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A More Equitable Economy Exists Right Next Door


A More Equitable Economy Exists Right Next Door

Jay Walljasper
  • Business owners gather at an elegant Montreal event center to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a large-scale economic partnership. The former chief of Quebec’s largest bank is the guest of honor.

  • Sidewalks bustle with people walking in and out of homes, offices, bank, pharmacy, workout studio and coffee shop at Montreal’s Technopole Angus— a development that already sports 56 business with 2500 employees and will eventually encompass a million-square-feet of real estate.


In the US we see the widening hubris of gentrification - meaning the wealthy kicking the others out of their own neighborhoods so they can redo the neighborhood to their own liking.


"It’s social ownership, the goal of which is a sustainable, democratic economy with a market—instead of a market economy,” . . . .
Since history documents that corporate governance will not resolve the problems it creates, let's try a "democratic economy with a market" which serves with the people's permission.