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A Modest Goal: #usoutofafghanistan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/22/modest-goal-usoutofafghanistan

Afghanistan, where empires go to die.

May the American Empire die so that the United States of America may live.


The war on terror was a fraud. Afghanistan was part of the fraud.

Off topic but an important and disturbing report on Assange:



I’m sure the kneejerk anti-everything-Tump brigade here will criticize Trump if he gets US troops out of Afghanistan. Take a breath people.


The continued war against the Afghan people, along with all other current US wars & occupations, which chug steadily along without no hint of ever ending, is proof that USA is in fact a Military Dictatorship. And the enthusiasm of liberals to cheerlead these insane wars is proof that Americans are more brainwashed than they imagine Iranians or North Koreans to be. All the trappings of pseudo-democracy, elections, the so-called ‘free press,’ are only theater, strictly for the rubes.


Aghanistan has of late been the largest producer of opium in the world. The business is run mostly by the US-installed and defended gov’t there. Transport is presumably accomplished by US associates, given that this is the case in relatively similar circumstances elsewhere.

This does not make me less sympathetic with Tom Gallagher’s point. It does make me suspect that he’s going to have to type a lot of hash tags.

Now, though, he’s wrong about the idea that we are in Afghanistan because of one administration. This goes back at least as far as Jimmy Carter, with considerable acceleration in the Bush-Reagan years. In the current configuration, the Democratic Party has criticized the Republicans for not carrying out war persistently and consistently enough. And this includes at least some officials who at least make some noises to suggest that they are least-worsters, supportive of social programs supplanted by the military or even supportive of the poverty draft that disproportionately drives poor an minorities into deceptively advertised combat.

So I empathize with Gallagher’s goal here. But I don’t think that he appreciates the scale of it, and still less who he’s working against. This is not a Blue-no-matter-who sort of project or even level of project. It is a refuse-to-enable-the-MIC sort of thing. The division here splits a good part of the Democratic Party ideologically, and it splits the candidates quite clearly. Tulsi Gabbard and possibly Bernie Sanders may favor withdrawal. The rest of the field most obviously does not.

By the convention, we will predictably see a sharpening of the struggle of the DNC and the Major In-House Media to exclude Sanders. Are we not to still be pounding out these hashtags then. rather than folding into the a party line that in any event but a Sanders nomination will be clearly be forefronting endless war?

To what is it convenient that we do not start to confront this aspect of things today?

Though I don’t tweet Tom, I agree with what you’re saying. Yes, we need to get out of Afghanistan.

#repeal AUMF

Newsbreak Tom, nobody hijacked any airliners that day. The Emperor is butt nekkid. :blush: