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A Multitude of Coups: No, You Cannot Take My Rights - I'm Still Using Them

A Multitude of Coups: No, You Cannot Take My Rights - I'm Still Using Them

Bad sign to be depressed by Monday, and why not: The Horror-In-Chief makes a train disaster about him, denies climate change is a threat, and seems poised to successfully tax scam the next generation into bankruptcy. Thankfully, we stumbled onto the inspired "Coup," a NYC philanthropic bar where the cost of drinks goes to Trump-resisting groups; it's now hit the road to create pop-ups with the same spirit: "The power of the people is stronger than the people in power."

Great Idea!

Brilliant idea! He has a business that generates lots of money since so many people regularly visit as well as celebrate in bars. (This observation comes from me - one who avoids alcoholic drinks. OK, I digress). This is a great way to raise money for any cause - set up a business designed to provide the contributions. The customers and the cause both get what they need.

And since drinking is really bad for humans, but in this case since drump is in office, drinking can numb both your mind and body (until you wake up later)

But hey, how about those states with legal cannabis (as it should be in every state for adults, just like alcohol–without the hangovers, DUI fatalities, wife beating, rape, bar fighting, murder and many other alcohol inspired crimes ). Can somebody in those states be as brave as DeRossi?