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A Movement Emerges to Free Former Students from Crushing Loan Debts


A Movement Emerges to Free Former Students from Crushing Loan Debts

Mary Green Swig, Steven Swig

Every so often, perhaps once or twice in a person’s lifetime, the trajectory of society changes. It happened in the 1930s, when the country found a new sense of shared purpose as it rebuilt itself under the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It happened after World War II, when the era of technological and economic progress seemed as if it would never end. It happened in the 1960s, as large segments of society dedicated themselves to civil rights and social advancement.


The United States experienced several decades of growing economic inequality after the nation turned away from its sense of shared purpose and began to celebrate runaway competition and individual greed.

This statement is mythological. The U.S. was never a nation of “shared purpose.” Ask its original inhabitants, the slaves and exploited workers who built it and the immigrants. girls and women who have second-class status to this day.

We believe student debt cancellation is the issue that will usher in the next wave of social change.

This is the wrong solution to the wrong problem. The problem is that educations a human right and international law grants it that status. But the capitalist U.S. does not recognize internal law or human rights. While the current student debt needs to be erased, that erasing must be part of a larger social movement that understands that this is part of a struggle to erase capitalism.

Prosperity and freedom can only come when capitalism is removed.


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Assume for a moment every citizen of the United States of America is able to get a degree at some University or College tax free.

Who will employ them under the current model when already people with degrees are working as Waiters and Waitresses or driving for UBER in off hours?

Look at the Solar power industry as an example and the recent tariffs put on solar panels from China. The US Government claimed this would protect “high paying US jobs”. The reality is the number of “high paying US jobs” in the Solar sector is dwarfed by the number of peoples that had lower paying jobs in those same sectors. Added to that the NUMBER of Engineers and the like that would get those higher paying jobs is not as large as the numbers of people that need to do the real work.

This not to say that I do not believe ALL countries should provide a free higher level education to its citizens. I just think seeing education as solely a means to a career and viable income is misguided. Part of the problem with the Educational system is it focuses more and more on what I see as “job training” rather than education and the model that is called Capitalism will act so as to ensure only a select few of this group will be rewarded and it will NOT be the ones working in the Humanities educated to promote the well being of PEOPLE but rather those that work in the FIRE sector in order to help the well being of CAPITAL.


Cancel student debt and Universal Basic Income, two winning issues no candidate has yet to adopt.


" Roughly 95 percent of this debt is held by the federal government. That means we, the people, can cancel it at any time."

The problem with that is, the government most likely got that money by selling bonds. Whoever bought those bonds will be expecting a return. Most of government bonds are held by US citizens (apparently), you and I in our retirement funds. So yeah, i guess if we forfeit out pensions and 401k we could cancel all student debt. Who wants to go first?


They specifically mention Franklin Roosevelt so it’s safe to say they are referring to the New Deal which remained largely intact at least through to the 60s. The period is one of the most economically prosperous ones in American history.


I would love to see student debt cancelled as I am drowning in it! However, I have one question that has bothered me. How will all those people feel–who have worked hard and paid off their student debt? Will there be bitterness toward those of us who get a “get out of jail card?”


I really do not see why there would be. There were a whole lot of Canadians that had to meet the impossible task of paying off medical debt prior to universal health care.During that transition period when the same procedures then became Government funded there was more a sense of “I am so happy YOU did not have to go through that”.

That said there will be numbers who resent it but I would suggest that if the majority of peoples support it then why should the smaller group that be opposed take precedence?

A society that would wish ill on their neighbor and hope their neighbor “suffered as I did” is one too far gone and too atomized in my opinion and things like free higher education can help bring them together again.


forget so called capitalism, it is a fairytale just like fee market… There is NO free market, there is no price discovery in healthcare, no competition in our privatized utilities etc…and the entities that profit are just owned by the same people that FOUGHT LIKE DOGS to prevent Child Labor, the 8 hour Day, sick leave, vacations etc…The ONLY reason we had a healthy economy from after the war until Reagan was because of the UNIONS and that fight that started after the Civil War when the banksters took us off the greenback and the rise of the titans… You DONT want to know how many farmers lost their home, income and even starved to death because of the Great Depression in the 1880s and the same people are still in power now…


I absolutely agree!