr. Bone Spurs. I know. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but these jerks are really starting to piss me off.


My wife and I just got home from our quarterly trip to Costco. On our way out the employee cleaning carts and handing them out to people stopped a woman who had her mask on below her nose and told her to “put the mask on properly or you’ll have to leave”
Good for him. I’ve been a Costco shopper for years now. It will continue.


It’s a very negative definition of the word “power” that currently has ascendancy: power as domination, rather than power in mutual cooperation and compassion.


My daughter works at a grocery store. If an adult does this to her…they will be at war with me. And many of us liberals are armed as well.


Exactly, but if power was in the hands of us working class masses through worker’s councils, unions, and other libertarian-socialist and anarchist modes of deeply democratic organization, it would be far more equitably distributed because there are far more of us, and very few of us possess wealth to the extent that it confers power over others.


When these republican mask-refusers are standing in a store claiming their “free right” to enter the store without a mask, the store representative should simply ask them" Do you believe in “private property rights”? Surely most of them, being Republicans, love “private property rights” and so they will say “Yes”! Then, the store rep. should tell them that they are on the Costco Corporation’s private property - and that if they don’t put on a mask, they are trespassing and the police will be called.

There is no law that right wingers lovers of “freedom” love more than the rather draconian US laws of “criminal trespass” - a law that does not even exist in most of the rest of the world, where trespassing is strictly a civil/tort claim.


I find the “freedom obsession” frame cast over these incidents limiting – like blinders on a horse: somebody telling me “Here’s how to think about this.”

There are other ways to look at it. To me it looks like endemic alienation: a whole lot of folks who feel no connection at all with fellow human beings, only rivalry. A tragic loss for those condemned to live lives cut off. A hazard to others when the full moon rises, and they become crazed lone wolves.


The bill of rights was demanded by southern states before they would sign the constitution, they wanted assurances the government would not trample their freedom to make their own laws, own buy and trade slaves, and generally do anything amoral they chose without the government telling them otherwise. It was promised, but up the road, not immediately. When he actual bill of rights was drafted it was a major disappointment to the southern colonies/states.


I think coughing and spitting on people is provoking enough to hit them.


So refusing service to gay people is A-OK, but refusing service to someone without a face covering is tyranny?


Well said Suspira! Freedom: to bring them-----(fill in the country) freedom and democracy; freedom has been used as Amerikan, propaganda, canard for illegal wars and oppression as the fascist, greedy, war profiteering, oligarchical narrative for far too long! Orwell was prescient to say the least in 1984. I wonder if the people that read Orwell’s perspicacious book in 1984 in 1948 thought it was fiction!