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A Month Into Office, Trump's Job Approval Rating a Historic Low


A Month Into Office, Trump's Job Approval Rating a Historic Low

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump's job approval rating is a mere 44 percent, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll published Sunday finds, further documenting the skepticism with which the public views the former reality TV star's short time in the White House.


The thing is, public opinion means nothing to this cabal. What does mean everything is that they have the power to enact laws to further their agenda (which they obviously do) and control of the military and police (and public opinion) in order to enforce them..

The reality is, these people are unresponsive and unstoppable-- at least by traditional means, such as writing congresspersons, voting them out, and marches and protests (which are nothing more than big 'ol solidarity parties, i.e. ways for the frustrated masses to blow off a little steam and think that they've done something constructive).


I wonder how it will be before the 63% of Republicans that still approve of Trump, realize he will never make America great again.


come two days before Trump makes his first address to Congress.

Can't wait! Need a good laugh/cry. Will he use teleprompters? How often will he go off script? Who will he chastise? How long will it be? What lies will he tell? Inquiring minds want to know.


The first time he tells a lie, every democrat should get up and walk out.


Nice fantasy.

They won't.

(The newly electly DNC chair is...who, again?)


As other have observed, "low" poll ratings mean nothing (and what is "mere" about 44%?), especially after you have achieved your goal.

I expect this nonsense from network news, but not from CD.


They'll have gone back to NASCAR by then.


Yeah, the fake opposition party walk out? More like they will stand up and clap!


Forty-four percent? That high?


44% is huge. Unbelievably large considering what he has actually done or plans to do. What would he have to do to get under 25%? Roast babies in the White House and put it on You Tube? That might not even do it

Edward Bernays , the Father or Propaganda once said " the mind of the group does not think, in the strict sense of the word. Instead of thoughts it has impulses, habits and emotions. At the moment of deciding his first impulse is usually to follow the example of a leader in whom he trusts "

In other word there is a significant group of Americans who will support a psychopath so long as he goes after others and not them. That was seen in Germany in the 30's, but as they learned, it was only a matter of time before they became a target. Then it was too late.


Following Bernays and Goebbels leads, the daily addition of new enemies to Trump's list of enemies that only he can save them from no doubt keeps many of the 44% loyal. That 44% will indeed never know what hit them because Trump will do them in without their ever being added to the enemy list.

Considering that approval ratings for Congress have been running in the teens for the past decade, anything over 20% is frighteningly good for Trump.


That's + or - about 6%. Since we're doing polls, who was polled? In the cities ( ya' know where the population of young and minorities are ) he's polling about 30%. In the suburbs and rural areas ( where the whites with money and segregationists live ) he polling about 50%.
On the West Coast he's polling about 35%. In the South he's polling about 65%. At the KKK meetings he's polling about 100% and in Moscow and in the White House he's polling over 80%. Of course, on Wall Street he's polling about 100%. So, there's that, too. And, that's what matters, right?


When Drumpf gets to see the people he has hurt face-to-face he takes that as an opportunity to hurt them even more. One day, however, he will go the way of all things and will hurt us no more. A friend of mine said something apt -- Drumpf makes me want to believe in Hell. All of his supporters, when they finally depart this earth, are in for a big surprise. If there IS a God, things will not be pleasant for them.


Actually, it is 94 percent approval. Remember, this is Trump. Facts do not matter.


Didn't almost every poll tell us Hillary Clinton was going to win? Are they using the same methods for this approval poll? Polls are interesting and somewhat amusing, but I stopped believing them in early November of 2016.


Wanna help him prepare? The White House tonight sent me (I wrote them once with a concern that was of course ignored) a push poll to help identify the issues he should cover. Yep, even they note it's only 2 days.

I couldn't find anything on their "accomplishments" list to check, but I did check "Education" and "Energy and the environment" as issues important to me.

As to how to "Make America Great Again," I said "Make America kind again."

And in the "additional comments," I said,

A. If you're just collecting input 2 days before the speech, the lubrication on your machine is beyond dry.
B. Obviously, you're not just collecting input 2 days before the speech. It's what's known as a push poll, and it is meaningless.

But they did ask. I invite you to join me in agreeing to be push-polled again, and to disrupting it any way we can. It's OUR house behind the gold drapes.


Good point.


Not to worry...he'll be addressing them via Twitter...


I've been thinking about live-tweeting every idiot lie that comes out of his mouth, but I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with all of them! :hugging:🤡