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'A Mockery of Justice': Outrage Over One-Month Community Service Sentence for Israeli Soldier Who Shot Palestinian Teen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/30/mockery-justice-outrage-over-one-month-community-service-sentence-israeli-soldier

The U.S. and Israel have both committed war crimes.


The same contempt for human life and racism is reflected by the Israeli IDF and near countless intentional killings/murders of unarmed Palestinians and other protesters, including Americans, and US militarized police who shoot dead - shoot to kill - American citizens, overwhelmingly people of color!.

The victims in Palestine and the US almost never see real accountability and usually no charges or a slap on the wrist. Such lack of justice is intolerable and US police agencies must stand-up for justice as well as civil and human rights!

The Israeli military/IDF “training” of US police no doubt contributes to such depraved indifference for the lives of those deemed “lesser” beings, ie racist contempt! To influence US police gives cover to Israeli forces who shoot to kill and/or maim unarmed protesters and other innocents, especially many children!

STOP racist police killings! STOP Israeli training of US police!

BD! Zionism IS racism!


The only real solution to the World’s “Israeli Problem” is to call for not only the BDS movement, not only the end to all U. S. aid to them, but for a UN sanctioned, World-wide embargo and blockade of Israel, until this outlaw, criminal state collapses from within. Then the rightful Palestinian original owners of this land can kick their a$$es out and reclaim what is rightfully theirs. The end of Israel is truly the only just outcome for all the evil they and Zionism as committed against the Palestinians for the last 100 years.


THIS is what u.s. tax dollars go to support?


The cops here are racist thugs already, adding IDF death squads to the mix along with military equipment translates to East German Police State.


This is the continuation of the Holocaust whether Israel realizes it or not. Displaced revenge is not justice.


But where does it stop? BDS but demand a UN with teeth to maintain a presence in Israel/Palestine and oversee a transition to a one state solution for both people.

Let’s not forget the US America is an even longer brutal occupation and why US institutions must be transformed to care for all its people and land returned to the First Nations where they still exist for true sovereignty by them. There are solutions even if they can never truly atone for the crimes that occurred but we can stop from creating more right now.


They’re Jews. They rule the U.S. There’s nothing at all that we Gentiles can do about it. Sad but true.

It doesn’t seem to matter BUT, smoke a joint…
Justice is not only blind it is NON-EXISTENT!

I recall an airplane ride in which I was seated between two very attractive female IDF members.
I can be a chameleon when I need to, so I won their trust and got them talking about being IDF combat soldiers.
They told me with great glee how much IDF enjoys killing and maiming Palestinians, especially young men and women. They view it as a sport.
I noticed that their attitudes/language regarding Palestinians (rats, vermin, trash, etc.) were the same as what Hitler and his cult said and felt against Jews.
These girls were scary in their fitness, arrogance, and their banality of evil.


At least until they comply with the U.N. resolutions they continue to violate.