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A Moral Challenge for Pope Francis


A Moral Challenge for Pope Francis

Ray McGovern

Pope Francis could use his visit to the U.S. this week to make unmistakably clear that the Catholic Church’s teaching on the “sanctity of life” applies to more than just the first nine months of gestation.


Very well said Mr. McGovern. I especially appreciate the reference to Cardinal Bernadin's attempt at outreach and his marvelous idea of the seamless garmet. Realistically though, although all the issues Mr. McGovern raises are important, I hope he is being rhetorical, in order to emphasize their importance, but the idea that the Pope will address all of this on this visit is highly unlikely. And it is somewhat of a curiosity as to why McGovern doesn't mention Capitalism and the Pope's recent critiques, those are the ideas transcending theology and appealing to all.


Wise words of inclusion, Mr. McGovern. I especially appreciate the mention of the sanctity of life in already living (human) beings, and the church's intransigence on the subject of FULL equality for women.

Still, this Pope shows FAR more promise than most with talk about climate change, the Earth (as) Mother, poverty and the need for fairer wages, and peace in lieu of all this warfare.


Maybe its time for an exorcism as he enters a land possessed by Moloch, by violence, racism, imperialism and the rule of money-hoarders.


Francis talks a good talk but so far has not divulged the church's net monetary worth, nor it's income, nor where its investments are held. Vatican City is its own sovereign nation, and Francis is not compelled to divulge such things, but you would think a guy preaching humbleness and simpleness would want to be transparent.

What is the church's investment in War Profiteers?

In fossil fuels?

In predatory banks?

In US health insurance extortionists?

The Catholics who give money every week to this enterprise have a right to know.

Francis' famed private piety is nice, but ultimately I suspect he is the Catholic Obama, a lovey-dovey face assigned to do damage control.


I, too, was happy to see these words, Ray McGovern, broadening the sanctity of life, pointing out the obvious major ongoing sexism of the Church in declaring men more holy than women (male-only priesthood), and your CNN interview was a super example of defending the defenseless when one gets a microphone--I hadn't heard of this U.S. military complicity in sexual slavery of children in Afghanistan until today from you here and a Democracy Now! headline, coincidentally. Kind of tarnishes the far more widespread image of U.S. troops tenderly carrying kids to safety (not that U.S. soldiers never act kindly--but that's just not anywhere close to the full truth).

I also agree that this Pope has talked a much better talk than others in certain respects... but as a student and teacher of California history, I must say it is an abomination that Francis is about to make Father Serra a saint. Serra, the ringleader of Mission genocide of the indigenous people of the land now called California, presided over 90% of Native Californians in Mission lands perishing in a few decades due to being hunted down and killed, punished to death for trying to escape from enslavement, or just killed "by disease" while enslaved in life-threatening conditions including starvation, undernourishment and malnourishment, overworked exhaustion, intense overcrowding, untreated PTSD and ongoing trauma due to enslavement and rape and other abuse, all conditions that render the idea that "disease" killed the people rather than the Mission regime itself about as accurate as to say that many Jews died from "disease" in Nazi concentration camps, as if the Nazis were not directly responsible for these deaths just as much as for the deaths in the ovens. 90% is a big number (that is for every tribe whose homelands were directly occupied by a California mission; the losses were less for tribes less directly impacted by the missions, but their destructive reach extended very far inland and through most of the state). Francis has had many months to read many letters and petitions directing him to the truth about California history, and the truth of the unhealed wounds that will only fester if Serra is sainted. Francis claims to care about indigenous people--but then why decide that some are just unimportant? That's far from equality.


Dear Pope Francis, Please be the antithesis of Bibi when you address the U.S. knesset. Teach these puppets that all people deserve the right of self determination not the bullying power of the world's hegemon. War is a racket for the profit of the oligarch's who rule America. Please condemn the foreign policies of the 4th Reich and command the cowardly bishops in America to demand an end to militarism. The deep state can't execute everyone.


Thank you for bringing up the travesty of the canonization of Junipero Serra. He represents a terrible, unhealed wound in the Native American community, especially in California. To poke a big stick into that wound now is cruel, unnecessary and seems to be done solely to pander to the growing Latino base of the Catholic church. At least native people know without question how they are viewed, even today, by this institution. It gives a lie to the church's claim to care for the marginalized.


President Putin's statement, repeated by McGovern, shows that the Founding Fathers of the USA, who presumable wrote the USA's Constitution, and President Putin seem to have a lot in common. Was George Washington a pre-Marx Communist?


I don't think Washington was, or Adams but without much doubt Jefferson was. I have read much of what Jefferson wrote in his life time, much of it forgotten now but my over-all impression is that he wasn't just a very intelligent man but was a seeker of balance in all things. One thing that gets stuck in my brain that I cannot quote was that he was very proud of the fact that what was being created with the making of these States was no one was more than 1/4 wealthier than the other. This of course did not include the slaves.


Siouxrose, your obsequiousness towards "the church" and its subjugation of women makes me wonder if you are a nun. That would be ok, nuns on the bus are cool, but among my networks it is mostly the nuns that go to such convoluted lengths as you have of late to reconcile the historical and continuing subjugation of women by the "church" and adulation of the pope with espoused feminist views. Yes, some of them are feminist, but most of those seem unable to truly speak truth to power. What gives?