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'A Movement for the Many': Clinton Labor Secretary Reich Endorses Sanders



Thank you, Mr. Reich... every endorsement helps to stop the Big Money Machine and who it gives itself the absolute right to coronate!

I felt the following was apropos to this conversation:

Past as precedent (and/or prologue): From "The Assassination of Julius Caesar" by Michael Parenti:

“The various magistrates (consuls, praetors, aediles, and quaestors) were elected by assemblies. To be elected to any of these top four ranks of magistracy carried life membership in the Senate. The closest thing to a popular Democratic office was the Tribunate of The People, created after decades of popular agitation and threats of armed secession.

“Ten tribunes elected each year by the assemblies were to act as the protectors of popular rights. They could veto bills and even senatorial decrees. They eventually gained the right to submit legislation themselves and prosecute errant officials. One had to be of plebian lineage to qualify as a Tribune.

“A tribune who won favorable attention from the senatorial elites might eventually be supported by them in running for the quaestorship. If victorious, he gained admission into the Senate. The promise of such a prestigious advancement blunted the democratic verve of many a tribune. Furthermore, one tribune’s proposals could be vetoed by the other nine, thus dampening the efforts of a dedicated innovator.

“By the second century B.C.—despite exceptional moments of independence—tribunes were as likely to be instruments of the Senate as champions of the People. Members of the Senate (if they were of Plebian ancestry) could hamstring the tribunate by getting themselves elected tribunes, as did the Conservative Cato.

“Still, the tribunate was greatly valued by the common people as the key protector of their republican liberties.”

When I read this what came to mind is the system of super-delegates (= yesterday's tribunes) being used to essentially seal the same outcome as was the case more than 2000 years ago. It’s always about the few in power jealously guarding that power by mostly allowing The People the illusion of Democratic Representation.

Let's HOPE that this season of massive unrest shifts the paradigm!


I agree, I don't see her as being that different. Maybe, the reason she tells people she can get things through the GOP Congress is because like her husband she intends to rule as a moderate Republican like he did. She is making a lot of Progressive noises at the moment to confuse her following and try to calm the fears of Bernie's followers, but it's just empty election yr. rhetoric and we've seen it all before.


Policies like endless war in support of the MIC, or TIPP and TPP "trade" deals essentially eviscerating Labor Rights (on a global scale) as well as Environmental Protections... just when the latter could not matter more hardly qualify as "moderate Republican stances."

Anyone who probes just how deep and networked the Big Money labyrinth goes can readily understand the ideological stealth behind moving both parties SO FAR to the right as to make Goldwater and Joseph McCarthy smile in their graves. (From a parody standpoint, Nixon must be arguing with the devil about why he got punished for what everyone else now does with impunity.)


"The development was not particularly surprising..."

You can say that again.


Agreed. I will join the "Stop Hillary" campaign if she is the nominee. In addition to all of her wrong positions, her, and her surrogates continual and growing outright lies about Bernie and his record have done nothing to make his supporters more inclined to support her in the general election. She is burning bridges she cannot rebuild if she hopes to win in November. And I say, "Good riddance to bad rubbish", about her.


While I detest Clinton's obvious corruption and greed, she would still be the lesser evil compared to ALL of the remaining GOP candidates. Such is the sorry state of our nations future, if Bernie is not the nominee.:sob:


Why would anyone give there automatic support to anyone for any reason, especially to Clinton given her track record, and especially at this point in the campaign? Things have just begun.


Good for Reich. He sees what is coming.


Pity the republicans and damn the Hillery cabal. There is no democratic republic without law and just about everything everything the US government does today is contemptuous of Law. Political policies have been promulgated primarily designed to oppress Americans as a whole.

There is little difference between conservatives of republicans and/or democrats. Representative government is unadulterated hypocrisy. Obama is most certainly a conservative. Congress is controlled by money and vicious leadership and the Supreme Court is the tool of the ruling order, a bastion of spite-filled intent.

There is not much difference between Hillery's policies and those of Trump or other fascist loving republicans.


Her name is Hillary!

And you also said:

"Why would anyone give there automatic support to..."

Do you NOT know the difference between the term there--as indicative of place, and their--as indicative of belonging to more than one individual?

You are not a public advocate until you can spell words past a 2nd grade reading level!


The Reich endorsement comes at a critical time for Sanders and shows both integrity and courage - focusing on critical issues rather than personality-cult cowardice - the courage to stand-up to the Clinton's ego, political power/influence and vindictive nature is something many politicians do not possess........along with a functional moral-compass. Where are the other fence-sitters? Where is Liz Warren, what is she waiting for?
I guess some are just too in thrall to the Dem machine to endorse Sanders principled campaign, too frightened, or just apathetic/pathetic........


The headline in today's Houston Chronicle is "Clinton Closing Generation Gap With Woman." The subtitle is "Younger Voters No Longer Drawn To Sanders' Talk Of Revolution." It's really an nice article for Clinton three days before the Texas Primary. The propaganda machine is at full throttle.


Is it wise to continue the fifty state strategy? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a photo of Bernie at Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on Friday, Feb. 26, 2016. The auditorium wasn't any where near half full. Spending resources in the Ft. Sumpter primary seems to me to be throwing money away. Article after article today is talking about the Clinton romp tonight. Maybe more appearances and money to states in the north like Illinois might help.

