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A Modest Proposal for the 21st Century


A Modest Proposal for the 21st Century

Christopher Brauchli

No man’s life, liberty or property is safe
While the legislature is in session.
— Attributed to Judge Gideon J. Tucker in the case of The Estate of A. B. (1866)


This is the one of the worst ideas I’ve heard in quite a while. With all of the issues facing our nation we should be demanding that Congress actually have far more actual work days in their calendar. Unless what you really want is an executive branch that is run like Putin does in Russia. Vote for better congressmen, not a stronger Executive branch!


If you think our big media companies are powerful now, just think about what they could do with direct democracy. Look at what the drug companies accomplished after they were allowed to advertise direct to the public.


I think this is a very well-written article which demonstrates the author’s vast powers of free thinking. For those who don’t get it, I recommend Googling the first 3 words of the title: A Modest Proposal. And remember the old addage about those who do not remember their history…


Why waste server memory publishing this? Does this site have an editor? The reputation of CD just took another hit.


I took as total satire, calling out politicians as a ridiculous body of tax payer money wasters.


yes! i usually enjoy reading christopher brauchi’s posts. we cannot realise nor experience true democracy until greater numbers of people take the plunge into “free thinking.” ‘josgood’ in the first post on this thread mentioned that the many issues this nation is currently facing as evidence congress needs to spend more time in session. well, i for one, am not at all sure that many of these “issues” are not the direct result of governmental–all three branches–overreach. all to often their efforts result in exacerbating not diminishing problems with added layers of bureaucratic complexity. i like the quote brauchli chose,
“No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session,” which dovetails with the warning from ben franklin’s to “never confuse motion with action.” i’d even go further to say, ‘and never confuse action with accomplishment.’ here i offer other quotes worth thinking about.

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”—Aesop
“The more laws are posted the more robbers and thieves there are…”–Tao Te Ching
“I think it’s clear that there are times where what is lawful is distinct from what is rightful.”–Edward Snowden


right, we should put more emphasis on whom we choose for the legislature–especially the house of representatives. however, in this current paradigm where the gop and dnc “deciders” working in lock-step with wall street dictate which reps qualify for the most powerful committees, the few conscientious representatives find themselves relegated to some type of congressional “free speech zone” where they have little opportunity to interfere with business as usual. so much discussion and legislation takes place behind closed doors that we_the_people are purposely left in the dark. any rep who “speaks out” finds her/himself pushed off the political stage by the power brokers. remember dennis kucinich*, for example?


I love your Swift-like satire, Mr. Brauchli. Write on!

“According to the Benghazi Research Center of October 14, 2015, there have been 32 Congressional Hearings before assorted Senate and House committees at a total cost of more than $20 million. During those hearings 2,780 questions were asked by members of the committees. If Congress only meets every other year it could cut such hearings by half or three quarters without making the hearings less effective since they’ve not produced any useful information thus far. Similarly, the House could save time by not, for example, voting 63 times to repeal Obamacare.”

Imagine what a trip it would be to sit among Mr. Brauchli’s law students. I can imagine the convoluted tongue-in-cheek legal scenarios he’d place before them… for the purposes of legal analysis.


You totally missed the boat on the level of satire the article reflects.

If the Obama care item is debated 63 times, if the fraudulent (and proven as much) case against Planned Parenthood is tossed around 3X, and if the Benghazi item is also endlessly pontificated about… WHAT is getting done?

Brauchli is mocking this and suggesting that half of this level of idiocy would be enacted if Congress were to meet half the time!


You literal thinkers are pathetic in your lack of understanding!


HIs name is Dennis Kucinich.

I like your 2nd post. However, as usual, the forum is dominated by closet right wing Libertarians. There’s the “Tag Team” newcomer who shows a complete dearth of reading comprehension playing off “Enemy of War” pushing for changes to the Constitution in an era dominated by the likes of the Koch Brothers. Then you chime in with the “government can’t do anything right” in your first Ronald Reagan-sounding post.

The sentiments in the 2nd post, apart from poor spelling and this romance with a lack of capitalization (prized by you, Rita, & Ms. Weintraub) are more on the mark. That is, if a Democratic Republic IS the goal.


This is one of my favorite Brauchli satires. His use of McConnel’s quote about Scalia as a fulcrum for his irony, points to the utter shamelessness of US political culture today.

Because in fact, Brauchli’s assessment of the scope of McConnel’s quote is correct! McConnel’s frame DOES apply to every question before Congress.

Because of the deep penetration of this degradation into every corner of our political culture, McConnell (along with an endless supply of other shameless spouters) totally gets away with his absurd frame, because the vast majority of “pundits” and commentators do not even notice the shamelessness and absurdity of it, let alone laugh in McConnell’s face. They simply “report” what McConnell said, and give it a veneer of credibility it does not have.


dennis kucinich! thanks!


ok, I’m literal


Gosh, Siouxrose, just think how some of those 63 “Repeal Obamacare!” votes might have been redirected.

Just as effectively, they could have nobly retarded, even halted the retreating glaciers and shrinking polar ice caps by instead casting a few votes to raise the melting point of ice to 35 degrees.