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'A Moral Necessity': House Dems Introduce Resolution Pushing Biden to Cancel Up to $50,000 of Student Loan Debt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/18/moral-necessity-house-dems-introduce-resolution-pushing-biden-cancel-50000-student


Should have made THAT (and many other) demand(s) BEFORE you voted for him.
We’ve seen this movie
Now it’s too late.

“ Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

  • Frederick Douglass

Leaked Audio Of JOE BIDEN Exposes Disregard for his Base.

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Beside canceling predatory student loan debt by some measure up to all of it, the 1%, fascist corporate dominance, and other individuals that have gotten tax-cut after tax-cut must have their destructive gains rolled-back drastically to fund societies critical needs. Vulture capitalism is a destructive force that must be eradicated. Federal government and representation freed from the corruption of wealth regulatory agencies restored, education in all sectors, health care via universal NFP health insurance, environmental protections made sacrosanct, Green energy developed, restoring public education, demanding truth from all in power - the truth, whole truth and nothing but the goddamned truth! -and much more.
A sustainable future for any society cannot be gained by greed, corruption, accumulation of vast wealth in very few hands while the 99% remain wage, debt and interest slaves, taxed at rates that stifle individuals, families, society in general and growth of a just, egalitarian, society… The ability such lightly-taxed wealth to corrupt government and rob from society in so many ways, buying-up public resources, ie The Commons, must be ended, along with the domination of information via media and airwaves sold-off by corrupt politicians - Either we live in a just nurturing society or predatory every person for themselves abomination.!

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You should have added “While they plan to outsource more and more of the decent jobs that require a masters degree or less”.

Keeping it so only the children of the wealthy can avoid the debt trap. Its been like that for a LONG time and thats the way they want it.

With so many workers available tio work for so much less, there will be virtually no good jobs for those without a PhD so, soon people are going to have to think long and hard before they spend their families vanishing savings on putting even the most brilliant of children through college, and then grad school. This is why the percentage of Americans attending classes in US educational institutions is falling.

The war on all of us, has been phenomenally successful.

Why is the Democratic-Republican Party not standing up for the rights of the human people of this country, only the corporations? Are we on drugs? They are standing up for their OWNERS.

Common Dreams, who OWNS you?

You say WE all need to stick together, and that’s true, so why are YOU hiding so many of the important facts? Like the fact that both parties are a sham thats colluding to hide SO very much. You’re not just failing to tell the truth.

You’re giving political operatives and sock puppets for major special interests special privileges on your site.

And that what we’re seeing is just theater to cover up the theft, which in the case of higher education, the subject of this article, actually occurred two decades ago?

So there is ZERO chance any of this would happen. Its just a sham to fool we idiots who still have misplaced trust for them to take advantage of in their gang rape of the nation.



I’ll tell you why. They want us all to fuck up because they have already decided to replace us.

We’re too expensive.

So they have already promised those jobs away. Wow.

So, democracy is just a joke, to them. Not meant to be taken seriously…

A reality TV show, currently stage managed by an actor.

How much less culpable is “journalism” whose aim is to conceal news? That adds nothing to peoples levels of understanding because it gives people a sense of false security to fatten them up for the feast. They are the meal.

You know I’m right. How do you sleep at night?


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I REALLY don’t think any of those things remain negotiable since they have already been negotiated away between countries and finalized, as far as I can tell, even though they still are arguing over implementation of their deals, but those deals don’t leave us with a large middle class like we had until recently.

Were they to keep things the way they are now any longer, they would be discriminating. They are under pressure to keep their promises to the developing countries.

I’ve been told we expect too much, and in the literature of liberalization and globalization, we’re the oft discussed “losers” of services liberalization.

However our losses are made up by their increased profits. So its an efficiency gain.

How could they do all those things for our people here when they are already decided, promised away, and supposed to help lift up developing countries millionaires so they can be billionaires too?

Accomplishing their mutual goal of more efficiency and increased trade. Paring off of the dead weight.

They are all disruptive, dynamic entrepreneurial types, you know.

There is nothing to be decided, you’re putting words in their mouths that were ever spoken by them.

Nothing has changed, everything is remaining he same on the same path, to total liberalization, opening up markets to new providers.

They are successfully depriving a whole country of once poor and middle class people who have paid dearly for their educations or worked their way up by self teaching themselves things like programming - in order to help the rich in other lands, people who have had servants their whole lives and quite possibly even bought their diplomas from corrupt civil servants (thats what some claim of the others) catch up.

The dirty secret is that our millions of workers and perhaps tens of millions of young people including a potentally huge numbers of grads and students, due to trading away jobs under these trade deals in many cases may just never get decent jobs, in their lives. They arent going to be able to use those diplomas they are now five, six or in many cases even seven figures of debt for. Or many careers may be cut short in mid life, perhaps by the tens of millions, if Prof Alan Blinders most conservative prediction is true, but its probably way too low. leaving them homeless and breaking up families when breadwinners lives collapse… deeply in debt for the values of homes which will tank. Homes may be snapped up by the rich from around the world… they are anticipating this and will likely buy up lots of houses and not even occupy them. Maybe rent them out but just as likely, not, keeping the houses as a life raft to flee to if their countries face social unrest due to the requirements of liberalization we have forced on THEM.

This change will likely cause another big crash, I suspect. Like the one in 2008 but much worse. This time they wont let us get away, for looking the other way and electing all these crooks.
Recognise thats we are the victims of extreme abuse.

When Ive brought this up with the fans of these trade in services deals they shrug and say “Life isnt fair” as if its just a nothing. “Globalization has winners and losers” is another thing Ive heard many times. Everybody except us knows that we’re going to be the big losers. And has for a very long time. How do they hide this so well here in the US?

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We need mainstream progressive media, paid for by some rich progressives (there have to be some somewhere) who won’t cave when someone offers to buy them out for billions. Money isn’t the root of all evil. The love (and hoarding) of money is what gets us in trouble.

In my experience, many media organizations that claim to be progressive seem to me like you just implied, bought out.

I have tried to find as much as I could about the mechanics of state capture, and media, NGOS, politicians, literally everything is captured with no exceptions tolerated. If a media entity starts telling the truth about the underlying mechanisms of capture, they don’t get to for long. Look at how they are trying so hard to suppress anybody who attempts to tell the truth about things like GATS on the Internet. You’ll find zero about that, because major corporations dont want people understanding how they have destroyed and are destroying democracy, meanwhile at least a million poor Americans have died from never getting healthcare they needed in the more than two decades healthcare has been rigged so it could not be fixed. Whenever I try to explain it I get attacked by sock puppets as I’m certain you know.

You may not realize it, but they are. To whom much is given, much is demanded. Not the same old same old.

What they are telling us may make us feel good, it may seem true, but it isnt. Its a lie, to keep us unaware of the real facts. And make criminals look like saints.

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Hoarding money for love, what a beautiful concept! Its like killing for peace.

Oh “progressive liberalization”! I love you


How is that defensible? It’s not. People need democracy, not fascism. GATS changes everything, stealing the planet.