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'A Misbegotten, Warped Freedom Obsession Is Killing Us': Video of Trumpian Anti-Mask Jerks Goes Viral

I would consider that reckless endangerment and have them serving some jail time for it. If it results in the recipient getting coronavirus then it becomes manslaughter.


Trump Says He Will Not “Close the Country” If Second Wave of Virus Hits



The Trumpanzees will lap it up. But if his poll numbers sink too low he will certainly close the sucker down to cancel the election.


Is it terrible for me to want all of these fascist-leaning, unruly, Trumpian dicks to die? I really wish they would learn their lesson the hard way and die. Sorry folks, but I’m done “playing nice in the sandbox” when it comes to these thugs. Die quickly!


Over the last few weeks the whole country has gone down the rabbit hole!
How exactly is a Virus, a Disease, that cares not if you are liberal/conservative, right/left,
dem/repub, somehow become an issue between these 2 sides?

Has the level of Absolute STUPID gone so far that people think that COVID gives a damn
if you are on one side or the other? It just wants to Kill You! That’s it’s only mission!

Wear a mask, or don’t, stay @ home, or reopen, be a “Gay, Lib-Tard, Cuck”, or “Hardy, Merkun,
Believer”… I doesn’t Fucking Matter! The virus will find you, and Kill you, if you are in bad enough
shape to allow it to do so!

I say let Darwin sort it all out! Natural Selection is a wonderful thing! If you are afraid of death, then stay @ home, take all the precautions, wait it out, be careful! If you think you MUST have your freedom, need to get out, can’t deal with science, it’s all BS… Then go forth and be free!

It’s time to stop this silly Us vs.Them crap! It’s a free country. If people want to kill themselves, let them! It’s not my job to look out for idiots! Obviously it can’t be done anyway, so stop giving them a platform!

I’m sick of this 24x7 BS over masks, openings, etc… Look out for yourself, do what keeps YOU safe, same as I am, and if IDIOTS want to walk off a cliff, that’s up to them! Honestly, the less of them there are at the end of this, the happier I am!

Maybe we need a stupid purge? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink! They have the facts, it’s their choice. Give it up already!


Trumpian idea of “freedom-to-be-spiteful”:

Trump’s Food Aid Program Gives Little Funding to the Northeast, Where Coronavirus Hit Hardest

New York and New England have the most COVID-19 cases but received the second-lowest funding of any region. Maine can’t get any shipments because none of the selected contractors serve the state.



"Many are armed "SO ARE THEY !!!

Durkheim’s anomie made lifelike.

He predicted a certain amount of this clueless rampaging if workers ever got cut off from the font of production that industrialization would replace their belief systems with.

like assembly line robots without work to do, developing an almost homicidal urge to destroy that which was withdrawn.

I like how you see this. It’s far more pathetic than it is angering.


Essential service workers should not have to be subjected to verbal and physical abuse, there needs to be trained people (security) to deal with people that use shopping as an opportunity to engage in antisocial behavior. Not to mention, if you have a lethal disease and spit on someone you can be arrested.

They should post at the entrance what the protocol for entering the store or business is, and provide a mask if needed as a courtesy.


The level of stupid question was definitively answered when even 5% of Americans came out to vote for Trump. But instead is something closer to 50% of the voters. Yes this population is literally and overtly STUPID!!!


HOlee crap, what utter monsters. We must have some legal backup for these morons. Beyond appalling, getting more pepper spray. wow, just wow.


Well, in my hood doing either spitting or coughing with purpose to anyone is ASSAULT.


Bravo! Well said.

Sometimes karma does kick in :

A Rhyme for the Misbegotten

“YOU can’t tell me what to do!”
said HIM, and HER and THEY!
ALL refused to wear a mask–
COVID took them anyway! : )


If one throws in a little psychology (the pop type), maybe they’re pissed off because they are not deemed “essential?” That’s got to hurt knowing that they simply haven’t got the right stuff to be essential when they just want to show how tots bril they are just like their Dear Leader.


I was thinking that earlier today when Trump was sucking up to bikers at the White House.

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Is that yours?

Hi Phred_Pharkel:

Yes, Phred_Pharkel—i am a rhymer, and I give it to you and whoever else in the world wants to use it for free and forever! : )!


There are people who feel “entitled” because they live in America and pay taxes. The casino is a fine example. Instead of feeling free to breath unpolluted air, we have the smokers. The smokers think freedom means smoke where ever the hell you want.
All polluters similarly feel entitled. As long as we have people in America that have this sick, selfish, sense of free will, nobody is truly free.

Didn’t anyone ever tell these people it is morally wrong to falsely shout “Fire” in a crowded theater? Pretending you are free enough to infect others with a virus is the same thing. In this case they are falsely shouting, “There is no virus.”


“No shirt, no shoes, no service.” I assume COVIDiots will also be entering restaurants topless and shoeless. Next will be their freedom to drive through intersections without stopping for red lights.