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'A Model of Hope for the World': 25 Years After Rwandan Genocide, New Film Shows Journey Toward Justice and Healing

'A Model of Hope for the World': 25 Years After Rwandan Genocide, New Film Shows Journey Toward Justice and Healing

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the world marks the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide on Sunday, a forthcoming documentary sheds light on the survivors and perpetrators' long journey toward justice and healing.

Here is one of the stories from that horrendous massacre:

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The Rwandan genocide puts the lie to the argument that the U. S. wants to overthrow the Venezuelan government because it is a horrible dictatorship that is killing it’s people. We did not get involved in a real genocide in Rwanda because they had NOTHING we wanted. Not oil, minerals or strategic location. Those are really the only reasons we go to war against other countries. And Rwanda happened under a President (Clinton) who supposedly was a “good guy” when it came to human rights. The U. S. as a force for moral good in the World is a huge lie.


Madeline Albright, a Clinton confidante and Secretary of State in the second Clinton administration, was right pleased that 500,000 Iraqi children died of malnutrition and lack of medical supplies. Only elitist and the privileged have value to the Clintons and the Empire. Rwandian Hutu peasants were considered rich if they had ten cows … The Tutsis (a fifteen percent elitist population minority) were ceded the land when Belgium bailed on their colonial claims to Rwanda. Not to say it is right to go amok … but sometimes the 1% grinding on the 99% gets on one’s nerves.

This was not a ‘civil’ war. It was anything but civil, like the wars funded and supplied by the western ‘civilized’ nations against Syrians and Yemenis. The bloody hands of the western elites are all over the Rwandan slaughter.

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They out did us with 800,000 in a hundred days. It takes us a few years to target that many. But we keep working at it.
Proud to be an American? NOT

Exactly. Same for Iraq.

Another reference for anyone with the time to read is a book by a woman who was sheltered for months with six other women in a tiny bathroom hidden behind furniture. She taught herself another language by reading the bible.
LEFT TO TELL by Immaculee Erwin

I wish this film would be mainstreamed, many people need to see the culmination of programed hate campaigns.

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