Yet, Bernie just opened ten offices in Illinois, I hope it isn't too late. Illinois' primary is Tuesday March 15th, not much time. One of the great ironies of this election is the overwhelming support for Hillary in the Black Community. For whatever reason, it may, sadly, lose Illinois for Bernie. Here's a state with a great Metropolis run by a Blue Dog, DLC Democrat, embroiled in scandal over police brutality against mostly young Black men, and closing public schools in Afro American neighborhoods, yet the Blacks in this community are tied to Hillary--a good friend of Rahm. And so it goes.


"the Conservative Cato" amazing, must be where the Cato Institute gets their name, givers of the "Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty" ;(


I'm going to use my poem a second time as a comment, but this time without typos.

I want to vote for a woman,
to be president of the USA,
but, I want to shake up Washington,
so the people can have a say.

I want to vote for integrity,
I want wealth to be shared,
I'm ready for Medicare for all,
I want our environment to be spared.

We need to elect a President,
who's reluctant about more war,
and I want to use my vote,
to economically lift the poor.

Education makes better citizens.
I think college should be free
I want to end white privilege,
less inequality is the key.

I want my vote to break up banks,
the ones to big to fail,
and in cases of financial fraud,
rich crooks should go to jail.

If Bernie was a woman,
all my wishes could come true,
but, the best candidate is a man,
so, I'll vote for the wise old jew.


Right you are SR,

It's no accident that most US government buildings have elements of Greek and Roman architecture in them; two other huge states plagued with the curse of Fake Democracy. One can see the Roman, Greek and even ancient Egyptian elements on the White House and the relief over the Supreme Court building (as I'm sure you know.)

For new readers:
The builders of the 1787 government engineered that hated political city Washington D.C. to project power, not to emphasize democracy like the previous 1776 government in Philadelphia did. A major shift that the Anti-Federalists objected to. The Anti-Federalists warned us that Democracy can only flourish in small city-states like Athens and 100 other islands with local people in charge. When United Greece took over, democracy died in Greece (supplanted by blood-thirsty Empire.) It was the same story in Rome, later.

This is why the all the founding fathers referred to our current 1787 government as "the American Experiment". Could democracy continue under the reign of a King-President over such a vast area of country? The Anti-Federalists said "it could not" and refused to sign our Constitution until a Bill of Rights was promised by James Madison.

Ladies and Gentlemen, with the invention of the Super-Delegate in 1982, the last nail in the coffin of Democracy was driven right through our hearts. The Electoral College was bad enough. Now we can't even pick who runs. Nepotism's inherited wealth should not confer Super-Citizen status on the offspring of dynasty families in the US. The Clintons and the Bushes have to go forever!

They are not worthy to run the country nor the world.



I love Bernie, but its time for him to change his tired routine speeches. Unpredictability works for Trump. I hate to say it but Bernie is getting boring. He has a great persona and needs to put it out there unscripted. By now we all got what he stands for so he doesn't need to repeat it. He could talk about other things now.


She was declared winner the moment the polls closed. She is winning by huge percentages in almost every category. Huge African American majority.


SR - Years ago I decide not to engage in any further correspondence with you. That was after you once again dropped some insulting and hurtful comments addressed to me on this site. In two sentences you accused me of stupidity, being obese, lying, and being in possession of an inferior intellect. Your comments were so vicious that afterwards two commenters wrote some encouraging words to cheer me up.

Well, in response to your repeated spelling corrections during the last three days, here are some stinkers YOU left on CD within the last few days.

  1. You referred to a country in South America as Columbia. WRONG! Columbia is a city in SC not far from where you live. The country you wanted to reference is called COLOMBIA.

  2. You made reference to the Cocoa Tree, thinking it is the source of cocaine. WRONG! Cocoa is not a tree, it is not even a plant. The COCOA Tree is like the Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It does not exist!

  3. COCOA is a powder from which beverages, sweet treats like bonbons, and a Mexican concoction called mole are made. So, WRONG again! The seeds of the Cacao (NOT Cocoa) tree are the source of that powder.

  4. The name of the shrub (NOT a tree) you were looking for is COCA, and it grows in parts of South America. There the indigenous people and some visitors chew the leaves similar to the way we drink tea, coffee and energy drinks.

  5. You mixed up singular and plural in a sentence. Here is that sentence, copied verbatim from your comment: "I think how a person expresses themselves says a lot about their education, reading history, and self-respect." Even though I agree with the sentiment you expressed (in case you missed it, it applies very much to you), grammatically it is ugly, if not WRONG. This error could have been avoided had you written "I think how people express themselves..."

SR, how powerful is that urge to correct a stranger's spelling in public? Is it so strong that good manners, reason and common sense are incapable of overcoming it? How about tact? Still not strong enough? Now try kindness and compassion towards your fellow men (and women, I know...). Still nothing? Damn it, SR. I guess you know it when you are right, and nothing is going to stop you from saying that in public, no matter the consequences.

Is it that you so desperately need to display your superiority in something so trivial as spelling to give meaning to your life? To paraphrase Chris Hedges, a man you say you admire, "Correcting someone's spelling in public is a feeling that gives my life meaning." I too like most of what Hedges writes, and I am sure that he has too much class to ever commit such unkind acts as you have done over the years. Perhaps you can learn from him.