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A Misleading Moment of Celebration for a New Surveillance Program


A Misleading Moment of Celebration for a New Surveillance Program

Norman Solomon

The morning after final passage of the USA Freedom Act, while some foes of mass surveillance were celebrating, Thomas Drake sounded decidedly glum. The new law, he told me, is “a new spy program.” It restarts some of the worst aspects of the Patriot Act and further codifies systematic violations of Fourth Amendment rights.


The Senate vote on the USA Freedom Act, 32 nays of which thirty were Republicans and two Democrats, the Democrats were Baldwin of Wisconsin and Sanders of Vermont.


Well this vote pretty much reflects the complete sell out by the Democratic Party of its base. The multi-billion corporate industry that sprung into existence following the passage of the Patriot Act is not going to go quietly into the night. No more nice fat checks for their campaign chests if “our” elected officials don’t vote to suppress the rights of Americans. Spineless whores, the lot of them. Organizing and disruption should be our key words. Chaos is preferable to corporate domination.


It was fun while it lasted, and got a lot of attention for Mr Paul. But with or without legal sanction the deep state will snoop, spy, and even kill whenever it feels the need. At this point no one knows better than these insiders how completely isolated in its illegitimacy is their American regime. There is no question they feel the need to use every tool possible to hold on to power as long as they can.
We are long past the point where this regime can return to any form of democratic legitimacy.


“Reflects the complete sell out by the Democratic Party of its base”. “Reflects” is the operative word since the actual sell out was first demonstrated on a large scale when Bill Clinton zealously promoted and pushed NAFTA through Congress.

Serial sell outs since then have elevated the Democratic Party from the lesser of two evils to the more effective of two evils.


Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade, but IMHO this is all complete BS. Just like nuclear capability, the genie is out of the box. These activities will never stop–ever. The deal is done. The rest sells conversation and books.


And our bald-headed Klink would say “I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!”

One of my favorite TV series.


All political parties in the oligarchy’s system of representative government are designed to sell out. That includes all third parties. Everyone has his price. Whistleblowers are a notable and exemplary exception.

The oligarchy give politicians the choices of keeping their cushy jobs, big bribe money, revolving doors and actionable threats on theirs and their families lives, legacy and future.

“We all live in a Mafia neighborhood now”.

No politicians, no problems.

Electronic Direct Democracy


Golly gee, Liz voted for it, huh?


Yup - laugh all the way to Guantanamo …


And what makes you think 3rd parties have sold out? Shucks, if you’re gonna be a sell out, it’s a lot easier to just be a D/R …


Folks were warned about this ahead of time - so why is anyone in the prog community celebrating …

That’s why i have a problem with this emphasis on “movements” addressed to specific causes - it’s like playing whack a mole … Ya gotta get the D/R bums out of office …


Thanks JJ. I get it. But guess what, JJ: They don’t care. “Expense”? WHAT expense? Most of these people are unknown…they never-ever WILL be known. Meanwhile, the political class is used to it. They’re the best. Sh*t rolls off them like rain off an umbrella. “Submit and obey”? Tell me, just what are the options? Sure, I read/watch Greenwald, Snowden & the rest, but I don’t expect anything to really to come out of their revelations. I’m glad they’ve done what they’ve done. They’re real heroes. But nothing will change. So, what’s the point as far as the layman and working class is concerned? Sure, there’s plenty of embarrassment for the rats involved at the top, but unless it concerns the worker bees, it’s not of interest to me…at least at this point.


We the People who have become awakened to the war of terror launched by the U.S. corporate-state need leverage to wield against TPTB. Doing some counter-intelligence work of our own penetrating the 16 or so intelligence agencies would turn up the heat by exposing and documenting forms of official thuggery. For starters:

  1. organize a kind of Underground Railroad to aid and abet the spread of Whistleblowers working within Deep State operations, cabinet-level departments, the Wall St. to White House pipeline, members of the MIC, etc.;
  2. form something like an NIS Resistance Movement to expose and embarrass (as you suggest) TPTB by spying back on them, capturing incriminating evidence of their evil machinations through leaks of electronic data, hidden orders and documentation of corruption, military plots, secret testimonies, etc.

Also, taking a cue from the sly R. Reagan’s “trust but verify” policy, responding to any Freedom Act-type “concessions” issuing from the corporate-state by insisting on independent sources of verification from trusted domestic and foreign institutions. This might mean assembling a coalition of incorruptible monitors from international agencies and courts, foreign governments not bribed by the U.S., etc.