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A Month Later, U.S. Is Failing with Its Food and Water Crisis in Puerto Rico

A Month Later, U.S. Is Failing with Its Food and Water Crisis in Puerto Rico

Wenonah Hauter

We must prioritize an equitable and just disaster response and a sustainable future for Puerto Rico.

Congress must fully fund Puerto Rico’s humanitarian aid and reconstruction, and consider debt forgiveness. We must finally begin to put people before profit in response to this crisis, and rebuild Puerto Rico’s food, water and energy systems in a sustainable way to better withstand future disasters.

I have such a hard time relating to Puerto Rico’s life threatening disaster while on the river with my healthy well water, my solar array that withstood that wind storm. The sun is shinning on the dock and feels so good. I am waving to my friend in his cigarette boat that he just filled up with over $100 worth of fuel. Love the sound of those noise-boy- toys! For lunch today I am having organic tomato salad from the farmer down the road. Slice each tomato into 8 slices, slice onion paper thin, slice dates thin and put a small amount of ume plum vinegar and let sit for a while. You will think you are in heaven. I would like to sponsor teaching the Puerto Rico Island people how to build a solar panel or contribute to the price of a solar powered generator. But how would I go about that? Not through the Army Corps of Engineers. They are busy building oil pipelines on reservations and having such projects in every county in the U.S. Job prostitution? Not through private corporation greed system. I’m overwhelmed. I’m going to make some tea and think about all that tomorrow.