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'A Misbegotten, Warped Freedom Obsession Is Killing Us': Video of Trumpian Anti-Mask Jerks Goes Viral

Sounds like everyone here has an educated view of the lack of consideration of others.
I quit those cancer sticks 35 years ago, but when I did smoke I was always aware, and considerate of other peoples space.

Free at last, free at last??

No, he will not close the country. The VIRUS will.

I just got the lab results a couple of days ago: I tested positive for covid-19. Maybe next time I’m out in public and one of these Trumpanzees starts their rant, I’ll just pull down my mask and spit on THEM.


I would argue that the very real sense of alienation that is so prevalent in our society–not just in these “misbegotten” folks–makes for the misinterpretation of the idea of freedom.


Having long suspected that the USA is home to some of the world’s most willfully stupid and selfish
people, watching this video has made me absolutely certain of it,


As a hunter and fisherman, I travel many rural roads, and am disgusted at the increasing amount of land that is posted NO TRESPASSING. I vacillate between that disgust and disgust at the sight of piles of garbage and trash left on people’s land by morons who are too cheap or lazy to take their refuse to the dump. Because of those losers, I don’t blame people for posting their land. I can tell you that up here in Maine, you can’t travel any backwoods road without seeing dumped couches, chairs, TV’s, appliances, etc. I live under the hope that good people of reason will prevail over the greedy and stupid, but I am having the sinking feeling that the idiots outnumber us and their numbers are growing while ours are diminishing. I come to this site to maintain my sanity and hope that there are still many logical and decent people. Without such self-sustaining options, I suspect I will become an unkempt hermit, living in isolation and mumbling to myself about what might have been but for the bulk of humanity.


I am sorry to hear of your having the virus. I hope you fully recover.


Hey, I’m open to any ideas

There are willfully stupid and selfish sociopaths in all countries. I’m afraid that this is one of the few countries that allows them to get away with it.


I would certainly agree. If anyone pauses for a moment (mindful thinking?) to consider it, the whole concept of a “freedom to spit in others’ eyes” is incredibly absurd. Why would anyone yearn for any such a freedom? Because they’re sick, profoundly disturbed (like a mass-shooter). That’s the issue.

Only I’m wary of the they in “they’re sick” – because there’s a lot of it going around, when the subject is feeling cut-off, or alienation. Or loneliness. I know from experience it’s utterly fruitless to reach out to some of these disturbed people. The damage has burned too deep, and there’s no way to connect – as one human being to another. I consider it a key step – really the turning point – in my ongoing personal liberation: When I finally, finally gave up on reaching some people who used to be close to me; on discovering the human being hidden away in there somewhere.


What I find most revealing here is how servile the “progressive” movement really is. Sure let’s lock down everyone forever as of course there’s no ulterior motives behind this lockdown (ie. a full spectrum Orwellian surveillance society) and keep sipping the fear Kool-Aid that the government and media fear machine are selling you. How does your brown shirt look in the mirror by the way?

Uh oh, I hope someone can help alleviate your “haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy,” or having a good time!

Starting? Seriously - ‘Starting’?!? Where have you been? May be that just now ‘starting’ means you have already, like so many other Americans, “allowed” too much, and now its too late - You might have noticed that they have been winning since before Reagan. But since you are just "starting’ to be pissed off, maybe not. Right?

It’s at whose expense that is the problem. We would all like to do whatever we please, all the time. Trump is a prime example.
We can object when someone else’s happiness causes grief to others.


Freedom is not the same as selfishness and entitlement. A lot of these protests were started with the best of intentions, the small business owners just wanted to be treated the same as big business same rights and responsibilities. Unfortunately like with most protests fringe groups attach themselves to the movement and that’s who the media focuses on, because sensationalism sells. These customers have been told for too long that they are always right but forget the other half of the business contract that management has the right to refuse service. Unfortunately manager’s hands are tied by Corporations who tend to side with the customers which rewards this awful behavior.

Don’t think we’ll have a problem there, if we continue to behave this way our neighbors will build walls to keep us out.

Ouch! Thanks for the insult. It was a figure of speech. Of course, like you, I have been mad at the incompetence and corruption in our government for the last 50 years. Idiots abound and now they rule the world. Yes, I am pissed but not at you.


Right on Atlas. I would consider someone “coughing in my face” as Assault with Intent to Murder at my age.

Which would surely be justification for me to rearrange their face for all time. After all, I really believed my life “was in danger.”


Perhaps because license is all too often conflated with “freedom”?

Yes, but is this disturbance not also present in so many of us, maybe most of us, to some degree no matter how little this degree? I have been wondering about all this and think it might be time to give Sigmund Freud" another reading, Civilization And Its Discontents. “Civilization”, especially ours which moves so rapidly, demands too much from us and why it has been pointed out that civilization is only possible one human being at a time.

Yes, I most certainly hear you but looking deeper is not an easy thing, is it? Perhaps Herculean, even?


Actual liberation, like every other part of constructing ourselves (mainly from scratch, as it sometimes seems) is never finished – like real enlightenment. A worthwhile, ever-elusive phantasm, perhaps.

One of my gurus is Karl Popper, who challenges Freud (and Marx as well) for binding the world to
pseudosciences which tangle up true and false inextricably. According to Popper, if the doctrine contains no falsifiable propositions, then it can’t be called a real science. Psychoanalysis and Economics (all of it, so far as I can tell) are examples of semi-religious doctrines or pseudosciences, because there’s no trace of a testable hypothesis anywhere in the building.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with doctrine. What irritates Popper (and me) is the scientific pretense.

Hi Phred_Pharkel:
LOL, but Phred, you had an idea—so go with it! : )

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