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'A Misbegotten, Warped Freedom Obsession Is Killing Us': Video of Trumpian Anti-Mask Jerks Goes Viral

Actual liberation, like every other part of constructing ourselves (mainly from scratch, as it sometimes seems) is never finished – like real enlightenment. A worthwhile, ever-elusive phantasm, perhaps.

One of my gurus is Karl Popper, who challenges Freud (and Marx as well) for binding the world to
pseudosciences which tangle up true and false inextricably. According to Popper, if the doctrine contains no falsifiable propositions, then it can’t be called a real science. Psychoanalysis and Economics (all of it, so far as I can tell) are examples of semi-religious doctrines or pseudosciences, because there’s no trace of a testable hypothesis anywhere in the building.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with doctrine. What irritates Popper (and me) is the scientific pretense.

Hi Phred_Pharkel:
LOL, but Phred, you had an idea—so go with it! : )

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My mask is much more effective at protecting my neighbor from my droplets–it’s right up against my mouth and nose–than it is at protecting me from whatever comes out of his unmasked nose and mouth, which can travel upwards of eight feet.

So your notion that “a free country” means we all can do what we want also means he’s free to kill me if I go out for some bread.


It’s not just ‘freedom’ that comes with responsibilities, it is all rights. The city of Montreal, QC, CA has a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities that mirrors our Canadian Bill of Rights. Just because the words ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’ are therein described, so many Bills of Right globally don’t stress the Responsibilities part of them. They can be either delineated or inferred, but I believe they should be weighted equally in written words within the texts to avoid mistaken interpretation that lead to the distortion of Bills of Rights.

I am 67 and have COPD and do a lot of woodworking, staining, painting, etc., so I bought a bunch of N95 masks at Home Depot back in October. Unknowingly at the time, it was the best thing I ever did. Now I can go out and not worry too much, though I limit my trips to only those necessary. Unfortunately, I see many, many seniors here in Arizona with health problems shopping with no protection. I can’t understand such irresponsibility, risking the lives of themselves and all those around them.


Maybe next time all medical personnel will be equipped with hazmat suits.

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My neighbors must love me. They have fences on all three sides of my city lot.

I must be missing something.

WhyTF did Author Anand Giridharadas call this an “end-of-empire” video??

Maybe I’m really NOT missing something, regarding Anand’s stupid comment about “end of empire” — for the simple reason that nobody else ever connected Anand’s oxymoronic description of this being an “end of empire” —since nobody else has even mentioned Empire — which suggests that Anand’s seemingly insane connection between any “end of empire” analogy means anything that anyone can understand.

I’d love to understand from Anand himself, WTF, he means by calling this video an example of “end of empire” or WhyTF he thinks it has anything to do with the existential cancerous danger of this not yet recognized Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE.

Explain thee self, Anand!

I can only speculate but historically when an Empire reaches its highest level of corruption there usually c collapse in civil behaviour of its Citizens. This then helps accelerate the collapse.

The video show examples of the collapse of civil behaviour.


Romi, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve contracted the disease. I hope that you don’t go thru a bad case, that it doesn’t last long, and that you come thru ok. I wish you could keep us posted, but I dunno how to do that.
I have family in another state who caught it; they had a long siege but were able to stay home. I just found out today that the last one finally re-tested negative today. Good luck!

I too hope they get what they deserve. But I am also waiting for the drumpf to drop dead from this damn virus. Then 90% of these cowards will slink back into the hole from whence they came. We can deal easily enough with the remaining loud mouths.


I not only want them all to die, but I am considering the idea of a “preemptive strike”.


It’s about caring for your fellow human being. It’s called empathy. People who flaunt safety cautions are putting OTHER PEOPLE’S HEALTH AT RISK.


None of these fools have a clue about what constitutes freedom! They are all operating out of their own egomania and delusional willful ignorance. My distaste of today’s republicanism is that it has defined for the willfully ignorant and un-educated among us freedom in terms of the ability to make as much money as possible, to continue unmitigated growth at all of our peril as this planet becomes too wet, hot, or dry depending on where we are to support the agriculture needed to feed close to 8 billion of us now. This is sheer avaricious greed and stupidity.


These losers can only imagine in their dreams how blacks and other minorities have suffered for decades…

I remember reading a report back when the shrub had been appointed to the presidensity by the supreme court when it was becoming fairly obvious that he probably wouldn’t be elected. When the wars began, someone (I think it was some general) said in a meeting, “We’ll bring peace and freedom to those countries if we have to kill every last one of them to do it!” And they’ve certainly tried, over and over again. Now with the pandemic as a weapon, they are working to rid the USA Fourth Reich of those same people who cut into the profits of the Oilagarchy here. The elderly, the sick, and the youth. The money saved then can go into the vaults of the Oligarchy.
** Heil phhht!
** ;-})

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Seems like it could be considered attempted murder.

Here in Kendrick Idaho the local bar is doing a roaring business catering to the Stupids in violation of a state order to be closed. Of course it is plastered with all the signs and accouterments of the freedom spiel. Our governor needs to grow some and enforce the law; and arrest the owners and everyone there.

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Absolutely true, in my opinion. Maybe not true but when it comes to Cui Bono? It seems more like planned demic than a pandemic!

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Most people wouldn’t know freedom if it bit them on the ass. Meanwhile the richies are sitting back watching us killing ourselves off.

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