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'A Misbegotten, Warped Freedom Obsession Is Killing Us': Video of Trumpian Anti-Mask Jerks Goes Viral

When I last saw my friend - it was quite a while ago, as we parted after a long discussion about the Internet, he pointed me to this paper…

https colon slash slash www.clear dot rice dot edu/comp551/papers/HalloyEtAl-RobotsAndRoaches-Science2007.pdf

Amazing. And that research with insect robot “social influencers” was conducted 15 years ago. Now, with the prevalence of data-mined social media, and with the stupendous computing power available, you can bet there are vast experiments underway to assess and manipulate social influence factors among humans. Not formal science with informed consent and peer-reviewed publishing of course, but still generating very valuable information for the propaganda mills.

More reason to keep one’s head clear of not just advertising but also of social media that is operated privately and for profit. But of course the advanced propaganda and manipulation occurs throughout neoliberal corporate society, while the government is largely compromised by corporate influence and far from democratically responsive. Very hard for an individual to keep one’s head above the propaganda waters – and even if one does, one is still immersed among social groups that function under the influence of such manipulation…

(PS: See how i placed a tilde at the head of the otherwise live link, and kept it intact for direct cut-and-paste into a browser.)

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(And, in just a few years from now, provided society does not collapse first, there will be human robots socially influencing among us, virtually indistinguishable from biological humans…)

I’m looking forward to having intelligent robots around.

Diversity is strength.

What I am afraid of is - we have to set a good example for them, being their parents with all that implies.

Folks, I think you miss the point.
You can moan, wail, rend your clothes, and knash your teeth, all you wish, But you are Not
going to stop these Stupid, Trumpite, Morons, from doing what they want!

All you are doing is giving them a platform to continue yelling their stupidity, and claiming, “You’re
the Enemy”! Re-Read my original post! ALL we Can do is look out for ourselves. As we’ve seen
this holiday weekend, the idiots will not be swayed!

50% of these idiots think Bill Gates instigated this as some secret conspiracy! You think you’re
going to reason with them somehow? Of course I wish our front line folks didn’t need to deal
with the brunt of this, but You yelling into a black hole of stupid, isn’t going to stop that!

If they don’t have an “Enemy” to rail against, they aren’t news, and they are just a bunch of
idiots killing themselves. Make them irrelevant, and don’t give them a foil. Nothing you say, or
do will stop them anyway, isn’t that obvious already!?!

Oh, and by the way. If a virus “doesn’t care about my caution”, then you don’t have an
argument anyway. You’re saying we’re all doomed, no matter what we do. I’ve come to the conclusion
that in 2020 America people would much rather argue, create enmity, find reasons to be PO’d,
offended, and be divided, than almost anything else.

If you don’t want to wear a mask then that’s fine. I don’t wear one. But I also respect those people and businesses that feel different. If a mask is required then I just shop elsewhere. Those people in the video were jerks way before all this craziness and they’ll be jerks after.

No, I think you might have missed the point. And that point being that many people are just starting to wake up to the fact that there are completely different countries encapsulated inside the USA, ones that will never EVER ‘get together for the common good.’ That’s where all that moaning and wailing and gnashing of teeth comes from. Frustration at reality. A breakup into smaller countries would be about the only way, and that just isn’t going to happen until this Military/Economic Oligarchy-controlled Empire collapses.

Which, the way it is looking, may not be that far off. The Trump Pandemic (like the Woodrow Wilson Pandemic) and the Trump Greater Depression (like the Coolidge/Hoover Great Depression) are happening together instead of being separated by a decade. We’re not all doomed. Just as in the '30s that my grandparents raised kids in, and the Spanish Pandemic that my oldest grandpa lived through in the trenches of France, there were always the protected wealthy that did just fine holding ‘sweet 16’ parties for their daughters while other people died supporting their lifestyles…

I agree with your second sentence, though. There is no way I can see stopping Stupid, a fairly large group of US citizens that have shown themselves to be fundamentally incapable of critical thinking. No answers to that conundrum.

But it isn’t just limited to Republican leaders. The Democrat are run by the same kind of leaders, both of course being completely compromised by wealth and power. Essentially sociopaths. How do we get rid of BOTH groups is beyond anything but a radical shift in control which isn’t going to happen because the wealthy are NEVER going to let go of their power and privileges even as the planet’s ecosystem goes tits up, the climate collapses into an Eocene level of 4-5’C temperature raise, and who knows how many millions die of SARS II/COVID 19. They will, as always, just get their military forces (comprised of those from the ‘lower’ economic and educational levels that we already see filling the US Military) to fight over what’s left. Look at the inroads that China has been making in ‘leasing’ land to grow food in Africa to get a grasp of what’s coming there. The fight over what is left as we exhaust the finite resource base of the entire planet.

Are we all doomed? If the other 22 major civilizations that have collapsed in the last 10,000 years we know about are any indication, not everybody will die off. But those that live that long may wish they had. Wow, what a stupid damned species we are, eh?


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