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A Moment For Graciousness: This Is (Not) How We Resolve Our Differences


A Moment For Graciousness: This Is (Not) How We Resolve Our Differences

The weekend firebombing of a GOP campaign office in North Carolina was met with wildly disparate responses from the candidates. One called it "horrific," one said it was the work of "animals" supporting his opponent, and you can decide who said what. It was also met with a Democratic call to raise funds for repairs that quickly met its goal. The why is simple, said one still-civil citizen: "There is too much hate out there."


I hope this is also being investigated as a possible false-flag attack.


You beat me to it.

Waiving the ol' false flag.

Reichstag, Gulf of Tonkin [Library of Congress states it was 'false flag'*, even though Wikipedia still holds to the 'official story'], Gladio, what the crap... it seems a modern, favorite strategy.


Love the pic or the horse rescuing the dog. I hope they both survived.
Long live the real animals.

Raising money was the right thing to do, imo.


Putin did it!


Then there is this:

North Carolina Republicans Just Admitted They’ve Been Illegally Hiding Ballots

North Carolina’s state Republican party hasn’t won any leadership awards lately, but has controversially been the recipient of an outpouring of national support from Democrats who raised funds to repair their burnt out Orange County party offices. Now the NC GOP’s state spokesperson just admitted on NBC that the Orange County party office actually held completed absentee ballots. If that’s true, then the NC GOP just admitted to a serious election felony.


That arson has the look and feel of a page from a Karl Rove/Lee Atwater playbook. "Nazi Republicans leave town or else”. Sounds like a line from a 1940's movie. Wouldn't be surprised if investigators are thinking similarly. Civility discourages such notions stated publicly but Trump has blown virtually every convention on civility to bits.


Everything you see, hear or read these days must be taken with a grain of salt.

False Flag? Possibly...but wouldn't it have been more effective if there were some dead bodies or the destruction of crucial evidence to the admitted primary election fraud? It's also possible that Republicans did this to themselves in order to make themselves appear "under siege", but I fail to see where they would have much to gain in such a play. If someone were killed or seriously hurt, then I'd be more inclined to think along these lines.

Angry Democrats? Hardly. Republicans & Democrats are cut from the same cloth. It's possible that the attack was orchestrated by Democrats so they'd have the opportunity to "look good" by offering to help with the clean up, but that's a stretch. North Carolina is a solidly "Red State" so there's little for Democrats to gain by being magnanimous there.

Anarchists? (a.k.a. angry millennials who feel marginalized and under attack) Another possibility. With this whole election being a travesty of democracy and young people watching their planet get destroyed by wealth and greed, it's entirely possible that passions are starting to boil over. I'm more inclined to follow this narrative because, again, nobody was hurt, the damage was contained to a single office, and the attack itself had the hallmarks of being an "amateur job".

What is clear to me is that as long as peaceful protest and political revolution is continually met with increasing violence from the State, violent revolution will become inevitable.


Being an NC resident, it wouldn't surprise me at all if some rednecks did this just to try to make democrats look bad. My neighbor has a Hillary sign with another yard sign of a little boy taking a piss in front of it implying "piss on Hillary." Of course people are hateful towards rednecklicans. There aren't any democractic supporters around here who put up inflammatory signs like that. Republican supporters around here truly are a bunch of assholes. Its just the republicans putting up nastiness like that and I believe they'd even resort to blowing up a campaign office of their own just to make "the other guys look bad" because they themselves are reprehensible; they know it and it burns a hole in their conscience. So, they resort to whatever means necessary to smear mud on everyone else. If the perpetrators of this firebombing are never found, you can bet that was the case. I believe the term is "a false-flag attack". Remember Eric Rudolph the abortion clinic bomber? He wasn't ever found either because investigators implicitly agreed with what Eric did and didn't want to bring him to justice. Eric ended up turning himself in.

And one more thing, about tens years ago in the town I was living in, Boone, it was the Democratic campaign office that was vandalized. Funny how that didn't make national news. That town was a mostly white town up in the mountains. Redneck propensity towards violence? I totally believe it.


Yes, I liked the photo of the dog and horse, we are all animals, but its not unusual to find species more humane than humans