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'A Moral and Legal Obligation': 80+ Groups Urge Biden to End US Complicity in Saudi-Led Assault on Yemen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/moral-and-legal-obligation-80-groups-urge-biden-end-us-complicity-saudi-led-assault


Considering Biden’s picks so far it doesn’t look likely he will disappoint the Saudi’s.


He will end US Complicity as soon as “vital US interests are protected and preserved”. This will happen after the Saudis destroy Yemen.


How many of these 80+ groups voted for Biden? I suspect a lot. That’s what Americans do. They vote for people they disagree with because the other guy is worse.

It’s amazing to see you guys so stuck down in a box like that. If it was a movie Id say the plot is too unrealistic, but, it’s the real world truth.

Ive got a radical idea. How about looking at all the candidates and voting for the one you would like to actually be the president, instead of these 2 ruling class picks that get shoved down your throat all the time.

Think for yourselves and question authority.


Plus, there is a lot of money to be made by Lockheed Martin with F 35 sales.


Great advice, and there is the write in ballot, but media control is there to stop people from getting on the same page.

Whenever you want to control a nation, the first thing to do is to control all sources of information for propaganda purposes.


I was able to figure out Bernie was the guy.

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Okay, I’m trying to frame the scenario where, horrified by the utter meaninglessness of the worst continuous humanitarian disaster on Earth, brought to you by your tax dollars with the enthusiastic support of toothy bastards all over the goddam television… where was I? Oh yeah: stopping the unconscionable madness in Yemen, bringing Muhammad bone-Sawman to justice, and why not terminate fossil fuel extraction and save the whole fucking world while we’re at it? Biden and his bunch of old pros seem like just the crew for this assignment.

Cripes, I’d think it progress if anyone even noticed the pounding we’re always delivering, all the people we’re always killing. To draw attention to it is to oppose it.


Exactly the point, was Bernie as committed to the policies he was selling, as he was committed to staying in the Democrat Club.? You didn’t get to hear much from Tulsi, or Wang and nothing from Gravel. But they let unknowns toeing the conservative democrat line debate. Bernie was a proven capitulator, and Judas Goat for liberals and progressives, and in the party that labels their service to bankers and war profiteers as liberal and progressives exploits that to fool the gullible.


since the policies here are the ones promoted by Obama and Biden–with massive help from H Clinton–that Biden has been a committed war monger himself all of his political career–that many of his picks are from the national security-military revolving door–I would put the prospects of ending this–or any of our many wars -at zero – time for the American people to understand that we have TWO committed war parties and NO peace party–which is why the continuous wars will continue to drain our treasury for the purpose of bombing poor third world peoples for the profits of the war industrialists–whose people are now in charge of the war machine under Biden

this is to go with his anti-Social Security domestic austerity warriors-with people like Tanden–who --along with Biden has long advocated to reduce Social Security and other “entitlements”(it should be noted here that the biggest entitlement in our government is the military–which NEVER sees a cut–only massive un-needed increases)

it is clear already that the new administration cares as little about the fate of the American people as the outgoing one–they can just talk better–but with policy they are on the same page on almost every issue–this is why Trump’s agendas were passed with MOST Democrats voting to right along -why the courts are filled with right wing judges-why our economy-our people- our existence is in danger from these fools–and we are the bigger fools for even giving them them chance


“War, what is it good for?–Absolutely nothing.”–Edwin Starr


This would be great if it happened. It won’t. He’s Joe. He’s already signaled that he’s giving State and Defense to war profiteers. Doesn’t VBNMW feel good?

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Great Waves Prophecy:

"There will be the risk of great starvation in many parts of the world, even in parts of the wealthy nations. There will have to be ever-increasing international agreements. Food will have to be distributed where it is needed most. There will be great shortages of medicines and medical care, even in the wealthy nations. There will be tremendously destructive weather events.

The risk of war itself will produce conflict on a scale never seen before in this world. If this conflict can be prevented or minimized, it will make an immense difference in the outcome for humanity. But a certain degree of conflict will arise, particularly in the poorer nations, within them and between them. And there is a great risk that other nations, now desperate for resources, will enter into conflict with one another."… pulled from The Great Waves Prophecy"… from the book, The Great Waves of change.

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I’ still trying to figure how much is real and how much is only scripted.

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Yes, it is clearly disconnected, in many ways, from the responsibility of national defense.

And why is there no thing like that on today’s music scene?


Michelle Flournoy, Biden’s pick for Sec. of Defense, supported continued arms sales to the Saudis, and sits on the board of Booz Allen Hamilton, an IT company that helped Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman consolidate his power in 2015 and continues to provide logistical support for the Saudi Army. “A Moral and Legal Obligation”? - what a sick joke. Mass murder for corporate profit is the name of the game.

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