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A Month Ahead of Global Climate Strike, Thousands Pledge to Attend Rallies Across Planet to 'Turn Up the Political Heat' and Demand Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/month-ahead-global-climate-strike-thousands-pledge-attend-rallies-across-planet-turn

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It’s already too late, and even if it weren’t, it would take more than thousands to show up at a handful of protests.

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while this may be true we have to do it for our souls


shut this M/F-ing place DOWN, turn it OFF and don’t say a word, silence is a Golden Weapon, use it

The most cutting and stunning position Greta has taken is “Why go to school for a future none of us have?”
Indeed, we have stolen their future.
The thought that in the coming dystopia the only revenge for them is to open up our graves and use them as latrines.
We deserve it.

feel-good rallies and general calls for climate action are OK but way more needs to be done about actually building a culture of using less, eating less meat, driving less and walking more, building bike infrastructure instead of widening highways, not having a large number of children, seeking peace and reconciliation in all the disputes and civil wars…

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Maybe, when Congress comes back to work-----maybe the air conditioners will malfunction. I think that would be the only way to get the attention of so many who are so used to air conditioners that they actually need to feel the heat at work!
They need to feel what many around the world are living with. Going from air-conditioned car to office to restaurant to work and then to air conditioned home-----I think they need to feel the heated world that so many live in—without air conditioners.

It’s now a matter to preclude extinction of our species itself. Yes, it’s that serious. If concrete specific action isn’t instigated now it will be too late. The politicians have no clue on how dire it really is or else we’d have a plan already in place starting back in the 1970’s when it was obvious real action had to happen. I knew it back then when I was in high school,(class of '72) we were taught about how it(global warming) was accelerating and would lead to devastation. And now, here we are. No action at all. If I were to make a wager–I never gamble–I’d give humans about a 25-30% chance for survival today and would subtract 5% every ten years nothing is done of any real worth. Sorry. Peace

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So that you can learn the skills and tools necessary to solve problems and actually be a part of the solution instead of yelling about problems…

All of these people are yelling that they want change, yet ZERO of them have ever referenced or discussed real scientific solutions from published publicly available scientific studies.

That tells me that they care more about the emotion of being a part of group that likes expressing their voice, more than getting down in the dirt and actually making something happen.

Why are they asking politicans for a solution, when historically and globally politicians have never been fundamentally responsible for finding a solution to a scientific or engineering problem?

Why are they refusing to do any research into the thousands of proposals submitted by scientists and engineers?

Why have you refused to express any opinon about these studies?

Why have they refused to even mention them or read them?

These rallies are bs, and serve zero effective purpose for a finding a real solution, as evident by the people refusing to even look for one.

Your tone leaves me perplexed. I don’t know what you mean by “problem” or “solution” where the scientists and engineers can ease us out of this little difficulty, if only we paid attention.

The problem is we’ve already dug up too much fossil carbon and spewed it into the atmosphere. My own difficulty with most of the putative solutions is they never get around to stopping the extraction. We’ve been dazzled and diverted for decades with the illusion that clean green energy can set us free to keep consuming like idiots. Some scientific studies have been part of that diversion: from the urgency of stopping the extraction of fossil fuels.

I know it’s not geopolitically simple. It’s a hard problem. You got a solution to keeping it in the ground?

September 20th is a Friday –
and presume there are locations mentioned somewhere and I missed it?

Not only was this July the hottest ever – but this August is also going to be
able to make the same claim.

We here in NE – are well into repeating 90’s this summer – the other day we
got to 94 – so it is easy to see that by next year we may be those trying to
cope with temps over 100.

This is all speeding up now because given the schedule of a 50 year gap before
we began feeling the effects of the damage to the planet, we are only now beginning
to feel the harm that was done to Nature AFTER 1969 –

How many gasoline-driven automobiles added to our roads since then?

How many new births – ? What’s the figure … a quarter of a million every day?

I was just about to post that figure when my search began showing 370,000 new
births every day worldwide.

And the NET increase is 250,000 – quarter of a million every day.

Every day 400000 babies are born 150000 people die for a net increase of 250000 human beings a day worldwide.

Search Page –

Why should passing any tipping points extinguish activism? You keep hearing misguided motivators offering slight variations on the “only 10 years left” line, as if this is some kind of act-now sales job. But what if it’s already too late? Should that dampen anyone’s duty to arrest further damage?

Regardless of whether humanity is doomed, there’s no question that continuing damage to the home planet has to be stopped. There’s no law of human nature which forces us to take down as many other species as possible, as we destroy ourselves. We could choose to go another way.

Frankly I would subtract 5% every two or three years. And even then that might be being too conservative.

BS. Politicians, who claim to be our leaders, have shown zero leadership in putting government to work in finding and funding those scientists and engineers who can hopefully solve this life threatening dilema. Here is one solution: nationalize all the profits from all sales of fossil fuels down to the end consumer. Tax the end consumer a special use tax and limit consumption by the same means that certain goods were limited during WWII. Low income users will be exempted from the tax but not the use limitations. Put all monies collected toward the research and development of new, renewable energy sources and subsidizing the costs of those uses by low income people. We cannot cut off the use of fossil fuels instantly; but, we can fund a possible solution to climate change through their use instead of making the super rich CEO’s and corporations even richer at the expense of all life on Earth.

This rally could have a huge effect if it would concentrate on the one ring that controls them all. If all their placards said get vested interest money out of politics, it might just start something that would do some good. https://mtkass.blogspot.com/2018/01/wasted-effort.html